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Weight Loss Workout Plan For Men: Lose Up to 24 Pounds In 3 month

The following workout plan is designed as a real fat burner for you to have a nice body after 12 weeks. However, nothing is easy without self-discipline. And so does that plan.

We will show the very detailed foods you should eat and exercises you need to take during 3 months of training. Your goals include a mass of muscle increase, fat or calories burning and bodybuilding. After 3 months following this plan,  you can expect not only a better shape of the body but also improved overall health.

Planning your expectations first

Step 1 – Weight loss in a long-term program is much better

You can set a goal to lose weight in exact numbers such as 10, 20, 30 and so on. In general, the number for a man maintain health when losing weight is around 1 to 2 pounds every week, equivalent to 12 – 24 pounds for the whole 12-week-workout program.

Step 2 – Preparation before training

You should find somewhere that encourage you to follow a training plan frequently. We would like to give you 5 suggestions via a questionnaire in order to design a great 3-month fat burning plan that suits you:

  1. How much time each day do you spare for training? Then, add it into your frequent timetable.
  2. Which days of the week are you going to take exercises and how long does the training session last for each day? Note those days with expected training time on any calendar you have.
  3. How many days a week can you join the program? You should work out at least 3-4 days per week, 20 minutes each, then, these numbers can be up to 6 days a week with 30-60 minutes each. Remember that exercises related to cardio should be taken regularly (> 30 minutes).
  4. Would you like to impact on all muscle groups in your body? Take some daily resistance exercises, for example: lift weights, use resistance bands. Do not let the same muscle groups “work” every two days.
  5. Which types of activities are you going to do to burn fat throughout a day? For example: do housework after running by a treadmill.

Step 3 – Diet plays a vital role in the program

There are some healthy eating rules for you to customize an ideal diet and set a goal you can deal with:

  • Avoid sweets by reducing the number of sweets eaten each week. If you can, never eat them again.
  • Drink water as much as possible (2 liters/day, especially after waking up in the morning and before every meal), coffee, sugar-free tea instead of sodas.
  • A meal replacement shake can replace a common meal in a day for speeding up weight loss.
  • Starchy foods are the last thing you should eat in a meal. Vegetables and protein are better choices.
  • Track your calories both consumed and burned within 1-2 weeks from the beginning of 12-week weight loss plan.
  • Avoid eating in a restaurant, you should prepare a meal by yourself at home.
  • Walking around or using a treadmill is recommended after eating junk food. Only eat if you feel hungry.
  • 7 hours of sleeping per night at a minimum help track your appetite hormones.

In accordance with those rules for a healthy life and weight control, you can refer the following sample of diet menu designed for men to burn fat. Then, it is easier for you to find out what you prefer to eat during your workout plan.

  1. Breakfast:  Turkey bacon omelet with a shake of protein or vegetable.
  2. Mid-morning snack: Non-sugar Greek yogurt mixed with fruit, nuts, and seeds.
  3. Lunch: vegetables with olive oil (cooked or salad), baked fish and sweet potato,  quinoa (if any).
  4. Afternoon snack: Boiled vegetables dipped in hummus.
  5. Dinner: Steak with olive oil, roasted chicken, veggies, and cooked brown rice.
  6. Evening snack (if any): choose one – veggies with low-fat cheese or nuts, a cup of protein, or just fruits.
Eat clean is a healthy living style that suits for fat burning
Eat clean is a healthy living style that suits for fat burning

Note: Control calories of all meals from 1500 to 1800 a day to allot how much you eat each meal. You can eat more if you’re an active person because the weight gone every week is recommended to be just 1-2 pounds.

Recommended plan for men to burn fat within 12 Weeks

12 weeks or 3 months of workout is a long-term plan that requires your persistence to do. Hence, your training sessions should be activities you like.

Regardless of places to take exercises, at a fitness center or home, you should comply with some instructions as follow to have an effective fat burning program:

  • Change different activities each session to maintain your interest;
  • Minimize the staleness of muscle while reaching the most possibility of weight and calories burning;
  • Keep your frequency of training from 5 to 6 days per week;
  • Every workout session lasts more than 30 minutes;
  • Add other types of exercises such as yoga, aerobic, resistance (bands).

Weight loss challenge with training plan (detail for a week)

Therefore, we will show you an ideal 1-week weight loss set for training, applied for men:


  • Monday


  • Walking (treadmill at gym room) or biking continuously or interval training: 20 – 45 minutes
  • Leg muscle resistance: 15 – 30 minutes
  • Belly exercises: 10 minutes
  1. Tuesday
  • Use stair climber or the elliptical trainer 20 – 45 minutes on the elliptical or stair climber machine: continuously or highly intensive interval training: 20 – 45 minutes
  • Back and shoulder muscles resistance: 15 – 30 minutes
  • Belly exercises: 5 – 10 minutes
  1. Wednesday – Day of functional fitness workout
  • Choose one or some activities: power, pull-ups, squats, shuttle runs, jumping jacks, walking lunges, ladder drills, rope jumping, kettlebell swings, plank, side twists…
  1. Thursday – Day-off
  • Time for your muscles to rest
  1. Friday
  • Preferably outside activities like jogging, swimming, playing basketball: 20 – 45 minutes
  • Exercises relating to biceps, triceps, and chest muscles: 15 – 30 minutes
  • Belly exercises: 5 – 10 minutes
  1. Saturday
  • Choose workout exercises relating to continuous cardio or functional fitness for your session of 30 – 45 minutes
  1. Sunday
  • Rest is optional. If not, any light exercises in less than 60 minutes like aerobic or yoga are other options.

According to the plan as above, you can choose other exercises but still the same types of workouts.

Refer the table for more exercises
Refer the table for more exercises


Another program designed with functional fitness workout

For further references about functional fitness workout, you should consult your PT or even free videos on the Internet.

Here is a model of the functional fitness program in 35 minutes that make you sweat:

  • Warm up with light exercise such as rope jumping, stretching or jogging on the treadmill (if any): 5 minutes
  • The combo of ball squats, push-ups, and rope jumping: 5 minutes
  • Rest in 1 minute
  • The combo of burpees, squat presses with dumbbells, and triceps exercises: 5 minutes
  • Rest in 1 minute
  • The combo of planks, squat jumps, and weighted jumping jacks with dumbbells: 5 minutes
  • Rest in 1 minute
  • The combo of kettlebell swings, ladder drills or shuttle runs, and biceps curls with dumbbells: 5 minutes
  • Rest in 1 minute
  • Continuous cardio including jogging, cycling or so on: 5 minutes
  • Belly exercises including leg raise, crunches, planks, sit-ups, bicycle, side twists or so on: 5 minutes

There a variety of exercises for you to choose from to make you feel interested in your workout plan.

Moreover, the training devices or machines (medicine ball, resistance band, treadmill, dumbbells…) are supportive in maximizing the effectiveness of the program.

Do you think that you can purchase them to train at home or just go to a modern fitness center for more convenience?

Motivation to burn fat with a supportive machine like a treadmill
Motivation to burn fat with a supportive machine like a treadmill


It’s an actual challenge for preparing a training program before defeating fat in your body, especially a long-term battle in 12 weeks.

However, if you follow the aforementioned tips with your determination, you can reach the target of weight loss that makes you stronger and better from inside.

Be confident! Start with a slow pace, do exercises you want, eat anything healthy, and do not skip the race.

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