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7 Day GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss: An Amazing Result!

Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of diet plans on internet to set your fitness goals. However, not all methods are safe and effective.

Don’t worry, let me help you.

Besides some popular diets like Low-carb or Military, GM diet is also a smart and healthy way to lose weight.

How does GM diet work? In a single week, how do you change your meal? Or do you know some helpful advice during this process? This article will explain everything you need to know before using 7 day GM diet plan for weight loss.

What is the GM diet?

what is the gm diet
what is the gm diet

GM diet stands for General Motors diet, which is originally found by the Food and Drug Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture and General Motors in 1985.

The way GM diet plan works is focusing on eating more low-calorie vegetables, complex carbohydrates, brown rice, and fresh fruits.

In addition, water plays an important role in GM diet. Drinking water will help you reduce hunger.

You can prepare and follow GM diet plan easily without any rare or expensive supplement.

Below is one suggestion for 7 day GM diet plan you should consider.

The GM diet plan in 7 days

Day 1: Only fruits

What you need to do

Different types of fruit (except banana) are all you must prepare for the first day.

GM diet plan encourages you to eat more fruits which provide calories and fiber. Some great recommendations are cantaloupes, apples, watermelon, papaya, and oranges. These fruits not only add vitamins but also help you full for longer.

You can eat fruits whenever you feel hungry.

Also, you should drink 8-12 glasses of water a day. The main advantage of water is cleansing your body. In addition, drinking water can help you prepare well for the next six days.

Useful tips: For the first meal of the day, some apples and a couple of glasses of water are highly recommended. You also choose melons – it is a good idea.

After day 1, you might lose up to 1.5 kilograms (about three pounds).

How you will feel

By the end of the first day, you still feel energetic and active if you follow the diet plan and do suitable exercise routine.

Day 2: Only Vegetables

(Vegetables are highly recommended


What you need to do

Instead of fruits, the second day will be a vegetable-only day.

Depending on your hobby, you can eat vegetables in raw or cook them. However, remember that you are not allowed to use oil. Experts advise you to use tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, beans, cabbage, and lettuce. Especially, large boiled potatoes are great suggestions.

There are no rules for your eating time. You should divide into the smaller meals in a day to keep your energy.

Do not forget water! 8 – 12 glasses of water are very important to your diet plan.

Carbohydrates, protein, fiber and vitamin are the significant nutrients your body need. Vegetables can provide these nutrients as well as refill your carb stores.

Useful tips: My suggestion for you is baked potatoes. It can help you overcome this difficult day.

How you will feel

After the second day, you might feel slow and weak. This is a normal condition because you are changing your meal and following a low-calorie diet plan.

Day 3: Fruits and Vegetables

(Fresh fruits and vegetables


What you need to do

Fruits and vegetables are a perfect match!

During the third day of the GM diet plan, you have to eat only fruits and vegetable except for bananas and potatoes.

By day 3, your body will gradually get used to this diet. The menu will be more plentiful with a combination of fruits and vegetables. The variety in different vegetables and fruits will help you satisfy your craving and forget the monotony of the first 2 days.

Useful tips: Fresh fruits are an ideal beginning of day 3. And you can finish your dinner with vegetables.

How you will feel

On this day, you will feel better because the amount of sugar in fruits keep your energy up. Be ready for the fourth day, it will a hard phase!

Day 4: Bananas and Milk

(Bananas and milk provide essential nutritions


What you need to do

All you have for day 4 are eight bananas and four glasses of milk.

Bananas not only provide energy, but also supplement pectin, potassium, and sodium for the past few days. Besides, milk with calcium and potassium sources will help add vitamin D and strengthen bones.

A bowl of soup is also allowed for the lunch.

Remember to drink water frequently. Water makes a huge contribution to our weight loss plan.

Useful tips: If you are bored at eating bananas all day, you can use it in the form of a milkshake.

How you will feel

The daily ration of day 4 might get you to feel monotonous. But be patient! It is the only way to achieve great success.

Day 5: Rice and tomatoes

(The 5th day with rice and tomatoes


What you need to do

From the 5th day, you can use rice in your meal. The 5th day ration includes a cup of brown rice and large tomatoes.

Oil is not encouraged to use during the diet process.

If you are not vegetarian, you can substitute rice with chicken or fish. Eating 500g of baked or boiled chicken with 6 tomatoes is also a good diet plan.

However, eating a lot of tomatoes may increase the amount of uric acid in the blood – the cause of gout. So instead of drinking 10 glasses of water, increase the number to 15 glasses of water to clean and purify your body.

Useful tips: Chicken soup with tomatoes can improve your taste buds.

How you will feel

Feeling better and enthusiastic is the result by the end of this day. Keep going!

Day 6: Rice and vegetables

(Rice and vegetables are important to your health


What you need to do

You have almost finished the weight loss process! Today, you will get one cup of rice with your favorite vegetables. You can replace the rice with chicken or fish.

The menu includes 500g of chicken served with vegetables, except for tomatoes and potatoes. Note that vegetables should be cooked by boiling, steaming method. The GM diet plan limits using oil.

Useful tips: If you love salads, make sure that you don’t use any heavy dressings on your dishes.

How you will feel

At that time, you can see the changes in your body – you become slimmer and lighter.

Day 7: Rice, vegetables, and fruits

(You have finished the diet plan!


What you need to do

On the last day, you can eat one cup of rice. There is no limitation to the number of fruits and vegetables for the whole day.

However, you should avoid some food such as potatoes, bananas, cherries, mangoes, pears, fats, oils, breads, and dairy products.

Useful tips: After each snack, you can reward yourself with a cup of sugar-free fruit juice.

How you will feel


If you follow 7 day GM diet plan strictly, you will have amazing results. You can lose up to 7 – 8 kilograms after just one week.

You realize that…

GM diet plan is a great way to get a fit body.

However, if you apply it continuously, your body will suffer from body weakness as well as the immune system. Besides, it will also cause metabolic disorders and weak bones. You should only use this method every other week or once in two weeks.

Before using any diet plan, you must check with your doctor. Make sure that there are no negative effects on your health when changing your meal or starting a new fitness route.

I hope that this article is helpful to you. Remember that self-confidence is the most important key to beauty and success!

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