Workout Guide

Workout Guide

How to calculate your 1RM (One Rep Max)?

The progress of exercising reps varies from one person to the other because it depends on the weight lifting ability. One Rep Max is the maximum weight that an individual can lift for a repeated exercise. Multiple reps are done...

Workout Guide

Taking Your Fitness Journey To The Next Level

So you’ve been working out for a few months now and you’re starting to get the hang of it. Everything’s coming together a little more clearly than it did when you first started; you’re not getting quite as tired, you’re...

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How to run faster (Quick Guide)

Regardless of whether you are intending to participate in a marathon, or just pursuing your fitness targets, a quick essential guide on how to run faster comes handy. Running is not just considered an essential component of various outdoor sports,...

Working Out Twice a Day
Workout Guide

Working Out Twice a Day the Right Way

Working out twice a day 7 days a week is for high-level sportsmen like boxers and MMA fighters; edging out themselves for competition ahead. If a common individual faces troubles finding time for a single workout session a day, what...

How Long Is Basic Training
Workout Guide

How Long Is Basic Training To Be A Wrestler?

Basic wrestling training can be tough but can be easy as well, if you are prepared. When you are up to the task, prepare yourself psychologically, physically and emotionally for you to come out of the basic training successfully. Common...

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