Write For Us

Write For Us

ResistancePro is accepting quality guest post from all MMA and Wrestling enthusiast. If you are looking to reach out to our readers, contributing a guest post would be the best way. We accept articles in the following niches:

  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Workout

Article Criteria

We will vet every article submitted to us and we will reject any article that does not meet our high standards. Here are the criteria that we expect from your article:

  • minimum 750 words
  • 100% unique (Copyscape)
  • no grammatical errors
  • multiple subheadings
  • short paragraphing (3-4 sentences per paragraph)

Most importantly, the article needs to be related to MMA/Wrestling to ensure its relevance to ResistancePro. It can be in any niche but the article needs to be related to MMA/Wrestling. Below are some sample article titles in various niches:

  • 4 Ways to Keep Your Body Fit with MMA training (Fitness Niche)
  • 3 Super Food for MMA Fighters (Nutrition Niche)
  • Why Vegan Food Can Benefit Pro Wrestlers (Vegan Niche)
  • 5 Apps That Every MMA Fighters Should Download (Tech Niche)
  • Best Massage Chair to Relax Your Body After Training (Home Niche)

Editorial Fees

Every article submitted needs to go through a proper editorial process where we will review the quality of the articles and make the necessary changes. We will also ensure that the article is SEO optimized and pick a relevant image to accompany the article.

As such, we will require a fee for every article submitted (Payment to be made via Paypal). With the editorial fee, we will guarantee the following:

  • 1 permanent link to your site
  • 1 featured image for your article
  • Express editorial process (Article live within 48 hours)

Submission of article can be done by emailing us at hello@resistancepro.com