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4 Ways to Stay Fit While Working from Home

stay fit while working from home

Working from home can make losing weight even more difficult. Basking in the comfort and familiarity of home can cultivate bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, a dieter’s biggest enemy. Is it possible to stay fit while working from home?

Here are four tips on how to stay healthy and productive while hustling at home: 

Set a schedule

Sticking to a daily schedule helps you prioritize your tasks and keep track of your daily productivity levels. Set clear windows of time for lunch breaks, phone calls, meetings, and even workouts.  

Build your schedule around your body rhythms. Consider the time of the day when you feel most active and the time of the day you feel most stagnant. This way, you get to make the most of your day without wasting time or overworking yourself. 

Take regular breaks

Get up and do a couple of stretches every hour or so. Working without breaks can lead to burnout and exhaustion. Regular breaks can rejuvenate your mind and restore productivity. 

Snacks are also great ways to boost your energy in the middle of the day. Healthy snacks between meals sharpen your focus and alertness. Limit sugary foods and drinks that contain added sugar to avoid weight gain and chronic diseases including high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Adopt a Keto Diet 

A fast and easy way to trim down those extra pounds is to follow a keto diet which involves eating less carbohydrates and more healthy fats. With less carbs to burn, your body quickly enters ketosis, which is a fat-burning metabolic state that can help you lose weight quickly.  

Below are some fun facts about keto diet: 

– Most people think it’s just a fad, but the keto diet has been around for almost 100 years. A team of nutritionists and weight-loss experts offering keto classes in Salt Lake City says that this type of diet has been recommended by doctors since the 1920s to help epileptic children.   

– To enter the state of ketosis, your diet should approximately comprise 70-75% fat, 20-25% percent protein, and 5-10% carbohydrates.  

– Since fat is your key to losing weight and building muscles over time, remember to stock up on eggs, red meat, salmon, tuna, sardines, cheese, avocadoes, and nuts and seeds.  

Leave the house at least once a day

Spending five days a week holed up indoors is not exactly healthy for your psychological well-being. Prolonged isolation can affect your motivation and efficiency in the long run. Loneliness, when accompanied by boredom, can also impact your work performance.  

Do something that will help you clear your head, like walking your dog or going to the gym after your shift. Studies show that regular physical activity can help reduce stress levels and sharpen your focus. Going out can also give you some much-needed social interaction. Sufficient socialization and a change of scenery can go a long way in terms of creativity and mental health.  

Instead of hiring someone, walk with your dog. Keep them healthy by providing them with fresh dog food.

Without good health, you would not be able to work productively. Working remotely actually allows you to take charge of your exercise, diet, and mental health. As long as you practice consistency and self-discipline, you’ll be closer to achieving your health goals while maximizing your daily productivity.  We hope that you would consider adopting those simple tips to help you stay fit while working from home.

Mick Foley
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