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How much juice in one lime is ideal for Wrestlers?

How much juice in one lime

Many recipes in today’s kitchen require a different amount of lime juice because of its health benefits and health advisories advocated by health specialists. We use different methods to determine the right amount of juice required for a certain recipe for wrestlers. Normally, we can substitute 2 tablespoonfuls for a single lime fruit. But how can we know exactly how much juice in one lime?

TL:DR How much juice in one lime? You normally get 2 spponful of lime juice in a single lime.

In a lime, you will get 2 spoonfuls of zest. You, therefore, need to do a calculation of the amount of juice required on different recipes for wrestlers. Those interested to lose weight and those interested in shedding of fat content in their bodies and those interesting in gaining weight or converting fats into masculine, an act synonymous with wrestlers. The native source of lime is in India, India is likely to remain the main source of lime for decades to come because of its natural availability there.

How much juice in one lime is good for a wrestler?

Although you cannot find drinking lime juice common like it is to other juices like orange, they offer a good healthy choice to its consumers. Your body is bound to benefit from several vitamins and carbohydrates. It can also provide several nutritional characteristics which are conducive to weight management and weight loss, something dear to wrestlers and martial artist of today. Although it is not advisable to depend solely on lime to lose weight, you will need your general food intake for successful weight management.

What a wrestler will get in a cup of lime juice


You are bound to lose weight as a wrestler with consistent use of the right amount of lime juice daily. This because lime is generally low in calories, you will only get 60 calories in a cup of lime juice which amounts to 3% of the daily suggested calorie intake of 2000. Your body can burn calories in lime juice relatively quick, like 7 minutes of joking runs or 7 minutes of swimming laps are just enough to burn down 60 calories in a cup of lime juice.


Lime is low on fiber still, you will get 1g in a cup of lime juice. The fiber is beneficial to your body by ensuring healthy digestion takes place. Research findings indicate that and appetite reduction which is a fundamental factor to weight loss management. You can choose to eat lime rather than the juice if you’re concerned a lot more about your fiber intake. In this case, you will get 9g of fiber in one lime.


A cup of lime juice is rich in carbohydrates with about 20g in a single cup. Out of these carbohydrates, 4g are from sugars. As it is known that carbohydrates are the main source of energy especially for wrestlers and martial artists in general, they are also a good fit when managing weight loss. So, it is crucial to choose food with low carbohydrates while on dieting. Use ¼ cup of lime juice which will provide 5g of carbohydrates good for dressing instead of other dressings with a high amount of carbohydrates.


Expect no diet for fat in lime at all. The absence of fat content in lime is beneficial in weight loss management. Excess fat in a wrestler’s body is harmful and it might lead to a heart attack. When consumed in low quantities they make our bodies function properly aside from keeping our bodies warm. You will not expect any fats from lime, so it is better to choose alternatives for healthy fat sources like vegetables.

Vitamin C

Expect to get 73mg of vitamin C in a cup of lime juice, which has a beneficial aspect of weight loss. Wrestlers choose to lose weight to fit into a class for fighting. By consuming a diet full of vitamin C, they stand to boost their immune and lose weight as well.

Other Health Benefits for Wrestler

Vitamin C essentials

Essential nutrients that help in growth, tissue repair, maintenance of bones and teeth are found in lime juice. Lime also aids in the production of collagen proteins in our bodies which help in the production of blood vessels, tendons, skin repair, ligaments, and cartilage.


Lime contains compounds called flavonol glycosides which offer anti-cancer and anti-oxidant benefits to a human body. They also offer antibiotic properties that protect against a contraction of bacterial diseases like cholera and the like.


Research findings indicate that lime has potent anti-carcinogenic properties that contain several cancer-fighting compounds that prevent the invasion of cancer cells. These said compounds are powerful to the extent that it prevents the growth of tumor cells. For an effective fight against cancer, wrestlers and everybody else is advised to consume fresh lime daily.


In lime, you will get 8 different kinds of limonoids, compounds that promote enzyme activity in the liver called glutathione-S-transferase (GST). The liver enzymes detoxify cancer-causing chemicals by turning them into harmless chemicals which are then excreted out of our bodies as urine. 


Lime juice is key in rejuvenating our skin and making us look young again. They have compounds that are helpful in smothering skin. Drinking lime juice will help improve the digestion of food, being acidic helps saliva in breaking down food for better digestion. Lime helps fight infections in our bodies especially during flu season, a sip of lime juice gets you relieved a lot. Fundamentally, wrestlers are keen on weight management, lime should be key in their diet. So pro wrestler needs to know how much juice in one lime to calculate exactly how much is needed.

Lime also helps diabetic people lower blood sugar levels. Lime juice is taken consistently and as per physicians directives will help lower blood sugar levels and fats. Lower fats in our bodies reduce the risks of heart diseases. Lime when taken often, reduces inflammations which cause arthritis, gouts, and other joint problems in people especially wrestlers. Last but not least, is the ability of lime juice compounds to fight against the dreaded cancer disease which can develop in different parts of our bodies like lungs, kidneys, breasts, etc. Lime has countless benefits for our bodies, especially the wrestlers.

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