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Best blenders for protein shakes

best blenders for protein shakesbest blenders for protein shakes

The ultimate option for your protein build-up is having the best appliance for the job.  Preparing a healthy diet takes a lot, considering we are always on the move. Timeand diet are a paradox that never seems to balance. Forcing one to eat what comes their way, thus embracing and assuming its normal. A blender for protein shakes is the new protein liberator. The blendersimplifies your work, caters for your diet and save time for your daily activities  

These kinds of blenders pose the best option for your muscle building and healthy life. However, blenders give a variety of promises. How do you choose the best blender for your protein shakes? What makes it unique from the others. Today we explore the best four protein shakes blenders in the market.  

Four best protein shakes blenders

  1. Nutri- Ninja BL456 blender

Let’s start our review with one of the best Ninja blenders of 2020 – Nutri Ninja BL456. This is the best fit for personal blenders today; the blender fights its way to the top. The blender modification holds just the right substance. It has impressive speed and strength to whip all fruits and added ingredients making an excellent smoothie.  The Ninja blender is designed for chopping fruits and veggies to a drinkable smoothie which gives quality protein shakes.

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The blender has a powerful 900-watt motor and two portable cups. The cups can be used as blender containers. They are lightweight and can be carried with ease; each cups holds different ounces where one has 18 ounces and the other 24 ounces.  The robust machines make a considerable amount of sound but offer the best protein shakes. 


  • 900-watts motor 
  • Sharp blade
  •  Two cups (18 and 24 ounces) with lids.
  1. Nutria-bullet 12-piece high-speed blender

 The Nutri-bullet 12 piece is the right appliance for your family. No unhealthier diets and wasting times manually mixing protein powder with water. The blender is best for your protein shakes, it among the best personal blender in the market.  With a powerful motor of 600-watts, the strong blender chops and smoothens fruits, veggies and protein powder very fast.

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The blender is designed with strong, stainless steel blades. It has one emulsifying blade and a flat blade; the combination is right to make the best smoothies ever. The personal blender has three cups where two are small-sized and one big/tall cup. Its equipped with two sets of lids one with a fitted handle and a regular top for the containers.  The appliance has two extra sealable lids and a lip ring on each. The caps are safe when travelling as they don’t leak. The blender’s containers and removable parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


  • 600-watts motor
  • Steel blades 
  • Three cups with different sizes.
  • A set of lids 
  • Dishwasher safe.
  1. Nutri Ninja BL770

The Nutri-Ninja BL 770 ranks among the top three list for its strength to crush and smoothen ice frozen fruits and processed fruits. The blender has a powerful motor of 1500 watts; it has the power to multi-task. Its best for large families and can hold family size contents in one round.  The all-round blender is louder since it uses a significant amount of power to work on the contents. It has a large jug and stable base to hold it while blending. The appliance is dishwasher safe and can also be hand washed. 

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  • The blender has 1500 watts’ motor.
  • A large jug and stable base
  • Very loud 
  • Safe lid.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  1. Hamilton Beach 51146 protein shake blender 

The simple-looking Hamilton Beach 51146 is an affordable well-structured blender. The blender takes little space in the kitchen, thus preferable for small home and apartments. It’s an all-round appliance fitted with beautiful lids and strong motor.  The blender is suited for making shakes; the blades can accommodate any fruit or vegies making excellent smoothies.  The model has a low price than other blenders in the list.  The blender is only equipped with one lid, which makes it differ from the rest.

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In conclusion, everyone has different taste for blenders. However, the above listed provide the best personal and also family needs.  However, one needs to check on some features before making a purchase decision. The buyer can check on the following features as follows:

  • Blades 

The blades determine the kind of smoothie you will take. Pick on stainless blades for blender to avoid staining and infections of the juices. The blades play a significant role than the power of the blender.  There blenders with only a single blade though strong it might not finish up the blending. Double blades give a combined power and crushes all the contents fast.

  • Containers 

Containers come in handy when using the blender. The size provides the amount of content to hold in one make. There are different sizes according to the blender model. Some blenders have portable containers, an advantage to the buyer. Check on the seal to avoid leakage, which can be an embarrassing experience.

Settling for the best requires a lot from the buyer, there are thousands claiming to be the best blenders for protein shakes in the market, but only a few standouts.

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