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Do waist trainers work for MMA fighters?

Do waist trainers work

Do waist trainers work is a question that would elicit differed answers from experts and ordinary users alike. The fact that there is a divided expert opinion is not helpful at all. Some reviewers still accept the waist trainers and boast to have worked well on their bodies, while others are ready to swear by the effects caused on them never to lay their hands on them again.

As for me, I will break down the circuit and let the martial artists, the wrestlers, and the MMA champs determine yourselves whether they are beneficial or detrimental. I guess it would work perfectly for models were it not for the potential dangers associated with waist trainers.

Do waist trainers work for women martial artists on maternity leave?

I guess it would. It ought to. Especially the corset waist trainer with steel bone, it works wonders to bring together the loose ends in your skin associated with stretches from the afterbirth. The effort to return the afterbirth stretches to its original shape can be easy with corsets. Otherwise, some stretches return to shape automatically. A martial arts mother dearly needs their shape back as soon as possible to continue their trade. Their mid-section is core to their livelihood and needs them on shape soonest. But do waist trainers work for MMA mothers? The short answer is no!

Does waist trainer make a martial artist slimmer?

Yes and no. Yes because regular corsets with appropriate measurements compress their mid-section to tame their shape and make them appear thinner and worked out. No, because as soon as they take off their corsets their body and shape return back to the normal shape again. So, why put all their efforts on something that could reverse back to normal the minute you take off?

Because your temporary look was just fine for the occasion, I could say. One time occasion like a special day out, a wedding day, apart, an executive dinner and so forth. The fact that the whole thing is temporary shouldn’t scare you away from it anyway. Just content yourself with the temporary benefits and leave your other worries for another day.

Does waist trainers make a martial artist lose weight?

Maybe. Why would a martial artist want to lose weight in the first place? I would say to improve their flexibility and to boost their take-off-the- ground bonanza. With excess weight on their bodies, they wouldn’t achieve many seconds off the ground because of physics-gravity. Now for a fact, waist trainers on you restrict the amount of food intake to your stomach. Your stomach space gets exhausted with a few bites hence help reduce weight. Wearing a sauna-suit-like waist trainer can make you sweat out more water. In the process you cut weight through excessive water loss, I bet you only lose water weight, there is no proof that it would break down fats.

Can you reshape your body with a waist trainer?

Not really. Without prolonged exposure to an extreme level of compression, expecting your ribcage to reshape is an illusion. As for the record, there is no scientific evidence that waist trainers can transform your shape for long. But you can achieve that with exercise and observing diet.

Alternatives to waist training for martial artists

It is on record that the best way a martial artist could earn a smaller waist is through observing diet and exercises. The fact is seconded by some renowned fitness trainers with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Even the manufacturers of waist trainers are in cognizance of the fact that waist trainers alone are unlikely to achieve any long-term benefits to its users without observing diet and consistent exercises.

If an artist wants quick results, he/she should opt for cool sculpting, a non-surgical procedure that removes pockets of fats by subjecting them to lower temperatures. This treatment combines suctioning and cold temperature exposure to crystallize and kill localized fat. This procedure normally yields a 20-25% reduction in fats when taken for three months. There exist other methods of removing fats which utilize radio frequencies, laser, and ultrasound.

Dangers of waist trainers in martial artist

Bad posture and weak core

Cinchers can support you mechanically to create an artificial good looking desired posture while you are on them, but your core muscles become less engaged and it weakens over a time leading to a poor posture when you are not on waist trainers. A weak core is insignificant for a martial artist whose body demands maximum flexibility and muscle strength to give those thrilling movement in their bodies.

Breathing problems

Waist trainers compress your lungs limiting the amount of air you breathe in and out. While at rest, you can be comfortable but during your martial art show, it can be detrimental, it can lead to dizziness or fainting. Besides, prolonged use of waist trainers may lead to rib fractures which can lead to permanent limitation of breathing in the lungs.

Heat buildup

Using waist trainers can cause heat accumulation due to limited perspiration through the body surface. Combined with breathing difficulty one can faint easily. For a martial artist, during the action, a lot of heat is generated due to high blood pressure, combined with the accumulated heat that will not result in a good thing.

Damages your internals

Compressing your abdomen means compressing your internal organs. This can affect their normal functionality, which may cause permanent damages. Waist trainer only compresses your internal organs and may displace them from their natural positions, still is detrimental because their normal functionality is affected too. It is better to diet and exercise properly to achieve the desired sculpted waist than to damage your internal organs with a waist trainer, a 19-times weight lifting champion once said that. Rigorous physical exercise requires no obstruction from worn clothing; you have always seen boxers on the ring with only their pants in them, let alone waist trainers.


Know from today that wearing waist trainers and corsets or any shapewear cannot do magic on your bodies to downsize your waist by a meaning full scalar. Please follow your diet closely and exercise properly and regularly to achieve those. So do waist trainers work? The answer is no!

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