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Memory and concentration booster: 8 exercises

8 exercises that can help your memory and concentration

Are you currently on the lookout for ways to sharpen your memory and concentration while simultaneously preserving your memory? Irrespective of your age, you can improve your cognitive abilities and also keep your brain’s functional state at optimum levels. But for that, you might need to spend a fair amount of time taking care of your brain’s health.

Mental health is important

You would probably agree with the fact that your health and happiness has a direct impact on your memory. Being able to concentrate even in the most drastic and hectic environments is necessary for leading a successful and fulfilling life. But such a quality is not evident in many. Often, extra-stress can snatch away your mental peace, which in turn hurts your ability to concentrate and focus. There are certain exercises and ayurvedic stress relief medicines, designed to help mankind enhance their brain power.

Ayurvedic medicine as a memory booster

No matter if you are a working professional looking for strong determination and strong will, or a college student who needs to learn different subjects for your Final year exams, ayurvedic medicine for memory and concentration has no other competitor. Besides doing regular exercises, intaking Brahmi tablets can work wonders for you. But together with any ayurvedic medicine for brain booster, you must also indulge in various brain exercises or yoga practices to enhance your overall mental health over the longer-term.

Brain exercises for better mental health

One of the biggest lies that people believe is that as we age, we lose our ability to develop new skills. It all depends on our mental strength and will power. Now, our brain is very smart, and technically, it can adapt to changes even at an old age. This specific ability is called neuroplasticity. The right stimulation helps your brain to form new neural pathways, and hence it adapts and reacts in an ever-changing manner. You can enhance this using Brahmi tablets like Brahmi Pearls.

Our brain’s amazing ability helps us learn new things and sharpen our memory. Now, you too, can harness its neuroplasticity for strengthening your cognitive power. Here we have mentioned some of the best exercises to help you continue improving your brain’s productivity as well as enhancing your memory and concentration.

1. The 4-Details Observation Exercise

If you have read a lot of detective stories, then you already have naturally instilled some memory-boosting habits. Or at least, you can try to remember the details of your favorite fictional sleuth by following the practice that we are about to reveal. In the 4-Details Observation Exercise, every day, when you meet new people, you will need to remember four details about them. For instance, suppose a woman arrives on the scene, you should remember the following: She is wearing a watch, an ear-ring, a nose-pin, and also remember the color of her dress. The original goal of the game is to remember the details and being able to recall them later.

2. Number Brain Exercises 

This particular exercise can elevate your concentration levels. Numeracy boosts your cognitive abilities. One of the numeric games that you can adopt is the one called “Add 3 Minus 7”. It’s a fun exercise in which you must pick any 3-digit number. Now, add 3 more to that digit thrice. Then subtract 7 from the number 7 times. Keep calculating and keep improving your concentration.

3. Stay in the present. Listen and recall statements.

When you speak, do people barely listen to you even if they do nod their heads? The same feeling goes into the other person’s mind as well. One of the best ways to sharpen your memory and boost concentration is to talk to people and listen to them attentively. Now recall their statements. The more you practice, the better memory and concentration powers you access. Plus, it will also improve your social skills.

4. Remembering with visualization

When people say something, they tend to explain what exactly were they experiencing. Now, in the process, they mention a few details of the incident. These details are often forgotten by the listener. You can avoid forgetting stuff by trying to remember specific statements using visualization methods. If successful, you can also become a mnemonics dictionary. Once the practice starts becoming your nature, your brain power instantly boosts.

5. Metronome Claps

If you have been to a music school, you probably know how metronome works. Even if you don’t know how musical instruments are played, you know the metronome. Now, your exercise would be to play metronome at slow speed and attempt covering each beat with a clap. This way, your brain can detect patterns in the surroundings and works smarter, which is because of an enhanced concentration.

6. Play Chess

This one is obvious. There aren’t any games as strategically demanding as chess, and indeed it’s a brain booster. The way you need to calculate advanced moves, it sharpens your concentration power. Besides, the game also improves your memory as you will require to remember the position of the pawns on the black and white battlefield.

7. Learn a new foreign language over the long term

Haven’t you heard that being bilingual is good for your brain? Did we mention before about our brain’s neuroplasticity? Take advantage of that and learn a new language to give your brain an immense boost.

8. Practice Yoga

Yoga offers all the health advantages that you can possibly think of, be it improving your mental health or enhancing your physical strength and maintaining body balance. Yoga has proven to create positive vibes in our body, which in turn helps our brain stay healthy and happy. Other exercises that you can try are running, walking, rock-climbing, etc. 

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