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Get Set To Make The Most With Your First Virtual Run Experience

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The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t spare any aspect of life. Offices are closed, people are discouraged to step out for shopping, and events stand canceled. Fitness enthusiasts and sports lovers have faced their share of disappointment as well, with race cancellations and postponements due to the outbreak. However, the popularity of virtual races has surged as it gives people the opportunity to stay active, set goals, and even receive rewards for their accomplishments. Although it sounds hard to believe, the experience of running a virtual race can be as amazing, fulfilling, and unforgettable as participating in a real one, provided you do it the right way. Here are some ways you can make the most of your first experience.

Go the extra mile with training

Although the crisis may have put your training plans off track, there is no reason you should compromise with it. Even if you are planning to be a part of a virtual run, training continues to be as important. Remember that it is possible to train for long distance races in a matter of weeks if you are motivated enough. And if you feel that you won’t be able to train adequately for a marathon or a half marathon amid the stress and gym closures, you can consider participating in a shorter distance run that suits your current fitness levels. 

Let your motivation levels soar

Perhaps the toughest aspect of virtual races is to keep your motivation levels soaring. Whether you plan to run a 10K or a shorter distance, you wouldn’t be able to do it unless you are mentally charged. The best way to do it is by replicating the preparations of a real event. Running Virtual Races with Shirts and gear that is designed for the event is a good idea. It makes you feel connected with the event and prepares you mentally as well. After all, motivation is all about how you feel and what you think. 

Nail down realistic goals

The upside of virtual runs is that this form of racing is all about you because you do it solo. The best thing you can do is to set a challenging but realistic goal for yourself. The objective is to ensure that you are proud of your efforts and achievement as you cross the finish line. No matter what route you choose and what your fitness level is, your goal should drive you to push yourself for achieving what you want to accomplish.

Plan the perfect route

After you are ready with your goals and gear, it is time to pick a perfect route for your first virtual run. The choice is all yours- you may take a familiar trail, loop through the neighborhood streets, or even race on your basement treadmill. You can get creative with the route but ensure that an outdoor one follows the public health agencies’ guidelines, which is vital in the current situation.

Finally, control what you can and stop worrying about everything else. Choose a day and time that suits you because these are the factors you can control. And if something unexpected like bad weather happens on that day, you have the flexibility to change. So go ahead and enjoy the experience! 

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