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Why You are Not Seeing Progress From Your Home Workout

Australia has undergone several strict lockdowns to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It was largely successful; while the United States and United Kingdom were being ravaged by the virus, Australia had concerts.

If you are just going by what influencers on social media are saying, you stand the risk of getting yourself injured badly. This is why you need to go for specialized trainers and facilities at all times. We202 EMS training is a new fitness and training program that uses electrical muscle stimulation to help you achieve faster results in the shortest possible time span. 

The pandemic still increased the number of people who relied on working out from the comforts of their own homes. For a long time, gyms and other fitness facilities were shut down because they can become hotspots for infections. So, instead, many people purchased exercise equipment for home use.

There are additional motivations for people to exercise during the pandemic. The illness affects people who have existing medical conditions such as diabetes and obesity more severely. Many people also gained weight during lockdowns, a phenomenon that was dubbed “Quarantine 15” or “COVID-15.”

Recent studies found that more than a third of all Australians gained weight in 2020. While it is not a bad thing to become heavier, especially because we all have been through a highly stressful and traumatic experience, to some people, adding more pounds can push them toward unhealthy body weight.

Fortunately, it is possible to lose all the weight you have gained during the past year. Unfortunately, it would not be easy.

Can Home Workouts Be as Effective as Going to the Gym?

People were forced to work out from home when the government closed all fitness facilities nationwide. The past year saw an increase in the sales of workout equipment. Stores had lines of people waiting to buy their own exercise tools for their at-home gyms while e-commerce platforms recorded a 411 percent increase in inquiries.

Dumbbells, in particular, were in high demand. However, because of the pandemic, there were delays in delivery. Stock coming from China and Taiwan took twice as long to arrive in stores in Australia, leaving retailers short in supply.

There is a question of whether home workouts are as effective as going to the gym. While many people acquired fitness equipment in the past year, nothing beats the gym. Gyms, after all, are designed for exercise; it has all the necessary equipment to burn calories and build muscles.

It is possible to work out and sweat at home in the same way as you do at a gym. However, not everyone is able to achieve their fitness goals for a variety of reasons.

You Do Not Know What You are Doing

It is easy to assume that, by lifting weights and running on the treadmill, you will be able to lose weight and build muscles. But, in reality, it is not always the case. While you may see some progress in the beginning, at some point you might reach a plateau where you stop seeing changes in your body, feel unmotivated to workout, and bored.

For instances like these, the best thing to do is to hire a personal trainer. Find someone who has received certification and CEC points for fitness trainers from institutions such as Fitness Education Online, which has programs approved by the most trusted organizations across Australia and New Zealand. Your personal trainer must also obtain Continuing Education Credits (CEC) points to ensure that they have all the right qualifications and expertise.

Your personal trainer can develop a routine that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

You Zoom Through Your Routine

The goal is not to do as many reps as quickly as possible. That is not how you should be doing strength training. What is more important is not how many reps you can do in a minute, it is how you do it.

When you hurry through your workout, you would be using your momentum to move, not muscle power. You would not stimulate the muscle group you are targeting and you would not burn as many calories, either. It would make the workout ineffective.

In addition, moving too quickly will put you at risk of sustaining injuries.

You are Not Eating Right

Food is an integral part of fitness. If you are not eating the right amount for your body type or fitness goals, you would not make any meaningful progress. Too many people make the mistake of eating more as a reward after exercise. This should not be the case. Eating more than you should, even when you work out, will lead to weight gain. You might consume more calories than you are burning. Exercise machines are big offenders because the calorie count that they say you have burned is inaccurate.

Depriving yourself of food is not good, either. Starving yourself will only cause your muscles to break down and your metabolism to slow down, undoing everything that you have worked for. Moreover, it will make you less inspired to work out because you would not have the energy and you will feel physically weaker.

Find the right balance. Eat when you are hungry, but do not overdo it.

Working out at home can be effective, but you have to know what you need to do. If you are going through the same exercises over and over again or you are doing your exercises correctly, it will not give you the results you wanted.

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