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Skincare Regimen: Are You Doing It Right?

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Are you interested in starting a skincare regimen but have some questions before you get to it? For instance, how many products should you use? Which ones are best for your skin type? In what sequence are you using these products? And what exactly does each item do?

Experts suggest starting with three easy steps. It’s best to wash first, then treat, and finally, moisturize to successfully manage your regular skincare routine. You’ve heard of washing and moisturizing, but what exactlydoes treatingyour skin entail?

Ways to Treat your Skin

It is crucial to include a step somewhere between the washing and moisturizing portions of your skincare regimen. Over time, it can significantly impact your skin’s health, appearance, and aging.

Below, we’ll uncover the finestdermatologicallytested daily skincare routine for mornings and evenings, including the essential steps that should be a part of an at-home regimen for dry, oily, combination, or acne-prone skin.


Washing the face is the first step in any grooming treatment because it removes pollutants and excess oil, which could clog our pores and make the skin look dull. But, like in most products, it’s essential to proceed with caution.

Many individuals wash too much, too frequently, or with too harsh a cleanser, which breaks down your skin’s natural layer. If you tend to have sensitive or dry skin, it’s best to consider washing your face solely at night and proceed to rinse it with water as you wake up.


Although you might not need a toner, dabbing one on could be a fantastic way to freshen skin, remove any leftover dirt, and balance pH. If you have blemish-prone skin, seek a toner with anti-acne chemicals such asSalicylicacid. On the other hand, dry and sensitive skin requires a moisturizing toner free of alcohol and has soothing components likeHyaluronicacid and glycerin.


As we drift off, our bodies get busy mending themselves. While we’re dreaming, our skin is doing its night duty; that’s why altering around our nocturnal skincare regimens can be well worth it. We subject our skin to a lot throughout the day -sun, pollution, and other forms of dirt-so utilizing products that help the therapeutic process can multiply the advantages of that coveted beauty rest tenfold.

The ideal way to receive your beefed-up nighttime skin boost is through an excellent facial night serum. These are re densely packed with active chemicals, and since our skin is most susceptible to the absorption of these substances at night, it’s the optimum time to use them, just after washing and before moisturizing.

Eye Cream

Eye creams are also considered a skin treat. If desired, softly tap on a product tailored to your eye-area issues using your ring finger. It is the weakest portion of your hand and works to prevent inflicting injury to sensitive skin.


After the basics, what comes next are heavier formulations like a moisturizer, which leaves skin hydrated and supports by reinforcing its barrier. Unless you have dry skin, you can use a light moisturizing cream throughout the day, such as a gel or lotion that absorbs rapidly and does not clump beneath makeup.

If your skin tends to appear dry, use a product with fuller coverage, such as a cream. More so, it’s recommended to look forCeramidecontent since it is one of the building blocks of skin moisture retention.


Sun protection is the most critical element in any skincare regimen, regardless of skin type or age. If you don’t apply sunscreen, any other stages you take will waste. Sun exposure is the primary reason someone’s skin ages rapidly.

The UV rays can harm anyone, regardless of their skin color. What is more, the effect isn’t only aesthetic, which means it can lead to dangerous skin conditions such as cancer andhyperpigmentation.

Acne Treatment

If you have pimples, use an acne treatment before bedtime. It’s best to become proactive for recurrent breakouts instead of treating them as they appear. If you merely treat one spot and other portions of your skin are clogged, there’s a high chance you’ll have acne showing up on those areas the following days.

You’re experiencing breakouts because oil is accumulating, so stick to your routine to keep pores all over your face free.

As it turns out, the fountain of youth isn’t just one mystical potion. The personal care products part of the well-known skincare regimen requires considerable work and patience. If you learn to commit to these actions regularly, you will undoubtedly obtain the youthful and glowing skin of your dreams.

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