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How to Save Money on Your Favorite Health and Wellness Products

If the COVID-19 pandemic has put one thing into perspective, it’s the importance of our overall health. From maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and accounting for our mental health, we’ve realized that there are new tests that can come out of nowhere to make solving these problems that much more difficult. However, supplements and other products can end up breaking the bank, so it’s important to consider some money-saving options that will help keep you healthy, as well as your wallet.

Exploring Billing Options


Choosing a health and wellness product line can easily be impacted by its cost. You may have found yourself debating which product to buy while it sits in your online cart, weighing subscription cost or your overall expenses. It’s important to explore these fees to make sure you are reaping the benefits of the product without bending your bottom line. For example, if you’re looking at hair loss treatments and weighing Keeps vs Hims, you may be looking at the products and fees that come with each treatment plan.

Both Keeps and Hims offer telemedicine services to guide users through their hair loss products. With differing packages, Keeps shows up with products like shampoos, foam, and finasteride tablets at your doorstep every three months. Hims ships out packages monthly with four treatment options for treating hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. These companies bill based on the delivery of their products. However, costs will vary if you are purchasing finasteride tablets or ketoconazole shampoo separately, you will find a lower price on an as-needed basis.

Vitamins and Supplements


Beyond hair health, it’s important to have a vitamin regimen that is right for you. Be sure to consult with your primary care physician to discuss what you should be taking as part of a daily routine. Some private label supplements are accessible by home delivery, or even through top retailers like CVS and Walgreen’s. These nutritional supplements can range from standard multivitamins to those that center on particular facets of your health, like sexual health or skin health.

It’s important to consider your personal health needs before pursuing any new products on the market. The good news is that these supplements come in a variety of forms, ranging from softgels and gummies to creams and capsules. It’s important to remember that these vitamins, even in a custom formula, cannot replace a healthy diet and exercise. It should be taken in conjunction with those two.

Vitamin-rich foods, especially fruits and vegetables, can actually help to promote regularity and better blood flow in the long run. Consider them just another health product to invest in, and also monitor for your underlying costs on other all-natural supplements.

Discounts on Medication


If you are taking prescription medication, you’ve probably explored ways to not have to drop a ton of money at the cash register. One of the easiest savings methods is to explore generic drugs. These contain the same active ingredients as name-brand medications but at a fraction of the cost. Be sure to have a medical consultation with your doctor to explore the generic options. They’re more available than ever to treat a litany of conditions from high blood pressure to erectile dysfunction.

There are also prescription discount programs that offer up coupons or lower prices on certain medications that you have been prescribed. It could be cheaper to fill your prescription at one pharmacy than it is at your current location. Don’t hesitate to explore these offerings, or ask your pharmacist for medical advice. They may even recommend getting your dose in bulk, purchasing a 90-day package as opposed to a 30-day for savings in the long run.

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