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WWE greatest royal rumble moment (Top 3)

greatest royal rumble

When we mention Royal Rumble, many images come to mind. The sight of muscle-laden men throwing opponents over the top rope, alliances, moments of confusion.. the WWE has doen a magnificent job in making this PPV a mainstay. As for me, the wwe greatest royal rumble moment involved  the following events below:

Moment #3: Royal Rumble 2017

Royal Rumble 2017 was watchable but unremarkable. However, things came to life only when the final four of Edge, HBK, Undertaker and Randy Orton battled it out against one another.

When it came to the final two, we were treated to the epic battle between Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. The Undertaker prevailed in this, producing a great wwe royal rumble moment.

Moment #2: Royal Rumble 2005

Fans were torn on who to support once the royal rumble was left with the final two. Batista represented Raw while John Cena was Smackdown’s representative.

The match ended in true WWE fashion. Full of controversial and unexpected. Fans thought that Batista had the win when he picked Cena up. However, both fell out of the ring at the same time. WWE owner, Vince Mcmahon, was super pissed. He stormed into the ring and was unable to move as he got injured in the process.

Moment #1: Royal Rumble 2006

You always knew that Eddie Guerrero’s death had a significant bearing to how Royal Rumble 2006 panned out. Rey Mysterio was given a chance to be central to one of the most emotional and greatest royal rumble moment.

Rey truly deserved the win having been in the ring for a long time. He came in at 2nd and was never expected to triumph here. The rest was history. Rey became an integral part of wwe from this day onwards. Rey gained the reputation that he deserved and was popular with the fans.

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