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The Most Sought Out Medical Aesthetic Procedures For The Decade

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There have been several advancements in medical sciences, many of them revolving around cosmetics and aesthetics. As time has passed, the easy availability of such procedures has created a huge niche for those who want to augment, enhance or transform their physical appearance. Today, a balding person’s hairline can be restored with the help of grafting and other procedures, giving a completely natural look and finish. Similarly, you can add or reduce the percentage of mass on your body, choosing to look chiselled or curvy. This blog is meant to highlight the most popular medical aesthetic procedures that the population are turning towards in this decade. Interested to know what’s in vogue? Keep reading!

  1. Facial symmetry: Not everyone is born with a face that has a golden ratio perfection. However, such little quirks are not always noticed unless there are very prominent differences, such as angular differences or lop-sided features. With the help of medical aesthetics, facial features can be aligned to look more symmetrical, and in turn, more attractive. It is a natural reaction for us to find symmetry attractive in general, which is why these surgeries work so well. 
  2. Fat dissolution: There are several people who have been struggling with weight gain issues their entire lives. For instance, gaining weight due to hormonal imbalances, mental illness, or eating disorders can take quite a lot of time to be mitigated. Working out intensely doesn’t show the same results for all, which is why many prefer to opt for fat dissolution procedures or liposuction, where the fat is either dissolved or extracted from the body to leave behind muscles. This can give people a new lease on life and their dream body, enabling them to start anew to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Lifts and tucks: Losing a large amount of weight or losing collagen due to aging can leave behind flabby skin that loosely hangs. This can create problems such as skin rashes, acne or heat boils if the loose skin is constantly faced with moisture and heat. Apart from such incidences, many just want to look like their youthful selves again. Medical aesthetics allows doctors to lift and tuck such loose skin and create a younger-looking appearance for patients.
  4. Breast augmentation and reduction: The size of someone’s breasts is completely a personal choice and preference. While many who are not heavy chested would want to be, breast augmentation with the help of implants is an available treatment. This also helps breast cancer amputees with cosmetic transitions. There exist women who experience back pain and discomfort due to heavy breasts and choose to undergo a reduction and lifting procedure, thanks to medical aesthetics.

Wrapping Up:

Many may think that botox and fillers are all there is to cosmetology and medical aesthetic. However, there are many procedures other than the abovementioned that can change the narrative for many struggling with a multitude of issues like self-image, body dysmorphia, and others. We hope that this blog helped you understand the inclusions of such a branch of medicine and how it helps!

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