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Summer Skiing: Ski Resorts People Can Visit Even After Winter

Winter may have come and gone, but it does not mean you can’t go skiing. There are some places in the country where people can have fun in the snow, even up to summer. This is good news for those who could not have fun during winter due to the pandemic. But with the continuous release of the vaccine, people may be able to confidently go about with their daily activities.

So, you may be interested in knowing where you can go skiing even after winter has gone. It may even be a blessing in disguise to ski after winter since you can get great deals and these places are not crowded anymore. Additionally, you also have the opportunity to use the products you bought at the Obermeyer jacket sale after winter.

Here are some ski resorts you can visit even after winter.

Timberline Lodge in Oregon

The historic Timberline Lodge has among the longest skiing season throughout North America. It is open until early September, and skiers can enjoy some fun in the snow at the Palmer Snowfield. While the area for summer skiing is mainly used for race camps, one lane is normally reserved for the public in one of the terrains.

The resort only closes for a few weeks in September for maintenance. Visitors can ski or snowboard at the place even during summer. For experienced skiers, they can hit the slopes on Mt. Hood Meadows until the first week of May.

But with the current health crisis, the resort is only open to guests who are staying overnight. It is also advising guests to follow health protocols while at the resort to safeguard everyone’s health.

Loveland Ski Area in Colorado

Even as the Loveland Valley area closes in early April, the ski season for the Loveland Basin area extends up to the first week of May. The Loveland Ski Area is the winter wonderland for the people of Colorado as it has around 1,800 acres of terrain where guests can have fun in the snow.

Owned by the Upham family, the ski area is a no-frills destination where people can enjoy skiing and snowboarding even after winter has gone. The place has been playing host to skiers from all over the country for more than eight decades.

Guest can ride a free shuttle between the Loveland Valley and Loveland Basin areas. While the Loveland Ski Area has no lodgings available, there are several lodging options close to the area that guests can consider.

Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia

Whistler Blackcomb is the biggest ski resort in North America and is located in British Columbia, Canada. The resort was a part of the bid for the 1968 Winter Olympics. Even if Canada did not host the winter games, construction of the resort still proceeded.

Even though the resort closed due to the pandemic, it is still one place where people would visit. It plays host to ski and snowboard camps every summer. One of the clubs the place hosts is the Whistler Mountain Ski Club since it allows members to train for nine months every year.

The resort also plays hosts to the Sports Club International Ski Camp, which helped many young racers improve the skills in skiing.

Snowbird in Utah

Snowbird is the spring skiing capital of Utah. Home to the highest ski resort of Utah, most of the terrain at the place faces north. Due to this, the snow stays in the best condition even after winter. The month of April typically gets an average of around 64 inches of snow each year. This means it refreshes the base during this month.

Additionally, the area also offers other activities aside from snow sports. These activities include mountain biking, hiking, and summer tubing. The place also has a climbing wall, bungee trampoline, and rope courses for adults and the kids.

Alpine Meadows in California

While it may not get as much attention as Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows in California still offers a good place for visitors looking to hit the slopes after winter ends. The place is ideal for beginners who want to have some fun in the snow. Most of the terrain of the big craggy mountain is above the tree line.

It’s one of the places where you can ski up until around the middle of May. It has easy-access lifts that bring you to the summit within minutes so you can enjoy the trip to the place as much as you can.

Winter may be the best time for people to hit the slopes, but there are still some places in North America where they can ski to their heart’s delight even after winter has passed.

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