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Skincare Lessons We Can All Learn from Millennials

Time and time again, we are reminded of how important skincare is. Commercials and other advertisements are played now and then showing the benefits that one skincare product after another has to offer. Most people think such offers are only unnecessary added expenses. But for millennials, the right skincare products present various benefits that are more than just skin deep.

Each generation has its own skincare preferences. While older generations may have the advantage of time and experience, millennials have their own beauty lessons to share.  If there are certain skincare habits we can learn from Gen-Yers, this can include the following.

They prefer products that are healthy and sustainable

Millennials value their health and can be seen spending money on things that can positively impact their and their loved ones’ health and wellness. This includes paying for massage therapy, buying organic treats for themselves, and even splurging on natural pet food for their pets. The same habit can be seen when millennials choose their skincare products.

Compared to older generations, millennials use the power of research before choosing a brand and product. They check on the product labels as well as the ingredients present. According to a study, 37% of millennials like sustainable skincare products. This is even if such products usually cost more than regular skincare offers. This shows that millennials are willing to spend more on products as long as these are made with sustainability in mind and can promote better health.

They care about homemade skincare remedies

Millennials are fond of tech innovations. Many even say Gen-Yers can’t live without technology and are a lazy population. But this does not mean millennials aren’t creative enough to get their hands on natural remedies for their specific skin needs.

Millennials are not only into organic ingredients. They also like to DIY and put their creativity to use no matter the task. This extends to their skincare habits.

There are different organic skincare products are available in the market. But still, many millennials are going after natural skincare remedies. They do research on safe and effective DIY skincare recipes.They are not afraid to create and try on homemade treatments. Millennials do this treat their specific skin issues and to also save money in the process.

They often go for the au naturel makeup look

Before, women tend to go for a full coverage makeup. But now, more millennials are trying to achieve the natural look. Gone are the days when many women like hiding behind thick foundations. Now, they prefer the kind of look that brings out their natural beauty.

Sure, some still try to hide a few imperfections here and there. But most millennial female consumers, about 71% prefer natural makeup look. This means many feel more confident whenever they get the chance to take care of their appearance.

Millennials are often found advocating for options that boost overall health and wellness and promote sustainability. They are not afraid to experiment and research on tricks that can help them achieve their beauty goals. This goes to show how millennials approach skincare. They don’t only think about the things that can benefit them, but others and the environment as well.

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