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Can You Lose Weight with The Sirtfood Diet? We Say Yes!

Sirtfood Diet

Have you ever been on a diet? Probably we all have, but what matters is that “Did the final results please you and prove worthwhile for your efforts?”

Most of the diets ask you to skip meals uncontrollably while exercising heavily. Surely, even core gym goers surrender anytime soon.

But a Sirtfood diet never lets this happen to you!

The Sirtfood diet – a single phrase that is all the rage in the modern days. It is a new way to shift weight quickly by providing with you step-by-step instructions on the techniques and the ingredients. Check out this article for further information.

Who coined the term “Sirtfood Diet”?

First, which wind blows you in, our beloved readers?

May we guess you are inspired to come here by this latest motivator “The Sirtfood diet” co-written by author Adian Goggins and Glen Matten?

Adian Goggins and Glen Matten
Adian Goggins and Glen Matten

It’s not surprising if you, since many weight-loss fanatics, probably including us, have gone absolutely gaga over the revolutionary new Sirtfood diet as well as the diet sensation it brings.

These two authors are nutrition researchers who try hard to convey a message of healthy eating for weight loss effects. In the book, they map out an ideal diet scheme with tasty recipes from the Sirtfood diet. Have you checked it out yet?

if you haven’t, there’s no need to rush to the bookstore and get one immediately. This post is an evidence-based version of the inspiring book, so save your time and money.

What exactly is the Sirtfood diet

What exactly is the Sirtfood diet?

The Sirtfood diet fosters the increasing uptake of foods that are high in proteins or, let’s say, high in Sirtuins.

Sirtuins are a group of seven proteins found in our body known as Silent Information Regulators. There have been multitudinous relevant preliminaries studies carried out only in animal bodies or at a subcellular level, but the ultimate results are promising. These proteins have been found to play a salient role in regulating most of the essential operations within the body, namely metabolism and biological clocks. It eliminates inflammation, doing away with potential threats that affect the integrity of our DNA; thus, curbing the problem of premature aging, reduced longevity, and Alzheimer’s.

For some seemingly apparent reasons, people entitle sirtuins to “skinny genes” in recognition of their role in helping humans to stay in shape. In fact, sirtuins prove beneficial in preventing fat cells from duplicating, which justifies how the theory of this diet makes sense.

What should we eat on a Sirtfood diet?

Well, if you have glanced through the first part, you may know the foods we consume on the Sirtfood diet should have something to do with the Sirtuins “skinny genes.” This means the food should be able to activate our DNA to generate more sirtuin proteins.

What should we eat on a Sirtfood diet

Check out to see if any of these sirtuins activators, according to Health Line, have already been part of your daily meals. If not yet, try to incorporate some more.

  • Kale
  • Red wine
  • Strawberries
  • Onions
  • Soy
  • Parsley
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Dark chocolate (85% cocoa)
  • Matcha green tea
  • Buckwheat
  • Turmeric
  • Walnuts
  • Arugula (rocket)
  • Bird’s eye chili
  • Lovage
  • Medjool dates
  • Red chicory
  • Blueberries
  • Capers
  • Coffee



Are there pilot studies on human beings?

What the two authors boldly claimed in the book doesn’t come un-backed. Countless studies have been conducted on worms, yeast, mice, human cells, etc., and similarly, the Sirtfood Diet book has reported trials of the effectiveness of Sirtfood diet on human beings.

The pilot study took place inside a fitness center with the participation of 39 individuals. They were asked to stick to the Sirtfood diet and at the same time, kept exercising a daily routine. After one week, the participants lost 7 pounds while their muscles either grew even stronger or remained unchanged.

What do you think about this result? Is it persuasive enough? Sadly, we have to say no. There seem to be so many underlying problems.

First, the pilot scheme itself is too weak to prove overall collective effects

It’s the characteristic of a pilot study to be carried out at a small scale and target a handful number of individuals.

Based on the positive results gained from 39 gym enthusiasts, most of whom have already been in athletic shape and used to rigorous practice or healthy eating, we cannot confidently claim this diet will do similar wonders to our bodies.

Second, a seven-day process is too safe of a trial duration to test the actual effectiveness of the diet

Perhaps, it is a flash in the pan that will not have similar implications in the long run. The quick weight loss within a week will raise doubts about the possibility of a weight rebound in the period after that.

Also, there’s no guarantee whether the participants can still maintain and increase their muscles or not. As long as these questions are left unanswered, there’s no saying about the real effects of the diet.

The clinical trial doesn’t come with a control group as well

So, who is going to justify the impacts? No one. Readers want to know how powerful the sirtuins activators are as well as the way the participants follow the guide to optimize the effects of these activators.

If it is calorie restriction, the results are hardly surprising

Well, this is what peeves us around the diet. Without a doubt, when you are asked to restrict your calorie intake to 50% of the average amount you consume and simultaneously increase workout frequency, you are going to lose weight.

When there is nothing to bridge the hungry gap between meals, your body is deprived of energy, and this forces it to resort to alternative energy storage, say, glycogen while burning fat substances at the same time. It also causes your muscles to contract and grow stronger.

Glycogen in our muscles and fat cells are stored in hydrated form. Each molecule is composed of 3 to 4 parts of water. When there are no more molecules of glycogen left in the body, the water goes astray as well. During the time when your body drastically restricts the calorie uptake, weight loss happens as the body burns energy mostly from water, muscle, glycogen (70%) and the other 30% from fat.

It is fast to see the desired results in the first week when you lose some sweet poundage and seem a bit muscular. However, these are not long-term effects because as soon as you discontinue the restrictive eating, your body tops up its glycogen stores and regains its weight.

Is the Sirtfood diet conducive to good health?

There is cast-iron evidence that there is a whole host of health benefits from the Sirtfood diet. It doesn’t merely support body weight loss and muscle building but helps suppress appetite as well. In the course of the diet, you will get used to controlling and holding back your acute hunger; therefore, constant eating will soon become a habit of the past.

Thanks to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the activator, the diet is a healthy option to go for if you want to avoid falling into the aging-ridden old age too soon. Not only that, scientific evidence proves sirtuins activators are potential in preventing risks of some chronic diseases.

Other health benefits include improving memory (decreasing risks of Alzheimer), regulating blood sugar levels, acting as a deterrent to cancer-triggered molecules.

Also, Sirtfood diet can outweigh other diets in one thing, which is flexibility. This means you can choose to eat Sirtfoods as the main course or simply have it as some snacks by adding the food on the top. At times, the diet provides more calories for the body instead of restricting that level if you apply the diet accordingly.

Typical dietary meals lead you on the wrong track, and you end up being nothing but just a bag of bones. Even the weight loss result is achieved, you tire out easily and become unhealthy. The loss of muscle can slow down metabolic health and make a weight rebound more likely than ever before.

With Sirtfood diet, things are different. Everything is maintained and balanced, including your health, your muscle, and your strength; only the weight has to be altered. Compared to the previous example, you, in this case, have a beautifully toned body. So, which one do you prefer?

Side effects of Sirtfood diet

As mentioned above, during the first phase of the Sirtfood Diet, you are allowed only a handful of healthy foods low in calories; thus, this is for sure not enough to meet the nutritional needs. However, this lack of calories from the outset is not dangerous to your body as it lasts for a mere short period. But what you might suffer from is fatigue, irritability, loss of muscle mass, loss of muscle bone, anemia, etc.

What’s next, most of the Sirtfood activators are plants, vegetables, green juices, etc. almost everything you can find in the plant kingdom. But things are different when you consume a banana, a bowl of salad in your daily meals as the Sirtfood diet asks you to have green juices every day until the diet ends. That’s because when you are not consuming enough calories, your body will not get energized and the hunger feeling might follow you most of the time. Consuming juice, as a result, can keep you full.

Even though juice is a good source of vitamins and minerals, it supplements your body mainly with sugar, not healthy fibers that are normally obtained from boiled vegetables and fruit.

Drinking juices throughout the day is enough to leave anyone down with toothaches and increase blood sugar level. Then, things even get worse if you are suffering from diabetes.

Not to mention the initial investment in the preliminary steps towards starting on the Sirtfood diet. You need to have a practical juicer, go shopping around for the pretty rare and costly ingredients in the menu. Besides, time and effort spent on making the schedule and following it strictly also put people off from going through the diet.

How to follow the Sirtfood diet?

Phase 1

The first phase is like the acquaintance step when you have to get used to the Sirtfood friend and obey what it tells you to do. This phase lasts for seven days and you will learn to live with the concept of restrictive eating. You only eat foods that are low in calories and drink lots of green juice. After a week, you will start to see your body getting skinnier as the actual weight drops by 7 pounds (3.2 kg).

Do you love the result? Then, focus on what to consume during these early days.

For the first three days, make sure you cut down on your calorie intake and maintain it at 1,000 calories. Forget the past lavish meal with rice as the main staple. Now, drink juice more, at least three cups of it per day. You will only eat once during the whole day, and what you eat for this meal shouldn’t be optional, but had better what is stated in the book.

You might want to consider: Aromatic chicken breast with kale and red onions and tomato and chili salsa, plain Greek yogurt, buckwheat flakes, Asian king prawn stir-fry, or strawberry buckwheat.

From day three onwards, you can increase the calorie consumption to 1,500, which means everything, including the green juice, and the Sirtfood activators will be doubled in the consuming amount.

Phase 2

Phase two will last twice longer than phase 1, and the intensity increases as well. In this phase, you are trying to maintain the positive results of the previous endeavor and stick to the diet consistently.

You will see yourself not being restricted to any calorie intake standard, but try to eat three meals a day with the ingredients taken from the “Sirtfood activators” list. One green juice a day is good enough.

After these two phases, you are encouraged to continue the diet full of Sirtfood-rich ingredients. The “maintenance” step has to be practiced as long as possible so that the long-term effects are guaranteed. Also, never forget to drink green juice every day.

Before and After Result

sirtfood diet before and after
Before and After of Adele when using it

Wrapping up

Adele has tried the Sirtfood diet and eye-witnessed the miraculous effects. She has slimmed down drastically and enjoyed being in the new perfect shape.

Incorporate Sirtfood into your diet right now to learn how helpful it is.

Share your trial experience with our readers. They may want to know how you get along with this revolutionary new diet.

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