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Prices for UFC Gym

Prices for UFC Gym

So you want to know the prices for the UFC gym? Well there are a couple options. We’re going to discuss this at the end of this article.

But to understand the level of professionalism that the UFC gym is based on and all the possibilities that you have inside the gym, which in turn dictates the price, it would be good to read a little bit about it first.

If you just want to know the pricing, skip to the bottom of the article.

The Concept of UFC

Before starting the UFC gym, Adam Sedlack went and studied the business concept of the UFC for 30 days. He said that those 30 days opened his eyes.

He said that the UFC had an incredible transformation between 1994 and 2001 and then where it is today. Dana White and Lorenzo Fertita did an incredible job with making the brand mainstream with adding rules to the sport and creating weight classes and divisions, making this the sport of endurance, stamina, strength and mental ability of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

So after examining the way UFC does business, the UFC Gym was founded on the same core principles articulating the way UFC fighters trained and being different from its competitors. They were innovative and brought something new to the industry.

About the UFC Gym

The UFC has had the most rapid growth in the sports industry in the past two decades. The brand expanded to clothing lines and started reality shows, and most recently, the events are now broadcasted on the Fox Broadcast Company’s network instead of remaining only pay-per-view. The UFC Gym learned from this incredible brand, modeling their success after the success of UFC.

The UFC Gym is owned by New Evolution Ventures (NeV) comprised of several club titles like Crunch Fitness and Hard Candy, with Adam Sedlack as the senior vice president.

Adam Sedlack was involved with the UFC gym since its conception when they were directed to seven locations but the plan was made to expand its reach across the country and even worldwide.

The first step was buying 81 locations of LA Boxing that expanded the reach of UFC gym all across the United States, but also expanding its reach to Australia by opening a club there.

What You Will Get in A UFC Gym

UFC Gym is different from any other boxing gym as you have many different options for cardio and strength training. It also offers a variety of MMA training, top-of-the-line personal training and even packages for family members to learn MMA techniques together and work out together.

The UFC gym is more similar to a traditional health club with access to group fitness classes. There are various degrees of intensity when it comes to group fitness classes, from Beginning Functional Fitness to Hardcore Conditioning. You’ll find Pilates, basic boxing and many different styles of Brazilian martial arts combined with resistance and endurance training.

There is a Below the Belt class targeting everything below the waistline, which includes the glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings but abs even though they are above the belt.

There are also Ultimate Classes, which include Boxing and MMA, Country Line Dancing and Zumba. You can find strength training and cardio machines for those wanting to hit a full body workout. For more advanced gym junkies there’s wrestling, grappling, sparring, Muay Thai, judo and more.

The UFC Gym is a place of camaraderie, friendliness, fellowship and brotherhood where you will feel like you have everybody supporting you and will help you in your progress to becoming a better version of yourself. People know each other; they’re not isolated with headphones on but talking to each other, working out together and having a good time.

As a bonus, you get access to the kids club, a café, a locker room and personal private training.

Different Sizes of UFC Club

UFC Gym has different sized clubs, from their Signature sized clubs to the more intimate mid-box clubs and boutique studios.

The size of a typical Signature Club is 30,000 – 40,000 square feet ensuring all the equipment you could possibly need. In it, you can find a UFC-style octagon, large bag room, indoor turf, Group Fitness studio, weight room and more. These Signature clubs offer a wide array of fitness classes and your own personal training. In addition, there is, in most cases, going to be a café and a retail store.

The midsize gym offers everything you need to experience MMA fitness, offering you many different fitness classes and personal training with top-level coaches. What you’ll get inside is the bag rack, indoor turf, mat area, free weights and more. 

Prices for UFC Gym

The UFC joined forces with two organizations with business background in fitness. That led to the launch of the first UFC gym.

Anyone who has a desire to get in a better shape can join a UFC gym. It’s not just for professional MMA athletes and the prices for UFC gym are competitive which means a regular Joe can buy a membership.

Here are the prices:

One adult:

  • Initiation Fee – $0 – $200
  • Monthly Fee – $80
  • Prepay Annually – $850

Two adults:

  • Initiation Fee – $0 – $400
  • Monthly Fee – $150
  • Prepay Annually – $1600

When it comes to initiation fees, they can vary from gym to gym. Most of them will offer you a free 4-day trial which means you can give it a go and see if it’s something that fits your needs before you decide whether you want to make this commitment or not.

If you decide that this is something that you would like to get yourself involved with, you will pay the initiation fee as an individual anywhere between $80 and $200. For couples the amount is up to $400 in initiation fees and $150/month for the membership.

Some gyms offer special promotions which reduce initiation fees and for the membership you can decide whether you want to pay monthly or yearly. The prices for UFC gym can vary from gym to gym so make sure to contact your local gym for detailed information.

If you want to cancel you membership, you will have to pay no cancellation fees.

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