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Keeping Your Hair Healthy and Hydrated: Here Are Simple Ways to Do It

Hair is your crowning glory. Hair products help you improve volume, strength, and smoothness. But not all hair products could give everyone the kind of bounce and protection they expect. Often, people need to switch to a new product after a few months because of product build-up. This often makes hair dry and dull until you change shampoos.

Maintaining hair health could be challenging because weather, temperature, pollution and hair treatments won’t make it easy for everyone. But there is a way to keep your hair healthy and strong without spending too much.

Keep hydrated

Remember the eight glass a day rule? Good hydration helps your skin becomes elastic; toxins are flushed, and digestion improves. That works up to your hair. Drinking lots of water hydrates your scalp and follicles, keeping your hair moisturized.

Limit the use of heating tools

Styling tools like blowers, curlers, and hair smoothing volumizer give you that salon look without actually going there. They are convenient and portable, but they are one of the primary causes of hair damage. The harsh heat sucks out the natural moisture of your hair, leaving it limp and dry. They can occasionally use them to replace the lost moisture by applying moisture-rich hair treatments.

You could also set your hair dryer’s setting to low temperature. You could use cold air from a fan if you need to dry your hair quickly.

Shampoo less often

Shampooing your hair is necessary; however, shampooing is best if you do it everytwo to three daysunder the following conditions:

  • you have dry and brittle hair
  • you seldom go out
  • you are exposed to chlorinated water
  • your hair became dry due to hormonal changes.

However, oily hair and those with dandruff need to wash daily. If you have dry hair and tend to overwash it, it is best only to use conditioner on certain days. You could use shampoo and conditioner alternately too.

Steam appropriately

Steaming allows the hair cuticles to open up like what a warm shower does to your skin pores. It lets moisture reach the hair roots. It also works effectively with deep conditioning treatment. You could wrap a newly pressed towel or a plastic cap around your head to keep moisture in if steaming is not possible.

Use the right comb

Combing and brushing recklessly often leads to more damage, so you need to use the right tools to make combing your hair an easy task. Wide toothed combs are the best to use when your hair is wet. If your hair is thin and falling, avoid using a hairbrush as it easily entangles in the bristles and could hasten hair loss.

Use less color and chemical treatments

While rebonding and hair color treatments are cool, they also wreak havoc on your hair. Sometimes the damage is beyond repair leading to low self-esteem. Hair cuticles open during these treatments, giving you the deep conditioning your hair needs.

Opt for organic hair treatments

Organic is different from natural. Organic hair treatments are supposed to be made from plant-based ingredients without any synthetic components. On the other hand, natural treatments are not necessarily organic. They could have some amount of organic ingredients, but not enough to be called organic. They are often not regulated by the FDA. Organic hair treatments include:

  • monoi
  • argan
  • avocado
  • coconut
  • olive
  • almond

Avoid over manipulating your hair

Go easy on hairstyles. Allow your hair to hang loose and relax on some days. Tying your hair tightly causes breakage and split ends. Gently remove the tie afterward. Or, if you have to style your hair, change the style once in a while.

Watch the elements

Sun, wind, saltwater, chlorine, and dry air are the most common causes of dry hair due to frequent exposure to these elements. You could still enjoy the outdoors by wearing hats, scarves, and swim caps during summer. Deeply condition your hair after a day’s swim.

Women surely love their hair. They would do extra miles to have thick, healthy, luscious, and glorious hair. They would even spend a fortune to get that enviable hair. Unfortunately, a lot of factors prevent them from having good hair days all the time. Some of these factors are chemical-induced, while others are environmental. The good news is, there are natural ways to have shiny and well-moisturized hair. They are economical, practical, and sustainable. It only takes a lifestyle change to maintain healthy hair, so why not do it now?

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