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How to Ride an Electric Tricycle

While riding an electric tricycle is literally like riding a bike, there’s more you can do to prepare. Choosing the right model for you is key, as is getting to know your ride and taking it easy when first starting out. Whether you’re interested in learning how to ride a mens or womens electric bike or tricycle, follow these three steps.

1. Choose the Tricycle That’s Right for You

Whether you’re going to spend a few minutes or several hours on your electric tricycle, it’s important to find the model that fits you best. No rider is the same, so it makes sense to find your perfect fit. Many retailers specialize in electric bikes for short riders, for example, which can feature a scaled-down design and adjustable seats and handlebars. For riders who wish to keep their major joints relaxed and tension-free, many models feature ergonomic seats, handlebars and accessories.

When you’re looking for the electric tricycle that’s right for you, talk to the company rep about your riding criteria, including your height and stature and transportation needs or expectations. The more you can tell the rep about your riding needs and preferences, the better they can assist you. Some retailers even offer an online personal fit questionnaire so that they can share with you a selection of models for consideration.

2. Get to Know Your Ride

If you’re never ridden an electric bike – let alone a tricycle – before, it’s a great idea to learn a little bit about it. Electric bikes have two functions. The first is as a pedal-assist, which means the motor engages when you pedal, giving you some assistance. The second is full throttle, which allows you to travel without pedaling. Electric bikes typically feature a removable battery that you can charge from the comfort of your home or remote locations. Depending on the bike, it may have a rear hub or mid-drive motor and anywhere from one to 21 speeds.

To learn more about the basics of electric bikes, read manufacturers’ online literature or check out blogs on how to ride an electric bike or tricycle. There’s a lot you can learn before you ever get on your new electric tricycle.

3. Take It Easy When First Starting Out

Once you receive and set up your new electric tricycle, you’re all set to take it for a spin. For your riding debut, choose the kind of location you’re most likely to frequent, such as a paved trail or neighborhood. Choose a time when pedestrian and motor traffic is light so that you give yourself mental and physical space to practice. If, like Sixthreezero’s EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle, your ride features a rear basket, fill it with whatever you’re likely to tote around so that you can get a sense of how carrying a load feels. Spend some time getting to know your tricycle and you’ll soon be riding like a pro!

Whether you’re in the market for a mens or womens electric bike or tricycle, browse online retailers for the models that suit your stature and riding needs. To learn more, fill out a body fit questionnaire and reach out with your questions.

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