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How To Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy?

body back after pregnancy

Many women struggle with their body image after having a baby. It can be difficult to share your body for so long, then have it look completely different when you get it back. Question is, is it possible for you to get your body back after pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an incredible experience, and while the focus should be on the amazing thing your body did, logic and emotion don’t always coincide. Here are some helpful tips for getting your body back after pregnancy. 

Prioritize Skin Elasticity

Your body weight isn’t the only thing that changes during pregnancy; there’s a lot of tissue stretching as well. For many moms, stretch marks can be tough on self-esteem and cause feelings of self-consciousness. This is compounded by the experience of losing weight and exercising, resulting in more loose skin.

There are steps you can take during pregnancy to mitigate stretch marks and loose skin. Argan Oil Shop wrote about stretch-marks causes, treatments and home solutions to consider when experiencing this change. Prioritizing hydration can also promote healthy skin elasticity and help tighten your skin over time. 

Eat Whole Foods

The last thing your body and mind needs after giving birth is a restrictive diet. Rather than falling into the diet culture trap that promotes restriction, focus on addition by eating whole foods.

Try to incorporate real fruit and vegetables at all meals. These are also great for healthy snacking when your schedule is at the whims of your baby. Incorporate lean proteins, like eggs and chicken, as well as healthy fats, like avocados and nuts.

By focusing on adding healthy food, you’re less likely to notice the food that’s being replaced. Nourishing your body rather than punishing it will give you the nutrients and energy you need to reach your goals.

Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals goes hand-in-hand with a restrictive mindset. The importance of not skipping meals cannot be understated, especially if you’re nursing.

When you start skipping meals, your metabolism slows down. This is because your body can’t tell the difference between the threat of starvation and trying to lose the baby weight. If planning for mealtime is stressful, be sure to get a healthy snack to fill the gap.

Build Sustainable Habits

For some moms, it can be tempting to dive into self-improvement the moment they get the all-clear from the doctor. Even if you were able to perfect your nutrition and exercise habits before your baby, your life has just undergone a serious change.

Give yourself time to build up to where you were before. By creating small habits, you’ll be able to slowly adjust your routine, prevent injury and burnout and bring you a step closer to get your body back after pregnancy.

Start your exercise routine by trying to get out for a ten-minute walk each day. If that goes over well, bump it up to twenty. Then throw in a training session with light weights. Continue to build a foundation and grow, setting yourself up for repeated wins.

Get As Much Sleep As Possible

Sleep can seem so elusive when you have a baby. However, sleep directly influences weight management and hormonal regulation. That’s why one of the most beneficial things you can do as a new parent trying to reclaim your body is to sleep when the baby sleeps.

Yes, it can feel wrong to leave the laundry undone or to skip a workout, but sleep will be better for you in the long run.

Finally, give yourself some time. Your body underwent some significant changes, and it can be a long road back to having your body back after pregnancy. Try to keep a positive mindset about what your body is capable of and find your inner beauty. 

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