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How to become more flexible to win your wrestling match?

How to become more flexible

Flexibility in your body is a hard-earned affair in your life – earned over a period of strict adherence to a schedule of daily workout. Do you love being flexible? It will definitely help you in your wrestling match. So the question is how to become more flexible?

Fret no more, it is not rocket science and if you love and have passion for it, work out without a struggle. If you like freedom of body movement then you will fall in love with practicing without a gun pointed on your head. Go about your daily undertakings with ease.

Flexibility involves your body joint movements and the length of ligament and tendons. It will not enough to stretch and say you are flexible, you will need to add in some extra workout, pay attention to the exercises and have attention to the details of instructions given by fitness professionals and stay healthy. Of course, hydrate your body enough and be happy being the most flexible person ever. Follow along with me!

How to become more flexible routine

Stretching regimen

First of all, consult your body fitness professional, to avoid injuries and get started correctly. Your fitness consultant will evaluate your current level of flexibility by taking you through some flexibility test, he/she will outline a tailored stretches needed at your level, but go an extra mile to obtain useful information that will add value to your flexibility program. Stick dearly to your outlined exercise and make no mistake, you will get good at it!

Warm ups before stretches

It is detrimental to when your muscles are cold, the risks involved are treacherous; muscle pulls and injuries alike. Therefore, it is a good idea to schedule stretching after a routine work out, or better start a light cardio by jogging  and working for around  10 minutes . start light but dynamic stretching with lunges, toe touches , arm circles and anything else as long as you don’t remain static. Looses your joints using a foam roller, start from legs, back, glutes and then hip flexors.

Start stretching with your arms and shoulders

You can start stretching by standing or even while seated on the edge of a sturdy chair. Choose a good posture if you are starting your stretches seated. Keep your back straight, neutral and shoulder blades tucked in line with spine. Then reach to your left hand with your right hand straight across your chest, touching above the elbow until you feel a stretch. Repeat with the opposite and don’t push your hand more than it is possible to avoid injury. Hold on for more than 5 seconds while breathing deeply.

Lift one of your hands over your head and bent elbow to drop behind your head, grasp your fingers from below using the other hand if you can, if not, touch the elbow and push back, repeat with the other hand for 5 seconds or more. These exercises is also good if you are looking to strengthen your grip.

Bridge stretch your back

The bridge stretch is good for the overall body stretches, especially back and chest. Begin by lying flat on the floor with your knees 90 degrees to the floor, your feet flat and touching the floor. Press your palms on the mat as you lift your hips to form a bridge for approximately 10 seconds breathing deeply, then release to the ground. Repeat the process more than 5 times, to give yourself more challenge, raise one leg towards the ceiling. If you are looking to lose weight and have a full body workout, this exercise builds up your body core.

Butterfly stretch

Get your thighs and glutes into action while helping yourself loosen the back and neck. Sit down on the floor with leg extended. Move your feet to meet in front of you with the soles of the feet touching. Old your feet and lower your body towards the feet as you exhale and back, repeat the process severally.

Seated trunk twists

Sit down and spread your legs in front both pressed together, with your shoulders rolled back sit tall and engage your core, let your shoulder blades fall in line with your spine. On exhale, twist from waist and let the hands rest on the floor on the side you twisted to and keep your back neutral. Hold on the twist for approximately 30 seconds, then return to the centre for a few seconds and proceed to the other side, repeat for more than four times.

Swan stretch

This exercise is an adaptation of yoga and Pilates that opens up your chest and stretches your core. Start stretching by lying on the floor with the stomach facing the floor and legs extended far behind. The next steps is to bent your elbows and press your palms on the floor from either side and perform the press ups several times until you feel the stretch on your chest.

Hip and quad flexes

It is a kneeling exercise similar to lunges but extends your back leg to give stretch to your hip flexors, arm string and quads. Begin by moving one foot forward to make your knee at right angle. As much as comfortable stretch your foot until your shin is perpendicular to the floor and your knee over your ankle. Grasp your knee with your hands and press hips forward while breathing in deeply. Do hold the pose for 15-30 seconds then return to your kneeling position and repeat the same on the other side.

Daily practice

Practice regularly in the morning or in the evening or any other time convenient and be sure to remain consistent for you to realize significant changes in your flexibility. 15-20 minutes a day and 4-5 days a week is sufficient, add more days if you enjoyed the exercises.

Finally eat healthy and nutritious whole foods because they are proven to increase flexibility. Consult a nutritionist for best vetted food plan tailored for you. Keep out of sight junky food as much as you can and take controlled bites of you cannot keep them off. For this moment, be water-friendly as much as possible, set alarm to remind you after each an hour to hydrate your body and stick to the rules. I sure bet you will realize your flexibility dream coming true. Flex nerd ping me later and take care of injuries during your sessions.

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