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How Much Do Ring Girls Get Paid And How To Be One?

how much do ring girls get paid

A ring girl is a female who enters the ring between rounds of combat sport such as mixed martial arts, wrestling and kickboxing. These girls carry a sign that displays the number of the upcoming round. Although it looks like an easy job, it is actually quite stressful especially if you realizes how much do ring girls get paid.

The appearance of ring girls in sporting events such as boxing can be traced to a 1965 edition of Ring Magazine. The article ran a snippet of a girl holding a sign inside the ring at a boxing event.

Historically, the fight promoters of fights incorporated the young ladies into these sporting events and the tradition has carried on to date.

How much do ring girls get paid?

The 2019 sportseon rankings classify pay grades into 3-per match, reward and annual. Ring girls with more experience and who feature in big battles are typically paid twice-over for big title battles. These girls are paid around $8,000 for each match. Low voltage matches attract a payout of $200 for per fight.

The yearly rate varies between battle categories. Ordinary matches attract $40,000 per year and high battle matches take home $400,000 every year.

What is the role of a ring girl?

Ring girls or ring models as they are commonly known to play a very vital role in a caged sporting event. Key reasons why these girls are important in these events is that they make it visible for audiences to know the round of a battle while also providing some eye-candy effect to the fans. These girls will typically hold a sign indicating which round number is scheduled to come next. They also play a critical role in informing the TV spectators on the number of rounds that have been battled and how many more rounds are yet to go.  

What are the requirements for being a ring girl?

Besides the male fighters being the main stars of the fights, the addition of female beauties in the ring brings an added advantage to the event. Being a ring girl is a popular and desirable job to have for young girls since you are also the centre of attention in a fight ring. Therefore aspiring ring girls have to go through a lot of preparation in mind, body and attitude to qualify to be a model in a ring.

An aspiring ring model can adopt 4 key steps to have a chance to qualify to be accepted in this coveted profession.

1) Work up plenty of hours training in a gym

Being fit is a pre-requisite for this profession if one wants to be a ring model. It is important to adopt a work out regime that will result in toning your body muscles to bring out perfectly sculptured abs, conditioned arms and attractive legs. The fighters themselves are considered to be in good shape and are quite fit. Similarly, the ladies should be able to fit with this level of form to match the male fighters. The outfits selected for professional events are known to be skimpy and one has to have the body that can wear it well.

2) Take good care of your skin

When you are upfront, periodically with cameras and recordings being taken having a very attractive skin comes at an advantage. On the off chance that the unstoppable force of life isn’t your ally, working out helps drive things out of your pores when you sweat however make certain to clean the perspiration soonest possible. Likewise, remaining intensely hydrated is vital and sipping water occasionally is recommended. Also, try to keep away from salty, sugary and greasy foods. Avoid eating foods that you know you are sensitive to that have the potential to bring out skin breakouts. Consumption of alcoholic beverages should be at a bare minimum to lessen the effects of skin aggravation. Be disciplined and do as such with some restraint if you have to purify your skin wash down your skin.

3) Be ready for recruiting agencies

The agencies that recruit ring girls have specific requirements that they look for in aspiring ring girls models.

They often dictate that the young ladies must have a specific look and in so doing, require the girls to maintain a specific picture to their fans so to be considered for the position. In many cases, this implies having hair is that is in good length.

The models also have to have a specific style of cosmetics such as an overwhelming eye make- up or lipstick. The girl’s body also has to have a specific tan or natural body hue. An appealing dental formula is a must-have for that perfect smile.

If a specific agency requires certain body shapes, this might work to your potential advantage if you have all the requirements in your flair. In many cases, the agencies will have a defined body size prerequisite that they require to sign up a model.

Having an excellent marketing portfolio is a must have. Make sure that you have appealing photographs that showcase you in swimsuits and hotshots your body structure and a decent grinning headshot is a must-have. Have well-documented recordings of your body details such as your bust-midriff hips, shoe size, height, weight, eye shading, hair shading, hair length, skin shading, dress size, and age. Do not forget to have a detailed resume that outlines your print portfolio and professional references.

4) Perform a detailed search for agencies

The ideal approach to get the position is to spend time researching potential hiring agencies. After finding the agency and you get lucky and get an interview, present to the agent your portfolio. Periodically, particularly for big fights where you get the opportunity to travel, they’ll have face to face castings or decide to utilize a virtual meeting platform such as Skype for interviews. From there you move on to the next stage of earning recruitment with an agency that will place you with several fighting bodies.

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