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How Many Calories Do Squats Burn? How to Do Squats Correctly for A Sexy Body

In order to have a sexy body that everyone dreams, you may hear some advice that “Let’s go to the gym and do some Squats”. There are many gymnastic exercises and squats is one of the most popular that you can see in every training courses.

A fun fact about Squat you may not know:

Squat is the English name indicating the typical movement of the frog. The standard squat style is the two legs  open, the knees facing to the sides, and the back is straight.

But the most important part is your knees must not over the toe when your hips going lower.

Traditional Squat form
Traditional Squat form

You may wonder why this exercise can bring an amazing result for almost all people who do it? Or how much fat and calories in our body does it burn, and how to perform Squats correctly to succeed in getting an attractive body?

This article will provide you the answers to all the above questions, as well as detailed information about Squats – the most famous means of the workout.

Squats and The Way to Practise Exactly

Squat has long been a “secret” for both women and men who wish to have attractive hips. In particular, this exercise using mostly your weight to create a force that comes directly into your body for training.

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Reasons why women enjoy doing Squats

Firstly, this kind of exercises does not require you to have a high strength. People new to gymnastics can squat without too much trouble.

Secondly, there is no need to purchase heavy tools or weights. You can practice anywhere, either at home, or while traveling on the road.

Thirdly, this is an effective exercise, dubbed the “queen of exercises”. It also supports the thigh and waist muscle groups. Practicing one for three advantages, what’s more interesting?

The correct squat form
The correct squat form

Now, it’s time to show you 3 main steps to do this exercises properly:

Step 1: Stand up straight, spread your legs apart, the distance between your legs should as wide as your shoulders.

Step 2: Inhale. Stretch your back, push back your hips and butt back. The knee extends and heads straight to the toe. Try not to keep your knees over your toe to your thigh muscles and hips.

Step 3: Exhale and stand up, return to the posture in step 1. Try to do at least 20 movements without extra dumbbells.

How Many Calories Does Squat Burn?

According to  some calculations published, on average:

A man who weighs over 60 kg and under 70 kg, every minute of squats training he burns about 4 -5 calories.

In other words, a man doing this exercise can burn about 220kg calories an hour.

Thus, the groups of people who can burn the highest amount of calorie by squats movements include men, adults of the age having a rapid metabolic process.

Besides, those who practice the right movements, and breathe properly can also consume more calories than others.

Man can do squats for building muscle
Man can do squats for building muscle

Do you know Squats has more effects besides fat burning?

Squats do not only have the calorie burning ability in the top priority of the list gymnastic training, such as jogging, rope jumping, swimming … but also is one of the best muscle-building exercises.

Squats requires most muscular systems in the body to work with high intensity, so your muscles can grow rapidly.

Another point to mention is that with Squats, the body’s calorie burning process is accelerated even when you are not active because the body’s metabolism must work hard to give energy to support the body.

And you may wonder:

“Can I know exactly the amount of calories burned after each match ?”

The answer is yes. Now let’s come to the mathematical problem, as you can easily calculate the amount of calories your body burns after each Squats session.

The equation to calculate calories burned after squatting

To calculate how many calories you’ll burn when doing squats, you have to know your body weight as well as the time (in minutes) you spend exercising to investigate, and you also take into account the intensity of your squats.

The intensity as know as metabolic equivalent (MET).

Calories burned per minute = .0175 x MET x weight (in kilograms)

To know your MET value, you should check from table or estimate the value  based on your feeling during exercise.:

  • If you can squat and have a conversation simultaneously, it means you are doing the activity not hard enough, then your MET value is about 3.5
  • If you’re out of breath while doing this exercise, Then your MET value may reach to 8.0.

Some tips for Squats

In addition to the steps, you must know 3 tips when doing this exercise to avoid unwanted accident:

  • Always keep your chest up and your hips backward to make sure that your back will stay at neutral stance but still straight.
  • When your are in full squat posture, look down at your knees. If they extended your toes, correct your stance immediately to make a line above your ankles.
  • Focus on keeping force on the right muscle. Never put your body weight on your toes, it’s must be put on your hips.

There is no need to practice Squat every day. Just practice 2-3 times per week, slowly raise the difficulty level to new squat postures or squat with heavier weights.

The reason is muscled in this body area need time to recover and grow. The recovery period lasts from 48 to 72 hours.

Don’t be too impatient and practice continuously. This leads to unfortunate injuries due to excessive muscle growth. Of course, effective buttocks and muscle gains will not be guaranteed.

Do you want to know some good advice?

You should combine Squat with other fat-burning exercises because performing only squat cannot help you lose body fat. You will find excessive fat remain the same while your buttock is getting bigger and bigger, creating a heavy feeling.

The standard body is still far away when you practice incorrectly.

Diets during muscle growth should also be noticed:

Daily exercise will also be ineffective when you load thousands of kcal of energy into your body with much starch and unhealthy food.

That said, you should stay away from junk food such as pizza, fried chicken, hamburger, energy-rich drinks like soft drinks, iced coffee grind, etc.

Feel sad, right? But all of these is good for you.

When the amount of energy you take in is more than the amount you burn during the day, the excess energy will return to the body as fat. So, on top of the correct squat practice, you should have an healthy diet as well.

You should consume only fine starch such as brown rice, whole grains, easily digested white meats and lots of green vegetables for your body. All these kinds of food give you the best nutrients.

All the food type that need for your body
All the food type that need for your body

When you practice squat properly, it means your muscles in the buttocks, abdomen, banana, hamstrings, etc. are being trained.

Practicing squat correctly will helps you burn fat in your thighs, buttocks and parallel muscle development,  which create the standard of sexy body.

In addition, Squat helps prevent injuries and osteoporosis. Therefore, as well as making the body firmer, squat also offers numerous clear benefits for your health.

In conclusion

We hope that all the information above are clear and helpful for you. You can have an effective Squat training course to achieve the “sexy body” goal that you always want just by closely following our instruction.

If you find this article is useful, please share this with your family and friends. Thank you.

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