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Herbalife Distributors and Products: Frequently Asked Questions

For anyone thinking about purchasing Herbalife products or becoming a distributor for the company, there are some frequently asked questions to answer. Here are the most common FAQs to consider for a good understanding of what Herbalife Nutrition offers.

What Is Herbalife Nutrition?

Herbalife Nutrition is a nutrition company with a global reach. It offers nutrition products that are based in science. These include options for overall health and wellness, along with products that have a focus on weight management. Additionally, nutritional supplements and personal care products that are focused on a healthy lifestyle are also included. All Herbalife products and educational information are only available through independent distributors and can’t be purchased online or in stores.

What Does Herbalife Sell?

Herbalife sells many quality products, all of which are designed to help consumers live better, healthier lives. There are protein shakes for meal replacement, teas, and protein bars, along with sports hydration products, aloes, nutritional supplements, and other nutrition products. The goal of the products sold by Herbalife Nutrition is to make sure anyone who purchases these products has the quality and value they’re looking for, so they can move toward a healthier lifestyle and focus on their overall wellness goals.

Are Herbalife Products Good Quality?

All products sold by Herbalife go through a very rigorous quality control process. They’re thoroughly tested to ensure that they’re of the highest possible quality. From the way the ingredients are sourced to the security of the final packaging, Herbalife looks carefully at the science, quality assurance, and safety concerns, as well as the label design and any regulatory requirements. People who buy Herbalife Nutrition products can feel confident that they’re getting a high-quality, safe product.

Where to Buy Herbalife Products?

Products are available only through independent Herbalife distributors. These distributors are trained and educated to provide the best possible information and products to anyone who wants to make Herbalife part of their health or wellness journey. Because of the training these distributors have, they can offer personalized solutions for the people who come to them for advice and products. 

Do Herbalife Products Work?

Yes, Herbalife products work. Herbalife Nutrition products can help nearly anyone get a better balance when it comes to healthy nutrition. Millions of people around the globe are getting a better mix of nutrition in their diet and working toward better health and wellness because of Herbalife products. Every product is researched and developed with one particular goal in mind, which is to improve the nutritional habits of people around the world.

That’s done with a science-based approach to wellness, and quality, trusted products. As part of a balanced diet, Herbalife products can easily be included in a healthy, active lifestyle. By offering individual plans and recommendations, independent distributors can help more people get the specific products that are most likely to meet their needs and provide what they’re looking for. For example, 1.9 billion servings of protein shakes from Herbalife Nutrition were sold around the world in 2020.

Are Herbalife Products a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Herbalife products are a great way to move toward weight loss goals. An independent review and analysis of these products in 2020 found that people who replaced two meals a day with Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 lost more weight and more body fat than those on a control diet. These meal replacement shakes, when used as part of a healthy overall lifestyle, are one of the ways a person can lose more weight and focus on keeping it off. As part of a diet and exercise plan, incorporating Herbalife products can be a good option to lose weight as well as to ensure people who are losing weight are taking in enough protein to keep them healthy.