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10 Common Tips Having A Safe And Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy Exercise

If you have attained IVF treatment pregnancy or willing to get pregnant, you need special care for your health. At first, you need to leave all hazardous habits like drinking and smoking if you have. Also, you should avoid eating a lot of junk foods from the market.

Here are some awesome pregnancy tips that certainly going to help you to stay healthy during pregnancy period and have safe pre-natal development

Have Prenatal Vitamin

When you are even trying to conceive, you should start a regular intake of prenatal vitamins. The neural chord of pregnancy that later becomes the spinal cord and brain get developed within the first month of pregnancy.

Thus, it is very important to get folic acid, calcium, and iron since starting. The prenatal vitamins are usually available in all drug stores or also you can get them via prescription of your doctor. You can have them in the night along with light snacks. You can also try power shakes, prenatal nutrition bars, and prenatal chocolates.


Living an active lifestyle and doing exercise is very helpful for staying healthy. It reduces stress level, helps in weight control, improves circulation, boosts up the mood and helps in having better sleep. Taking classes of pregnancy exercises or having a walk for around 15 to 20 minutes in a day at col place or indoors may help you.

Exercise for Pregnancy

Yoga can also be beneficial for a pregnant lady but still, you should take prior advice of a doctor before starting any exercise. Obviously, exercise during pregnancy depends to a great extent on your fitness level, which trimester you’re in, and how you’re feeling. In any case, a fitness center is an incredible place for a pregnant lady.

One cardio machine or quality exercise does not work then you can have other exercises.

Preparing yourself for the exercise center may take additional inspiration, yet the result is quite good. Reliable exercise amid pregnancy can prevent hurts and blockage, help you rest better, and lower your danger of gestational diabetes. You may even finish up having a shorter, less stressful work.

Getting great exercises amid pregnancy will enable you to recover your body quickly after delivery as well. Pre-birth yoga reinforces your center and improves adaptability, however with its delicate movements and accentuation on breathing and reflection encourages a feeling of quiet.

In the second 50% of your pregnancy, maintain a strategic distance from overstated turns and movements that pull on your tummy, moves that expect you to lie on your back or paunch for delayed periods, and reversals like headstands and shoulder stands.

Develop a Birth Plan

You should develop a birth plan and distribute the copy of same top everyone who is involved in your delivery.

Here are some essential points that you can include in your birth plan:

  • Include the names, who you want to be present at the delivery time
  • The list of procedures you want to avoid
  • The positions you prefer for your delivery and labor
  • Enlist the special types of clothing that you like to wear
  • You may also tell about some music or any special focal point at that time
  • You may also tell about the pain medications you would like to have at that time
  • What should be done at the time of complications

Labour and delivery of the baby is the most serious task. Nevertheless, conceiving a baby is a major thing and you are going to plan the greatest movement of your life at this point and numerous moms-to-be need probably some tips for all things to go normal. Willing to do this medication free? Realize you need to get the epidural curbside at the medical clinic? Need to ensure you get that infant in your arms as quickly as time permits after the birth?

Obviously, you comprehend that all plans and inclinations may go totally out the window once things are extremely under the way. Yet at the same time, contemplating your introduction to the world, examining it with your assistant or birth assistant, and recording a couple of things ahead of time will facilitate your tension dimension and help you address your greatest concerns and should be planned a long time before.

You may also ask a few other important questions for your birth-plan as follows:

  • Do you need fetal monitoring?
  • What is your opinion about maternal monitoring (inside tests, outer tests)?
  • What is your opinion about incited labor or counterfeit crack of your films?
  • Do object to or welcome an episiotomy?
  • Do you have thinking about vacuum extraction/forceps?
  • Do you have extraordinary concerns or inclinations about cesarean conveyance?
  • Under what conditions or timing would you consider having any of these?
  • You will need medicinal techniques or natural relief for the pain.
  • Will you move during labour? What amount?
  • Okay, prefer to shower or wash amid labour.
  • What type and what amount of nourishment and drink do you need while labouring.
  • Who will cut the umbilical cord? Will you bank the cord blood?
  • How before long will you and your life partner have contact with an infant?
  • How before long will infant’s first sustaining happen, where will it occur, and who will do it?

Practice Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises help a lot in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles that support your bladder, bowels, and uterus as well. If this exercise is done correctly, it will help a lot to make your delivery easier and preventing problems at a later stage. The best thing about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere, even in a car, sitting at your desk and even standing at the grocery store-

  • Practice the squeezing as if you stop the flow of urine while using the bathroom.
  • Just hold for three seconds and then relax for three seconds
  • Repeat the same for 10 times

The other good exercises for pregnancy are:

Belly Breathing

Fortify your abs and pelvic floor now for a lenient movement and a prevent danger of incontinence later. The most effective method is to sit with your legs crossed and lower back bolstered, hands on your belly. Keeping your back shoulders still, gradually breathe in through your nose as you grow your belly. As you breathe out through your mouth, attract your abdominals, bringing your navel toward your spine.

Belly Dancing on All Fours

Get down staring you in the face and knees, wrists under shoulders and knees hip-width separated. You need to keep your back level, draw your abdominals up and in, bringing your navel toward your spine; hold, breathing typically. Then go ahead tilting your pelvis under bringing your pubic bone towards your navel. Hold and check to 5. When you complete the last rep, stand up by venturing one foot forward and pushing off your thigh with two hands.

Eat Food Rich of Folate

Apart from drinking 8 to 10 glasses water, you should also eat five to six well-balanced meals that bear plenty of folate-rich foods such as fortified cereals, asparagus, lentils, wheat germs, oranges, and the orange juices. It is needed for proper development of the neural tube of baby and creates new blood cells.

The infant needs enough calories, proteins, and supplements – both in utero and early youth – for ideal wellbeing. Here are a few things infants ought to eat amid their initial 1,000 days. Following nutrients are very essential for baby development:


A child is brought into the world with a specific measure of iron. That normally drains between 4-6 months, so it’s critical to nourish Baby sustenance that is high in iron. Around one out of 10 kids don’t get enough iron – and insufficiency can prompt peevishness, impeded social conduct, learning incapacities, discouragement further down the road, and opposite symptoms. Notwithstanding when iron lack is settled amid the initial 1,000 days, psychological impacts can last into adulthood. Therefore, it’s essential to concentrate on iron from pregnancy.


Iodine is crucial for mental health, and absence of iodine (incompletely brought about by the notoriety of non-iodized ocean salt) could disable cerebrum work.


Necessary for the cerebrum and spinal rope, folate is a key supplement amid pregnancy and after birth. Folate is found in green vegetables, a few organic products, grains, and pre-birth nutrients with folic.


Calcium is extraordinary as baby’s bones are getting to be thick. The supplement likewise advances solid teeth, nerves, muscles, and blood coagulating capacity.

Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids:

The correct sorts of fat like explicitly long-chain polyunsaturated unsaturated fats like DHA – enhances the mental wellbeing and insusceptibility. That is why a pregnant lady prefers to eat low-mercury new fish during pregnancy.

Vitamin A:

Your cells, significant organs, and vision depend on Vitamin A. Its deficiency is uncommon yet it’s a worldwide issue.

Other Nutrients:

According to Nogii, other significant supplements during the initial 1,00 days incorporate nutrient B12, nutrient B6, nutrient D, nutrient K, selenium, copper, zinc, choline, and protein.

Customize your routine

After attaining pregnancy; even daily tasks such as cleaning bathroom, pets, etc. can be riskier. Having exposure to toxic materials or coming in contact with bacteria can harm your baby.

Here is the to-do list:

  • Avoid heavy lifting objects
  • Avoid climbing the stepladders or stairs
  • Prevent the use of harsh chemicals
  • Standing for long hours, especially near a hot stove
  • Monitor Your Medications- Check your doctor prior to taking any medications, supplements or natural remedies. Even the non-steroidal drugs that are inflammatory should be avoided as it has been revealed that such drugs can cause risks for miscarriage and can damage the blood vessels of the fetus.

You may realize that a few medicines are not protected to take while pregnant; however, you may see the green light from your specialist to take Tylenol.

In any case, a recent report distributed in the Scientific Reports demonstrated that there could be results from taking the medication acetaminophen (the dynamic fixing in Tylenol), also another painkiller in a similar class as ibuprofen (the dynamic fixing in Advil), amid pregnancy.

Likewise, another investigation distributed in the International Journal of Epidemiology found that the offspring of women who took acetaminophen while pregnant had a higher danger of asthma.

Regularly track the weight gain

Regularly track the weight gain

Although, in pregnancy, a woman eat for two but gaining too much weight may be hard to lose at a later stage. At the same time, if you are not gaining enough weight, it may cause the baby to suffer from low-weight birth and may cause many development problems. There are also some guidelines mentioned for weight gain during pregnancy. Healthy weight gain is judged based on a woman’s BMI. It should be regularly monitored that weight gain is at a healthy rate.

Shop the Comfortable Shoes

During pregnancy, due to weight gain, there is a need for comfortable feet to bear the weight of the whole body comfortably. The extra pressure on the feet can be harmful or painful. It is very crucial to wear comfortable non-stretchable shoes during pregnancy. Comfortable shoes also can also help in preventing the fatigue and swelling of feet, ankles, and legs.

Increase Water Intake

During pregnancy, your blood is providing oxygen and basic supplements to your fetus through the placenta and diverting waste and carbon dioxide — which implies your blood volume increments up to 50 percent to deal with this additional action. Thus, you have to drink more water to help that blood gain. Drinking water can further help to avoid blockage, UTIs, cerebral pains, swelling, and other awkward pregnancy indications. Go for 8-10 glasses for every day, and if you feel bad to drink pure water in large quantity, try squeezing a lemon or splash of fruit juice.


Hope this above mentioned health pregnancy tips will surely help you. Apart from it, do not forget to consider with your doctor. They can guide you in the best way of examining you.

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