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Five Ways to Make CBT Work More Effectively for Depression

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More than 264 million people (of all ages) suffers from depression around the globe, stated by WHO (World Health Organization). Depression is a common mental disorder which has affected people massively despite their age group.

According to the recent study by WHO on 30th January 2020: Females are more affected by depression as compared to male. However, there are psychological and pharmacological treatments for depressions. This directs to impactful effects of cognitive behavioural therapy on depression.

In this article, you will find five effective ways to make cognitive behavioural therapy a better treatment for depression.

1.    Identification & Awareness:

CBT is the best way to aware of someone with depression disorder. It identifies the exact type of depression they are facing. CBT online can help in further diagnosing the negative or false thoughts a person might be facing leading to depression.

The identification that is created through CBT should be spread through awareness activities to make it more effective for all.

2.    Strong Thought Replacement:

After the identification phase, it is quite clear which specific thinking patterns are disturbing a person. Where CBT is the process of changing thinking patterns and behaviour, the next step is replacing the negativity with positive thoughts. CBT helps you in swapping the current false thinking with new positive behaviour or actions that generate positive vibes. These thoughts can be some past activities a person might be involved in but, has left due to depression. The stronger the good vibes, the better the thought development.

3.    Accept Changing Attitudes:

When negative thoughts are being shifted to positive ones. It impacts widely on a person’s behaviour.

An attitude refers to the set of emotions, behaviour and belief towards a specific object or situation. While attitudes are enduring, they also tend to change. This is what CBT does. It helps in changing the attitude of a depressed person. A change in attitude means a change in behaviour. ‘A behaviour is driven by an attitude’

The acceptance is needed on changing attitudes for a life-time to infuse positive and healthy vibes to conquer depression.

4.    Set Focus Should Be Kept:

CBT doesn’t relate to the past and brings it up. Instead, CBT helps in setting a clear focus on the present. Concerning depression, CBT comes with solutions to change the depressing situation. As depression is of many types, it takes different approaches to conquer it. A good psychotherapist of CBT can share small activities to overcome depression even if it hits back after the therapy treatment. CBT will help you set treatment goals that can change the depressive thoughts rather than focusing on your past or personality traits.

When the focus is maintained even after the therapy it can be far more effective and show impactful results.

5.    Practice Positive Activities

The set activities that enhance your positive behaviour should be practised more often. The CBT treatment for depression can be more effective if the activities are schedules in daily routine. Even daily devotions work well with positivity.

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