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The way we viewed this world has drastically changed during the last two decades. Technology has taken over to relieve people from manual work, but people still have less time than before. People have become much busier, and they can spare less time for leisure activities. Physical exercise is an essential element of life as it maintains your good health and prevents you from getting ill more often. Previously, people used to go out and play a physical sport like soccer or basketball, but now people have less time. To fill the gap, people now spend time around the workout machines, whether at home or the gyms.

Much like any other aspect of our life, the COVID19 has also affected people’s gym routines. The social distancing protocols dictate that people avoid crowded places, and gyms are no exception. The gyms are closed everywhere, and one can hardly find an alternative to their workout routine. There are no other options, either like playing a sport, and jogging is usually not enough for a full-body workout. People have realized that they must get some gym equipment for their homes to simulate the gym experience somewhat. This option has long-term benefits, too, as one will always have an alternative in the post-COVID19 times. Well, for this piece of writing, we gathered some of the workout equipment that you can get for your home to continue your fat-burning routine.


It is hard to imagine a gym without weights and even much less without dumbbells. Kettlebells and dumbbells are the essentials that help you with a variety of weight exercises. Strength training improves your muscle grow strong, and when applied to most body parts, your body too. Kettlebells will help you fix asymmetries, misalignments, compensations, and weaknesses in the body. They will also aid you in relieving muscle stiffness and any joint pain you might be suffering. The best thing about these two is they come in a variety of weights, and you can always switch between them depending on your exercise routine. Secondly, they are straightforward to carry around compared to other gym equipment, which might be too heavy.


If you fear burning not enough calories at home, a vertical climber should be your must-have machine for this quarantine or any stuck-at-home situation. It will provide you muscle and cardio toning, while also helping you lose the excess fat that prevents you from getting a body structure. It makes your exercise more efficient by targeting a whole range of muscles, which you usually cover in separate workouts. It is also a cheap cardio alternative if you cannot afford other electric cardio equipment.


If you miss bicycling in the neighborhood, you can always get the same experience by having a stationary bicycle at home. As the name suggests, it will stay in one place, but still provide you with all the bicycling goodness. It is also very efficient for burning calories, and you can burn up to 300 calories in an hour. It also burns your body fat while strengthening your lungs, heart, and muscles. Relative to other cardio exercises, a stationary bicycle goes easy on your joints, yet it is an excellent source of aerobic workout.


How can we forget the treadmill while talking about cardio exercises? You do not have to miss jogging anymore if you install this equipment at your house because it simulates the whole experience. It is perfect for your heart and body health while incredibly reducing insulin resistance. The treadmill puts less stress on your body than walking or running on a flat surface outside. Though losing belly fat is one of the main objectives, the treadmill helps you get rid of the more dangerous visceral fat that accumulates near vital organs and can even block arteries. Research also suggests that the introduction of a treadmill has a significant favorable impact on both physical activities and work performance.


When you are stuck indoors, you should get your hands on any cardio exercise equipment you can, and jumping rope is one such device. It is much better than jogging as 10 minutes exercise on the jumping rope is better than 30 minutes of jogging. It is a simple device with two handles attached with a cord but provides one of the best sources of cardio. You may adjust the length of the rope to suit your requirements. A study suggests that rope jumping accelerates the development of players in any sport and contributes to a variety of training.


As the name suggests, this machine simulates the process of rowing in a river or an ocean. Being such a physical activity helps you strengthen your arms, legs, chest, and glutes as you repeatedly pull a handle attached to the wheel. You strap your feet and the seat slides, giving you a very smooth movement in the exercise, which is necessary for symmetric use. The best thing is, an LCD right in front of you displays the number of calories you burned and the time you have worked out.


This system contains straps that can fit inside a desk drawer and provides you a full body workout. The whole set consists of two belts with an anchor and a looping mechanism that you can attach to a pole or a tree. You can perform many exercises, following some tutorials, that uses the tension between your body and the straps to exercise your muscles.


This equipment is a huge ball that helps you work your core and arms if you hold it during your exercise. A variety of activities are possible with this ball, like twisting, lifting, or balancing on top of it to augment your pushups. It is usually made of a textured rubber, making it much comfortable and easy to hold while exercising in hot weather conditions. This ball helps you attain balance, stability, strength, and coordination, which are some of the essential elements of a good workout.


Exercise is vital for your health, and you cannot give it up due to the pandemic that we now face. Many gym-goers are somewhat addicted to the routine, and if the gyms get closed, they need an alternative. The good news is you can emulate most of the gym exercises by installing some equipment at the house. It won’t give you a full gym experience, but still, do enough, so you do not go out of shape while social distancing.

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