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Conor McGregor Net Worth – Most Successful MMA Fighter

Conor McGregor Net worth

A professional MMA fighter, Conor McGregor net worth is over $120 million. Filthy rich, isn’t he? The said net worth includes $100 million paydays from the famous recharged and most lucrative fight on August 2017 fight with the world champion Floyd Mayweather, a fight that he lost and a 50 million dollar fight against Khabib, but a pre-tax value.

It is estimated that Conor McGregor’s career earnings are at a massive total of 235 million dollars. From June 2019, McGregor earned another 47 million dollars in salaries, purses, and endorsements. He is one of the three UFC fighters in history to have won in excess of one weight class. McGregor is known to be a MMA fighter but recently ditched the cage for the ring as a professional boxer.

In his debut fight against Floyd, although he lost the fight, there are more reasons for him to be happy than to worry. Even though he lost in this fight in history, it was the height of his career profession. After the fight, he amassed a record good amount of dollars in his fighting history, to date he has been declared the richest MMA world fighter. Conor Mcgregor net worth is now above $110 million as of 2019.

Conor McGregor Journey to Wealthy

He developed an interest in sports back in the early years while in school at Colaiste Hide in Tallaght. Before he fell in love with fighting, he was a diehard soccer fan. He started boxing when he was 12 years old, in a Crumlin Boxing club where he nurtured his boxing career.

Being raised by working-class parents, after his schooling he was apprenticed as a plumber for some time, it was during his apprenticeship program he met his friend Tom Egan now one of the UFC champions, as he underwent his training in mixed martial arts. McGregor made his debut in MMA when he was 18 years of age, where he won his first bout with Kieran Campbell by TKO.

Signed contract with UFC

UFC announced in February 2013 to sign McGregor to fight in the multi-fight contract and he became the second Irish fighter to fight for the company after Tom Egan. He fought Marcus Brimage on April 6th, 2013 where he again won by a TKO over a minute in the first round, incredible! TKO and not enough, under 1 minute of the first round!

It is not without a reason that he was awarded a Knock out of the Night Award. It was from that moment that his fighting career went up to the peak. He is known for his wide-stance striking and a range of combat forms which has made him among the top 10 fighters to beat.

Ever since then his career kept rising high up the ladders to become a UFC foreign-born superstar. He is well recognized in Ireland and you won’t be surprised to pop in a wall with his mural painting, a sign that he has a massive support of fans even from his motherland.

Conor McGregor Net worth – Paydays

On 11th July 2015, Conor McGregor earned 5 million dollars in his fight against Chad Mendes at UFC-189 where he won the fight. He then defeated Jose Aldo on December 11th, 2015 and earned himself a massive 12 million dollars within 3 seconds of the first round fight. On March 5th, 2016, Conor McGregor bagged himself a minimum of 10 million dollars and a maximum of $15 million in his fight against Nate Diaz at UFC-196, in the rematch, at UFC-202, he coined $25 million again, what a sterling performance from Conor!

He fought again with Eddie Alvarez in 2016 and won impressively which earned him $7 million. His fight with Khabib in October 2018 earned him a tremendous $50 million bucks, I think the highest payday for him in record history. His total UFC earnings to date are roughly 115 million dollars.

McGregor vs Mayweather Earnings

August 26th, 2017 was a long-awaited day for many, fans and non-fans alike, many stuck glued to their TV screens as they wait for the ticking clock counting down to the start of the match. Others streamed live the match on their cell phones via YouTube and many stayed late in the clubs and bars for the sole reason, the match!

It finally came and McGregor showcased prowess in the ring, unfortunately, he did not win the match against unrelenting Floyd Mayweather the champion. The fight alone generated over 4.3 buys. Conor earned himself though more than 100 million dollars between concessions, royalties, and bonuses. He coined approximately 85 million dollars net worth from the fight with the world champion Mayweather. He also bagged over $14 million in endorsement with companies like Beats by Dre, Burger King and Anheuser-Busch.

If Conor had won the match against Floyd Mayweather against all odds, a rematch would have been triggered which would turn into an anticipated massive payday for him in the tune of 200 million dollars to roughly $300 million.

Another big deal announced by Conor on 20th September 2018 was the deal with UFC, although the terms of the contract did not feature much in the press releases but anticipated to be in the tune of 200 million dollars.

Conor McGregor Retirement from the UFC

Conor sent out a heart-throbbing cryptic tweet on March 25th, 2019, concerning his retirement from MMA to focus on his business ventures. If he is retiring as he claims, he is going home having total career earnings of about $235 million, one of the best performer in the world of MMA fighting.


  • April 2006 – shows interest in MMA
  • February 2007 – debut fight MMA
  • March 2009 – debut professional fight MMA
  • December 2015 – fastest UFC TKO
  • August 2017 – entered professional Boxing debut with Mayweather
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