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A Comprehensive Review Of Bowflex Dumbbells

Bowflex Dumbbells

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you must be using dumbbells. They are small but effective pieces of weight training equipment. Not only stimulating your muscles, but dumbbell exercises also improve endurance.

The thing is, real benefits only come with a proper dumbbell. Otherwise, the wrong and dirty-cheap tool will limit your progress or even cause pain to your arms.

Among a large number of producers of exercise tools, Bowflex dumbbells are my favorite. So, in this article, Strefit will give you an overview of this brand and give an as detailed as a possible review about dumbbells of Bowflex.

Bowflex dumbbells are popular for working out at home
Bowflex dumbbells are popular for working out at home

Get To The Root Of Dumbbells

What Is A Dumbbell?

It is an exercise device for free weight practice with the shape like a miniature barbell. It has a bar with two weights at each end.

A dumbbell is for exercising each hand independently, meaning you raise it with one hand at once. You can combine dumbbell lifting with other workouts. For example, swat press and arm raising are a perfect combo for the whole body development.

This fitness equipment is commonplace not only in gyms but also at home. It is compact, space-saving, and very beneficial to your routines.

Variations of Dumbbells

Nowadays, there are three dominant types of dumbbells available.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are what you can see in almost all fitness centers. The distinctive feature of this type is the metal bar with a knurling pattern at the center portion. The design aids a tighter grip and prevents slipping off.

Weight plates are on the outward, secured by some collars or clips attached at both ends. You can adjust the total weight of adjustable dumbbells by demounting the collars and changing the number of plates.

Fixed-weight Dumbbells

As the name suggests, you can’t modify the heaviness of this model. It is a solid, heavy duty substance shaped like a dumbbell.

Cast iron is often used to make this workout tool due to the cost-effectiveness. However, the handling is uncomfortable, so manufacturers often add an outer coat of rubber and neoprene to soften the exterior.

Concrete with a plastic shell can also be the material for fixed-weight dumbbells. But you shouldn’t choose this version. It is fragile and will not last long.

Selectorized Dumbbells

This is an upgraded version of adjustable dumbbells. Instead of adding and removing the weight plates by hands, you have a special stand for adjustment. Simply rest the selectorized dumbbell in its rack, then twist the dial or the selector pin, you will have the weights changed.

The rack for these dumbbells also acts as smart storage for the unnecessary plates. This small feature is important if you work out at home since you will never want your children to play around these heavy things.

How Dumbbells Promote Muscle Growth

Like other tools, dumbbells follow the mechanism of using the muscular force to oppose gravity. When you lift them repeatedly, your muscle works against the natural force.

The repetition is the most crucial thing to achieve the best results. The more you lift, the better your strength grow. But if you are trying too hard, you will damage your ligament.

Besides, you should take into account the entire weight, the exercise types, tempo, sets …

Also, you need to practice in proper form, making movements with appropriate muscles. This not only helps your body develop symmetrically but also avoids unwanted accidents and injuries.

Bowflex Dumbbell Review

A Brief Introduction Of Bowflex

Bowflex first appeared in the market more than 30 years ago. Bowflex is now one of the most prestigious suppliers of training tools with a larger product range for all parts of the body.

Humans at Bowflex are fitness experts, ex-athletes, beginning gymers and many ordinary people. That’s why their products meet the need for both professional and home exercising.

Despite considerable progress since 1986, dumbbells are always the leading products of the company. Bowflex dumbbells are among the worthiest to buy for getting in good shape.

Reasons For Choosing Bowflex Dumbbells

Exclusive Dumbbell Style

Bowflex calls its dumbbells the Selecttech. It is selectorized dumbbells equipped with the cutting edge technology. The unique dial, the star of the modern locking mechanism, enables you to pick up exactly the weight to your liking while leaving behind what you don’t prefer. It works the same as a safe’s tumbler. There are numbers marked on the dial’s face at each end of the dumbbell.

A bracket helps to attach the plates to the handle. It holds them upright for easier weight changing.

Premium Materials

Bowflex dumbbells are built from high-quality steel. It is sturdy and able to endure all kinds of conditions. There is a layer of injection-molded plastic to coat around the weight plates to reduce clanking or clattering.

The plastic covering is useful to stop the solid steel weights from scratching the floor or any surface they may touch. You can also ward off corrosion rust due to sweat.

Tremendous Weight Range

If you think dumbbells grant limited weight plates, Bowflex dumbbells will prove you wrong.

Some models of the Selecttech can adjust from 2 kilograms (approximately 5 pounds) to 41 kilograms (equal to 90 pounds). This seems to be the widest weight range of dumbbells on the market.

Smart dials for easy adjustment
Smart dials for easy adjustment

Plus, there are up to 16 weight levels. It is super easy to find out ideal heaviness for your workout routine and your body condition. Bowflex is generous when facilitating the extra micro-increments so that you can get the most accurate setting.

Value-added Features

Confident with the products, Bowflex offers a 2-year warranty policy for most of the dumbbells. The guarantee period is subject to geographical changes, but it is still a long time for a home use equipment.

The company guarantees that you will see the fitness results after six weeks, or else, they will give you a refund. That’s impressive.

Also, if you don’t know to schedule your fitness routine, Bowflex app is with you. It’s a personal trainer on your smartphone to give you tips, techniques, and full body training programs. Each model of SelectTech dumbbells is developed with a different workout plan. It is an excellent way to support your progress and keep the company’s promise of 6-week improvement.

Downsides Of Dumbbells By Bowflex

Extra Large Size

Compared to the other models, Bowflex exercise equipment is much bigger. Women may find it pretty challenging to use the dumbbells because of the large size.

Wobbly Dumbbell Case

There are some reports about the unstable stand which makes it difficult to put the dumbbell back. Bowflex claims that this situation results from loosening screws. So all you need to do is to tighten them up.

Considerable Cost

Bowflex dumbbells are nowhere near affordable. You are not likely to own a new pair of SelectTech at less than $500. It is much more expensive than other counterparts. Still, with a lot of utilities, that high price is understandable.

To Sum Up

Bowflex dumbbells are not flawless. Still, what they offer far outweigh what they lack. Therefore, SelectTech fitness equipment has earned many renowned prizes in terms of design and fitness.

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Great characters and excellent amenities are what you can find in Bowflex dumbbells.

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