Best Wrestling Shoes 2019 A Rookie Guide to buy Wrestling Shoes

How to tie wrestling shoesHow to tie wrestling shoes

Wrestling is a unique sport that requires lots of muscles and strength to perform. It is one of the most critical competitive sport that has millions of fans and player around the world.

Thanks to the uniqueness and distinctions, wrestling demand specific gears to come with it. Shoes are one of the requirements.

Wrestling shoes are one of the vital parts a wrestler is in need. The right shoes give the wrestlers confidence on the stage. They are designed mainly for wrestling only in term of traction level, mobility, and flexibility.

No matter at what level you are in wrestling, don’t underestimate the importance of your shoes; it may be the crucial factor that determines your winning.

Since wrestling shoes are not like any casual shoes, the way you choose it is evaluated by complete different elements.

Come with us today to check the best wrestling shoes in the market and everything you need to know before going shopping.

In detail, we will also explain the features inside out to let you know what makes a quality pair of shoes attached to the buying guide. You should be able to tell the best pair of shoes that fits you the most.

What are the best wrestling shoes

What are the best wrestling shoes 2019?

Greetings to all wrestlers who are reading this. In order to gain the most out of your strength in the match, apart from the power comes from your muscles, shoes support you in holding your whole mass and force against the floor using its traction.

In other words, it is the anchor point that grips down and assists you to push and pull. A quality pair of wrestler shoes should qualify flexibility, lightweight, and high friction. One more vital factor is the support from the shoes to your ankle to be able to nail you down accurately.

It is more than perfect if you can afford expensive shoes as they guarantee everything a wrestler needs. However, some starters are in need of budget shoes that give enough qualities they can entrust in each match.

Specific performances in wrestling such as holds, throws, and takedowns rely a lot on the support of the shoes.

Therefore, here are some parts of the shoes you need to look at when considering your first wrestling shoes.


Wrestling shoes are meant to wrap your feet snugly. Or it should fit and hug your foot like a sock. Nicely fitting shoes affect your movements and speed. They are supposed to mold and conform to stretch along your size.

As you move, this flexibility allows freedom contributes to your fast motions. Hence, wrestling shoes are usually purchased in half size of regular shoes because you want them to be as tight yet stretchy as socks.

Loose shoes are enemies to wrestlers. Imagine you would slide up and down in the big shoes that will limit your speed.

Too big shoes eliminate the traction you want to gain and distract you from the game. What’s worse is flying off shoes can make you slip and cause injuries to your back and knees.

The point is to make the shoes a part of your body; you should feel like having your barefoot on the mat so you can feel free to pivot.

Choosing a suitable pair of shoes doesn’t mean you will try out the most comfortable one at first, but you need to find the one that is tight and don’t upgrade the size if you feel like you can tolerate the embrace.

Because your shoes will loosen after a few wearings; it absorbs your body humidity and will learn to stretch out to your size. Although this concept is a good start, don’t go for too tight shoes that are not able to handle your feet.

After the break-in period, you want your shoes not to stretch too far from effectiveness. Heavyweight wrestlers should go for a less tight pair of shoes because they rely on their upper body’s strength more than the flexibility on the feet. But lightweight wrestler should pay more attention to this because flexible shoes enable you to maneuver quickly.


Soles are separated into two distinctive categories: insoles or uni-soles and split soles. These types apply for the class of wrestler you want to play as.

Split soles

This type favors experienced wrestlers from Olympians to college wrestlers and privileged people in the wrestling food chain. The name suggests it have one split in the bottom that divides two parts of rubbers on the sole mimicking your bare foot.

It benefits lightweight wrestler to have the incredible flexibility to plant on the mat. The speed now is a critical matter that makes you the loser or winner. In a match, every bit of quickness is counted to your victory; so, the advantage of split soles has a role to play.


Or non-split soles you can call it. This option is particularly designed for heavy wrestlers of which consists of only one piece of rubber in the bottom.

But they are meant to last longer than the split ones because they opt to bear the mass and power impact from above. They offer less flexibility but durability suitable for heavy wrestlers.

In a match where you compete for strength, quickness is a minor element; you will need a pair of shoes that have significant endurance so as not to detach in the middle of the battle.

**Spiked soles

This type of soles is not recommended for beginners because they affect your balance negatively though it provides good gripping to the mat. Despite that, spiked soles should not cause severe problems for experienced wrestlers but additionally offer better traction.


Lighter shoes are always in favor of most wrestlers. The shoes you choose should be made of leather, nylon or mesh to provide lightweight and durability. These materials are said to enhance not only your flexibility but also comfort and speed.

Mesh is known for its breathability that will ventilate your shoes. Since stress and strain from wrestling will make you sweat, breathable material on the upper side air outs the humid and leaves no trace of moisture that causes bacterial growth and bad smell.

Mesh material is the preferable choice of lightweight wrestlers for working out in the hot gym during tournaments. Mesh is a light material brings in the most flexible shoes benefit in fast motions.

Leather is designated to heavyweight wrestlers thanks to its durability. The material is warmer which is ideal for cold-body people. The leather is trusted for its endurance in the long run.

Synthetic materials are used to manufactured budget shoes that satisfy most criteria for flexibility, breathability, and durability.

They basically attempt to copy the true feel of leather. These materials are synthesized in the form in nylon or polyester. They can be produced in combination with mesh.

Ankle support

You wouldn’t notice how important this feature is at the beginning but you soon will. Ankle support helps your stand firm on the mat with assistance to your feet and legs. It is the key to keep you from injury and provide more leverage while you are matching.

There is only one way to test out if the shoes give you appropriate ankle support. Try the shoes on and see if it hugs your feet tight but leaves a pleasant feeling around the ankle.

Do not pick the ones that are too constricting. You can perform a few jumps to see if the shoe loosens off your ankle and roll down even just a bit.

The tip is to go for high tops with high ankle to prevent your ankle from sliding off. Old and heavyweight wrestlers find this support invaluable because they know ankle is a place that takes a lifetime to heal once it gets injured.

Therefore, it is advisable to buy shoes with added protection for ankle if you want to avoid the chronic pain in the future.

Low tops, on the other hand, are popular for wrestlers who want speed and agility. In exchange, you will risk your balance and be likely to fall forward. If you have no ankle issue in the past, you can give the low top a try then switch if you find it inappropriate.


The rubber bottoms are created by all means to provide as much traction as possible. When wrestlers perform on the mat, they want the shoes to keep them from sliding around.

Heavy and light wrestlers require a different pattern of traction. Heavyweight athletics want the patterns that allow executing power in holds and throws, whereas lightweight wrestlers expect good traction to move around quickly without slipping.

V-Traction: this shape of traction on the soles have little ridges form a V allows the shoes to stick to the mat. These tread patterns support heavyweight wrestlers who focus on strong attacks to deliver movement more effectively.

Circular traction: this type gives a fly to lightweight wrestlers; they can move from here to there without worrying about slipping over.

Design and color

Style doesn’t seem to attract wrestlers when they come to buy a pair of wrestling shoes, but a good-looking pair is better than a plain style.

Nowadays, manufacturers have caught the trend and brought more color and design concepts to their shoes. If wrestling shoes in the past only appeared in mere black and white, they now come in vivid colors.

Brands place their logos on the side of the shoes, and they dye the materials with creativeness. Wearing colorful shoes is a way to tell the world that wrestling is not all about hard-core brawny attack.

The shoe design seems to maintain its origin in term of shape. You may notice there are different styles in the neck, tongue, and lace. Since wrestling has grown and gained popularity, it is understandable wrestlers demand more distinctions in their apparels.

How much are wrestling shoes?

Like all types of goods, wrestling shoes have their price ranges vary on the quality and branding.

Let’s see the private labels which produce wrestling shoes sell their items at what price tag.


It’s undeniable about the quality of shoes from Adidas. Their wrestling shoes usually fall into the range from $90 to $250. They feature the neon series and those shoes obviously have a higher cost.

You can wait for the clearance sale when they offer bargain deals to save you some extra.


“Right footwear and clothing are essential for performance maximization” – motto by Otomix.

This guy provides abundant deals for sports gears. Their price tags are unbelievably for tight account people from $10 to $129. At that range, you need to be a bit picky for any choice from the brand.


Wrestler shoes from Nike can be personalized with extra cost. The cheapest shoes Nike offers are as low as $75, or you can spend a few hundred bucks for the top-quality shoes.

Nike also provides series for the youth to encourage the entry level. The collection has reasonable price tags for shoes with excellent durability. However, the juveniles will out-grow the size of these shoes and soon will have to replace new ones.


Parents who have kids pursuing wrestling sport should consider Asics for its growing category. With years of experience producing wrestling shoes, Asics knows the demand of this field thus provides durable yet comfortable shoes to the market.

Their collection breathes bright colors, or metallic hues attract young folks to score their style. Asics offers from budget price tag to medium class shoes about $75 to $190.

Purchasing any product from Asics, you get the free shipment.

Other brands

Less popular labels like Shimano, Matman, Rhino Sideswipe, or Shimano, they are all around the sports mart and online shopping platform.

You can start with budget shoes then go for an upgrade later. You can browse the multi-brand website to have some reference first hand. It is suggested that you should try physical items on to make sure they fit you perfectly.

Top rated Wrestling Shoes

Asics wrestling shoes

ASICS Matflex 5 GS

Asics has a quaint leap to be one of the top manufacturers for wrestling shoes recently. This Asics Matflex 5 is available in 3 color schemes decorated with the typical stripes of the brand.

[img_products img_code=”71txjYogaOL” alt=”Asics Matflex 5″ star_class=”star-4″ code=”B00U8ZWTRE” reviews=”149+”]

The shoes have the sole covered fully with rubber concerning generating the ultimate friction. The high top plays a role in protecting your ankle.

This pair of shoes represents the perfect choice for entry level, is specifically designed for kids from 8 to 12 years. Circular patterns in the sole suffice traction for the athletic.

The shoes are made of 100% synthetic material. Thus, it is lightweight, easy to pivot and has admirable traction. You can find a lace garage to keep the lace from falling off while interacting.

In case you buy these shoes for your toddlers, don’t hesitate to add one number to the size because your kids will grow in the nick of time.

Not only wrestlers can benefit from these shoes, but also the gymnastics. In the mean of exercise shoes, you don’t need it to be too tight. Order the shoes one size up to provide the most comfort.

No doubt this pair of wrestling shoes is one of the most popular shoes not only new wrestlers choose, but also ordinary people who admire the design of them.


  • Stylish looking
  • Split soles with circular patterns ideal for beginners
  • Protective high tops
  • Budget shoes


  • Synthetic material is not as durable as expected

[link_af code=”B00U8ZWTRE”]

ASICS Aggressor 4 Men’s Wrestling Shoes

This pair of shoes has been around since 2009 and still maintaining its top position among veteran wrestlers.

Inherits the durability from its previous version, Aggressor 4 has a major change to improve its endurance in harsh condition.

[img_products img_code=”61hb8uE4qDL” alt=”Asics Aggressor 4 men” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B079QR3ZNF” reviews=”20+”]

The shoes are available in 6 combinations of colors. The enhanced soles are something we care about in this 4th release which they call the Duosole non-split soles that provide maximum friction on the mat. You would feel confident in any movement.

The next thing to entrust in these shoes is the cutting-edge technology used in the improvement of materials.

Premium sources deliver the upper body breathable yet flexible characteristics that can hardly find in any product in the same range.

The brilliant design also brings ankle protective pads and lace storage that mark up its versatility.

There is not much to complain about these shoes, maybe except for its hardness at the first use. But the stretchiness should expand to your size in no time.


  • Maximum grip comes from the Duosole outsole
  • Lightweight of 8.4 ounces
  • Superior quality fabric
  • Breathable mesh tongue


  • Hard soles

ASICS Men’s Cael V7.0

This is the pair of shoes you should wear in your victory arena. The advanced shoes are created for Cael Sanderson, the Olympic champion. Its commercial version has all the features to bring you success on the ring.

[img_products img_code=”81DajlI21aL” alt=”asics men cael v70″ star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B01MXEHBWP” reviews=”249+”]

The fabulous shoes use Ecsaine synthetic leather in the upper body provides optimal breathability allows flexible motions. Moreover, the Cael signature shoes focus on giving less stress in term of comfort and stability. You can remain your balance even at the first use.

The split soles of V patterns guarantee superb traction. Ankle support comes with cushion pads with ventilating holes.

The 7th version has a less bulky tongue leaving no hassle attached with a lace garage to tuck lace in; you never have to worry about tripping on the shoe-laces.

These shoes are not only cool in the match, but also eye-catching for a casual pair of shoes. If you are concern about its elasticity, take a few walks to get the shoes learned your size.

Otherwise, its decent features have offered enough for high confidence and the optimization of your performance on the mat.


  • 100% synthetic leather
  • Superb traction from the split soles
  • Breathable mesh tongue
  • Reasonable price
  • Stylish knitted signature of Cael Sanderson on the back
  • Lightweight


  • The tongue can stick out far
  • Not suitable for heavyweight wrestlers

ASICS Men’s Matflex 5

This is an adult version of the Matflex 5 from Asics. Its enhancement compares to the kid edition is the use of synthetic textile to give even more breathability to the fabric.

[img_products img_code=”81DUO6ppq5L” alt=”Matflex 5 from Asics” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B00Q77UPBY” reviews=”799+”]

You can expect the Matflex 5 to have a comfortable level hugging your feet as the socks do.

These shoes don’t need the use of ventilation holes to dry the moisture, but the mesh material has done the business. Textiles are applied to most of the upper body to cool the inside as quick as possible.

Motions are supported with premium elastic fabric that will adapt to your feet’s measurement. There will be no hassle wearing this one size down unless you choose the too tight dimensions.

The one-piece rubber outsoles with circular traction are kept on this grown variation provide exception gripping. Asics also brings the lace garage technology to store the shoelaces neatly in the sticker.

Apart from being ideal for wrestlers, the Asics Matflex 5 shoes are promoted to weightlifters who tend to put colossal mass onto their feet. The rubber bottom gives excellent traction while durable material wouldn’t get torn under weigh and force.

The interesting thing is the manufacturer offers a bright color model with flourishing soles for feminine wrestlers or female athletics.


  • Durable material
  • Solid rubber soles
  • Reasonable price for entry level
  • Versatile lace storage


  • Easy to go wrong on sizes

Asics Men’s Aggressor 2

The manufacturer has discontinued the second version in the series of Aggressor but you can find them in stock in the stores and online malls.

[img_products img_code=”81i8ZzO6xRL” alt=”Asics Men’s Aggressor 2″ star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B00GY6G97C” reviews=”389+”]

Many heavy wrestlers have credited the Aggressor for its build of a tank. Its durability is a myth that can go through hours of brutal performance and bear the abuse of weight without being torn in a short time.

The Aggressor 2 is in the high-top collection that offers appreciated ankle support. Its standing-out neck has a sticky strap to hold the laces from falling off. The Velcro straps also prevent the laces from tangling up in the middle of actions. The embroidery logo is classy but very stylish.

The use of 100% Ecsaine textile makes this pair of wrestling shoes dry-quick yet soft and fitting units.

The highlight of these shoes falls into the V-shape rubber soles that spread its way to both sides to form the rubber sidewall providing firmer grip at any angle.

The Asics Aggressor 2 has about twelve color schemes suitable for both genders.

The only people with no arch on the feet may complaint is that the entire inner bottom is flat making it inappropriate for daily gym folks.


  • Popular wrestling shoe series
  • Built for professional matches as well as entry level
  • Sidewall traction
  • Powerful gripping outsole


  • The color on the toes can fade

Adidas Wrestling Shoes

Adidas Men’s Adizero Wrestling

Adidas has improved on the previous model while retaining all the great features onto the new version. The upgrades are all about durability, stability, and style.

[img_products img_code=”81LCqAX73uL” alt=”adidas men wrestling” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B0117T6MMM” reviews=”119+”]

The single layer mesh upper has a tighter stronger form, and the stitching along the outsole issue has been reinforced for added grip-resistance.

But the shoes still employ that broken appeal all wrestlers love, not to mention the superior flexibility, breathability, and fashion that come with the all-mesh upper.

The high writing tongue isn’t there to look pretty; there is a lace pocket to keep the strings out of the way.

The improvement in the outsoles is all about grips and controls. The sole is in hybrid design or a combination of speed and fraction. On this model, the grip has been extended to ride higher up the heel and forefoot.

The grip strip connects the two parts for adding controls when transitioning between heel and forefoot; in addition, it provides superior grip in any position.

These shoes are for aggressive wrestlers who want support and durability while still maintaining speed and flexibility.


  • Breathable mesh pattern
  • Comfortable fitting-form
  • Intensive gripping in the outsoles
  • Simple and pretty design


  • Back seams on the heel can come off
  • Expensive

Adidas Men’s Mat Wizard David Taylor Edition

David Taylor Magic Man has put into this design more amenities and fashionable elements. A few noticeable features include the mesh ventilated side panels. In term of style, the Magic Man has the inch-squared logo on the back.

[img_products img_code=”81XGf5%2B2BXL” alt=”Adidas David Taylor Magic Man” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B074HX51WN” reviews=”40+”]

The tongue on the shoes is somewhat thin, similar to its original Varner. It doesn’t have a lacing closure, so you will need to use tape if you want to keep the laces in place.

The bottom is covered with grip and traction rubber in the entire sole. The one-piece outsole offers ultimate gripping to the mat. This sole extends to the sides to enhance your stance on the incline position.

The upper with breathable mesh is in contact with synthetic fabric optimizes the performance and flexibility.

The addition of die-cut midsole increases the chance to take the upper hand and hold the initiative.


  • Solid bottom
  • Suitable for weighing training
  • Versatile for boxing and weightlifting
  • Trendy design and color scheme


  • Durability issue

Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4

Our designated runner of the best wrestling shoes. The first model of this line dated back in the 1970s and has just come back recently.

[img_products img_code=”71Nln6Ds2ML” alt=”adidas wrestling combat speed 4″ star_class=”star-4″ code=”B00C2LQ4T6″ reviews=”509+”]

The use of mesh leather in the upper with suede parts makes the shoes breathable. The fitting-form offer the feel of socks more than shoes. The snug fit provides incredible support for ankles.

Single soles with circular traction ensure all the grip needed to perform the winning throwdowns.

Integrated TPU 3-stripes in the side panel provides more safety for the ankles and add more protection to the support.

The shoes promise comfort thanks to the midsole of die-cut EVA only found in Adidas shoes. This footwear has the tight form to hug your foot nice and comfortably, giving you all the freedom to move with speed.

It’s unbelievable that this 4th version pair of shoes comes in 24 color options that convince both stylish wrestlers and casual shoe followers.


  • Incredible ankle support
  • High flexibility
  • Outsoles of great traction
  • Die-cut EVA midsole optimized comfort
  • Breathable single mesh layer


  • Confusing size chart
  • Expensive for budget starters or young wrestler

Nike Wrestling Shoes

NIKE Men’s Hypersweep Wrestling Shoes

These wrestling shoes from Nike is in the high-end category. The feature that most professional wrestlers love is the Hyperfuse upper with large mesh for super quick air circulation.

[img_products img_code=”71%2BK6cuOurL” alt=”Nike hypersweep wrestling shoes” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B0764GFDDF” reviews=”1+”]

Besides feeling the most comfort offered by the high-quality synthetic fabric, there will be less concern about moisture which is the foremost cause of blisters on your foot. This material will dry fast and leave your feet cool al all time.

Nike brought the famous Dynamic Flywire technology into these shoes with extreme practical ankle support to lock down your feet yet giving freedom to move without reluctance.

The non-split soles have round patterns extends traction while the use of less rubber than standard wrestling shoes weighing the items down without any sacrifice of the gripping level. It moreover provides exceptional flexibility for pivoting.

It even arrives the mixture of university colors with patterns of the American flag for the proud players. It should be the price that bothers starters if there ever exists any complaint about these shoes, though it seems not quite reasonable because you get what you for.


  • Hyperfuse upper with ventilated mesh holes
  • Super-fast dry
  • Dynamic Flywire technology supports speed
  • One-piece rubber for lighter shoes


  • There seems to be no problem found so far with these shoes.

NIKE Hypersweep Mens 717175-410

If you want something extremely out of the ordinary, Nike always has the best deal. The Nike Hypersweep Mens is the shoes mean for wrestling.

[img_products img_code=”71Xy0lC2xLL” alt=”Nike Hypersweep Mens” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B07457LQCZ” reviews=”149+”]

It’s got the unusual lace organizing that stretches to the side forming an exceptional look but not bothering its versatility. Running to the toe is the Nike logo that will flash when you take a picture.

The shoes make use of 100% synthetic leather for the upper with ankle support on the high top. The mesh layer gives the shoes the ability to breathe out heat from the inside thus dries your shoes quickly from moist.

These shoes give a comfortable feel like wearing mere socks. There is a lace store on the tongue for you to hold the lace strings.

Single soles with less use of rubber make them light shoes benefit in maneuvering. Circle patterns in the bottom add more traction to give you more confidence in any gruel match.

The rubber furthers to the sides to grip in when you are not on the flat angle; this makes sure that you won’t slip even you lose the balance on the heels and sides.

All in all, Nike has their reason to charge this pair of shoes at the uneconomical price tag. Nonetheless, these are the high-end shoes for long-term wrestlers. If any beginner can afford it, don’t mind open your wallet.


  • Excellent traction from unisole rubber bottom
  • Incredible flexibility and stability
  • Cool-looking shoes


  • Pricey


What size wrestling shoes should I get
What size wrestling shoes should I get?

1. What size wrestling shoes should I get?

There wouldn’t be any universal answer to this question because it really depends on your preference and level.

Professional wrestlers prefer their shoes to be snug, but this idea doesn’t apply to people who are growing. In the case of your feet are getting big, you can buy shoes with a number up to leave some room.

Foot shape is one factor that matters your shoe size. Since wrestling shoes tend to have a narrow width, some shoes will irritate your foot arch due to its flat inner sole.

To escape this issue, you should go for shoes that offer arch sole inside to cushion your curved foot side.

Pay attention to the size chart of each brand because not all of them uses the different size system. Asics and Adidas share the same size chart. So, it is best to go one or half size larger than your regular shoes.


How to choose the best wrestling shoes

2. How to choose the best wrestling shoes?

Choosing the best wrestling shoes relies primarily on your budget and need. Though, purchasing the most expensive shoes doesn’t mean you have the best shoes.

The best shoes are shoes that give you the most comfort and support. High-end shoes usually sell their features alongside with brand. Therefore, if you want shoes with reasonable price for features that really work, consider these elements:

Material: leather usually costs more than a synthetic fabric. Both give elasticity.

Soles: insoles for heavyweight wrestlers and split soles for lightweight wrestlers.

Ankle support: high tops give more protection to your ankle than low tops which allow free air.

Traction: V-shape enables powerful wrestler to focus on strength while circular traction distributes more flexibility.

Style: customized shoes are more expensive, but there are shoes available in plenty of color schemes.

Price tag: from $20, you can have a valid pair of wrestling shoes. But beware of the quality.

3. Where to buy wrestling shoes near me?

You should be able to find wrestling shoes in local sports stores. There are chains of sporting goods suppliers around the country. Their stores offer seasonal deals and frequent clearance sales.

Where to buy wrestling shoes near me

Here are some reputable stores we entrust:

Academy Sports + Outdoor: this brand has their stores cover across America. They have a large stock of selections that you can always find something here.

Dicks Sporting Goods: this giant retailer should be the alternative to look for what you want when Academy don’t carry them. In most town, there should be a Dicks store. A good pick when you want your wrestling ready within the day.

Wrestling Mall: you can find almost everything about wrestling in this store that has a base in Southern California. They have a huge impact in promoting wrestling to the public. Of course, they have a well-curated website updates deals and offers.

4. Where to buy wrestling shoes online?

The Internet allows shopping never more convenient. Though the point of wrestling shoe shopping is always about trying the shoes on to have the right feeling, online stores are not a bad idea for buying your footwear.

Where to buy wrestling shoes online

Check out these reliable online suppliers trusted by most wrestlers:

Amazon: Needless to say about how enormous the stock of Amazon. They provide buyers with every piece of information, reviews from past buyers and excellent customer service. Merchants on Amazon sometimes offers models that discontinue on the market.

Eastbay: this retailer is famous for their return policy. They offer 100% satisfaction if your shoes don’t fit, you can return for a full refund.

eBay: as large as Amazon, eBay offers a wide range of sellers and items from old to new. You just need to be aware of scammers that may send you false products.

5. How to clean wrestling shoes?

Taking care of your shoes has never been a waste task. It benefits in not only extending the lifespan of your shoes but also in preventing bacterial growth which may invade through torn wounds.

How to clean wrestling shoes
How to clean wrestling shoes

You will need to prepare some hot water in a basin, shoes cleaning solution (we don’t recommend using detergent, soap or any bleaching chemical), and a soft cloth.

Use the washcloth to rub the dirt, do this in a circular motion and don’t put too much force. Leather should be easier to clean than fabric. Make sure that you don’t wet all your shoes, or the moisture can damage your shoes. Then let your shoes dry itself overnight.

Since wrestling shoes are meant to be tight, you should not clean them with aggressive scrubbing or put them in the washing machine because that will cause your shoes to stretch out of its form.


6. How to make customized wrestling shoes?

The first way and the simplest way to get your shoes customized is to contact the manufacturer and tell them how you like your shoes to be. They will give you options from the material, sole type to colors, lace and so on.

Otherwise, several types of customizations are viable for your wrestling shoes. You can either cut, sew, or color them according to your desire. The most common way to alter the look is painting them in a different color.

If you are a dexterous folk, you can put your hands on the project and make use of your creativeness. Or else you can send your shoes to a customs guy.

How to tie wrestling shoes
How to tie wrestling shoes

7. How to tie wrestling shoes?

Correct tying shoelace will give you proper support and protection on the foot and ankle. Get your laces looped across the holes from toes to top.

At the last pair of holes when you reach the top, don’t cross them like the previous steps but lace each of them on the same side then make bunny ears or tie two loops on each side.

If your shoes have lace garage, tuck the remaining lace in; make sure you have tightened the knot with strength.


You’ve reached the end

To wrap everything up, choosing the best wrestling shoes is a serious task that comes to many considerations. You may have in mind now that which class of wrestling you want to play in so that can lead you to pick the right shoes for you.

Being a heavyweight wrestler or a weightlifter, you want a pair of solid shoes that owns decent durability to bear your mass. And being a small guy to the game, a couple of shifty shoes with good flexibility will be a great companion to group with.

Ankle support is one critical factor to give protection to your ankle where it takes endless to heal. High top shoes are the best options in this case.

As with size and form, choose the measurement that is one to a haft size down to your regular shoe size since wrestling shoes are supposed to be tight. Also, ensure you select the ones with curved inner sole if you have arched feet.

Operational traction relies on the quality of the rubber sole. But remember whether you choose the most functional rubber bottom, it wears down by time and use. That is why you must always have a check on your shoes whenever you attend a match.

Wrestling shoes are no longer a boring genre for those who want good-looking shoes at the same time showing keen quality. You can find shoes with unique designs and colors that can use as casual wears even more fashionable than regular sports shoes.

We hope we’ve been helpful to get you ready for the next choice.