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Are there any Affordable Health Coverages?

Regardless of the state in which you are living, you must be aware of the health coverage and the health insurance issues. However it is not enough to be aware of the various health coverage options and health insurances which are available, it is also integral to educate and gain information about the health coverage for which you might be eligible. It is also possible in some cases that the people do not have to buy any health coverage depending upon their economic status and the rules and policies of the state they are living in. Therefore people and citizens of any state usually have different related questions which they are found to be searching on various platforms.

It is also essential to consult affordable health coverage options on various websites of health care and insurance which provide you answers for your queries regarding the coverage of affordable health for which you are eligible. The eligibility of various health care packages and plans vary from individual to individual according to the tax returns and employability status of every citizen. Moreover, in case of having children and other dependents with you, you have to consult the website of Healthcare.gov and Medicaid, which can provide you with the guidance of the affordable health insurance which is applicable for yourself. The Program of Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides ample opportunities and extended coverage plans for the children. 

Most commonly asked Questions regarding health coverage 

Many people worry significantly about the terms and conditions and eligibility towards the health care plans and coverage which they can receive according to their employability status or tax returns. According to the Affordable Care Act, the citizen of any state should ensure the coverage of essential health care benefits, such as emergency care or outpatient care along with inpatient care etc. before claiming for the healthcare coverage plans. 

The most common and frequently asked questions are provided below:

Who can apply for coverage?

The application for affordable coverage is determined by the eligibility of a person towards health insurance and coverage plans. The policyholder of the coverage plan can file the coverage plan for themselves along with their family members, which includes their spouse and their children as well. To be eligible to enrol in the Providence Progressive medical plan, you must enrol in a family medical plan along with the Providence Health Plan. 

Do people have coverage while they are at work?

The citizens of a state, which have enrolled for an affordable health coverage plan are eligible for coverage 24/7 which means they are covered for their medical issues and emergencies throughout 24 hours which include your working hours also. These plans provide you coverage regardless of the “Workers’ Compensation Act.”

What are the methods of payment for coverage?

With the online application of Providence Health Plan, you can pay your first premium quickly and easily when you apply for insurance. If a paper application has to be submitted, such as for a family with more than three children or just a parenting plan, payment details will be emailed to the cover letter once the application has been approved. The monthly payment premiums are usually due on the day one of every month.

Are there online payment options available?

When the initial payment of the premium has been made, then the Providence Health Plan encourages their policyholders to visit their website to set up an automatic recurring payment through the PHP Electronic payment system. Moreover, you can also avail online payment options on their website.

What are the benefits which can be availed through health coverage?

The benefits and privileges which are available for the policyholders in the coverage plan include the following coverage of a range of medical issues and emergencies:

  • In case of emergency
  • Outpatient care in which admission is not required.
  • Inpatient care
  • Delivery and Maternity charges
  • Mental health services
  • Terminal illness and person-centred care
  • Occupational therapy
  • Preventive services
  • Lab tests
  • Dental care  

Along with these issues, there can be other services which can be availed according to the coverage plan and premium plans. 

What essential things much be ensured while choosing a plan?

It is essential firstly to observe and take complete information on the available premiums and cash expenses (such as co-payments). The premium is the amount that is paid for health insurance. Co-payments are fixed cash expenses that you pay in advance for medical services. The amount may vary depending on the type of medical service. For instance, the co-payment for an appointment of a doctor can be different from the co-payment of the intensive care and emergency care issues.

How does affordable coverage plans protect the privacy of policyholders?

The privacy of the policyholders is protected and respected by the terms and conditions of the coverage plans and premiums. When the policyholders are enrolled for the coverage and health plans, then the agreement enables the privacy and protection of the health information of their policyholders by providing those benefits and medical claim payments. Along with that, the information is shared with the physicians and hospitals for providing medical care and coverage to the policyholders.

What are the documents required for applying the coverage plan?

There are various important documents which are required while applying for an affordable coverage plan. The following things are required to apply for the coverage plan:

  • Information regarding employers and status of income
  • Date of birth of applicants and policyholders
  • Social security numbers
  • Current health insurance numbers.
  • Information regarding any other health insurance plan which is available to other members of the family.

Do people with existing conditions can apply for healthcare coverage?

People with previous medical conditions, such as cancer, cannot be denied coverage or pay higher healthcare costs. People who do not take out health insurance through an employer or a federal program such as Medicare or Medicaid can take out health insurance through an online insurance exchange (also known as the marketplace). By communicating, you can compare plans based on benefit, price, provider participation, and drug reach. A health plan must include basic health benefits, including cancer treatment and aftercare.

Is there a penalty if individuals do not file for an affordable coverage plan?

According to the Healthcare.Gov, it is necessary for every citizen of the state to apply for the health care coverage and plans which are affordable and applicable for specific persons. It is applicable for all citizens regardless of the state they are living in, and there are plenty of options which are available according to the Affordable Health Care Act; therefore, you can choose the premium and policies according to your financial status and wellbeing of your family and children.


PTherefore it can be summarized from the above frequently asked questions that Affordable health coverage and premiums are available from Medicaid and Healthcare.Gov for the citizens and individuals in a range of medical services. Moreover, the eligibility of various health care packages and plans vary from individual to individual according to the tax returns and employability status of every citizen to apply for the affordable healthcare packages for themselves and their families. 

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