HF5A8348Jacques and I were blessed (?) enough to be raised by a very strong Italian mother. While our dad worked long hours as a carpenter in our formative years, our mom worked full-time as well. She managed restaurants, supervised a chain of hotels, and was a high-powered executive for a weight-loss company for many years. This was in the mid-80’s to early 00’s when it was still kind of out-of-the-ordinary for a woman to be in the “corporate world” that was generally reserved for men. It wasn’t strange to us – it’s what women did in our eyes. Both our parents were always there for us, and we could have asked for better people to raise us with their strong work ethic. Sure, we may have not always had something for the school bake sale or they didn’t make every extracurricular activity (not that we did many), but they always made sure we had the opportunities that may not have been otherwise available if not for their sacrifice.

As we grew older, Jacques and I both were attracted to strong, career-driven women. Jacques’ wife Haley is a hair-stylist/mother of two/multiple business operator and my wife Desiree is an Army veteran who now works as an attorney in Chicago. They are the bread-winners in our respective families just as our mother was in ours. Jacques has two daughters, Paris and Dominique, and I have one as well, Amelie, with a possible (likely) second on the way. To say women are fundamental in our lives is an understatement. We were raised by a strong woman, married some, and are now raising our own.

When we started R-Pro four years ago, we wanted to showcase strong female athletes in a positive light. No, we’re not “strong style” women’s wrestling that is fixated on straight technical prowess – but we aren’t that with our male stars, either. We wanted to present strong female stars that wildly vary in look, character, ability, and personality. We’ve been that since our first event, BLACK FRIDAY (so many lifetimes ago), when we crowned our first title – the Women’s Championship – to Melanie Cruise. And from her reign to that of Amazing Kong, D’Arcy Dixon, Mickie Knuckles, and now Crazy Mary Dobson. All of these women are top-tier performers that deserved the spotlight they were given. They are all completely different from one another. They’re strong, determined, focused, and inspire others. Some made it to the “show”, others are just on the cusp of doing so. They, along with others who have competed in our ring or will soon shortly, have just as much if not even more fire and passion for this business than their male counterparts. Take Paloma for example. This young lady was the first female student at Taz’s dojo, has competed all over the U.S. and Mexico, and used to drive herself from Texas to Chicago for the opportunity to wrestle in R-Pro. Lylah Lodge was trained by Hall-Of-Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper as part of a reality show she was on just a few years ago. Devyn Nicole is the Bo Jackson of R-Pro since she plays full-contact football for the Legends Football League AND wrestles simultaneously. Aniviel is relatively new to the business and, despite medical issues and a rigorous corporate job, trains constantly and is as passionate a worker as you’ll ever find. Plus Heather Owens, Camron Star, Eryn, and others – all amazing independent women with more strength and tenacity than you’ll likely find elsewhere. Jacques and I glad to have these strong women as role models for our daughters. They (and all kids as well as adults) deserve it and are much needed.

All of the names I mentioned already – and our guest stars we’ve had and will have in this year and beyond – deserve the right to shine just as much as their male counterparts. The days of the “bra and panty tickle fight” are long gone. Women – and men – want to be entertained by main event matches featuring the most thrilling athletes around. If Crazy Mary Dobson isn’t one of the most entertaining performers to grace this business in years, I don’t know who is. Her title victory over Mickie Knuckles (as well as her previous losses) were “white knuckle” entertainment that would thrill even the most jaded fan. Now, during “One Crazy Summer”, she’s had the opportunity to face international guest stars like Tessa Blanchard, “Blue Pants” Leva Bates, Jessicka Havok, and possibly more if she manages to retain her title at DEATH PROOF on August 1st. These guest stars help EVERYONE (men, too) on the roster raise their game in addition to giving the fans more of what they want. The fans wanted female driven main event matches in RESISTANCE Pro for a long time and that era has arrived. It’s not a gimmick, it’s not a fad – it’s RESISTANCE Pro’s “New Era”. Get on board or miss out on something truly special.


#WomenOnTop when discussing this on Twitter and join @RESISTANCE_Pro at DEATH PROOF on Saturday August 1st to see Women’s Champion CRAZY MARY DOBSON defend her title against International Superstar and former TNA Knockout JESSICKA HAVOK!

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