micki-postWay back in the infancy of RESISTANCE Pro, when Jacques and I were putting together our initial talent roster, the first name out of my mouth was Mickie Knuckles. While several now-famous names worked BLACK FRIDAY, the one I wanted the most to be there wasn’t. Her reason was simple – she was booked elsewhere. I was disappointed, but life went on.

A few months later, we needed a legit challenger for the then Women’s Champion. Again the first name that came to mind was Mickie Knuckles and, again, she was unable to make the show. Her reason was that she was pregnant. Since my wife and I were expecting as well, I was empathetic and understood.

I still wasn’t happy, but took it as a sign that our paths would never cross via R-Pro. Bummer.

A little over a year later, I received an email out of the blue from Mickie. She said that she was getting back in the ring after having her daughter and would like the opportunity to work for R-Pro in any capacity. She came in -all the way from Louisville- to work a dark match a few weeks later for FREE.

She got over immediately.

Right after her match, I gave her the next show date that we needed her. I had no idea in what capacity, but having her on the show doing anything would instantly make the show better.

A few days before that show, one of our talents backed out. She refused to work a “Tuxedo/Evening Gown”inter gender match that was integral to her storyline. She left the company over not wanting to work a match made to have her look strong over a male opponent. Mickie took her place as a last minute substitution and the crowd went bananas for the match. A R-Pro star was born and the storyline was altered to fit Mickie.

It worked better than the original idea ever would have.

Over the next several months, Mickie helped all of the wrestlers – male and female – raise the bar in their performances. Our Women’s Division is among the best around and a vast majority of the credit is due to Mickie Knuckles. Not booking, not card position, not marketing – hard work from the best ladies around…lead by Mickie Knuckles.

D’Arcy Dixon was the first (and some would argue only) “home grown” R-Pro talent. As great as her in-ring performance had grown from November 2012 to mid-2013, she couldn’t really “get over” despite being Women’s Champion. Enter Mickie Knuckles. What Superman versus Doomsday is to comic books, D’Arcy Dixon versus Mickie Knuckles is to R-Pro. Two completely different styled athletes beating the holy hell out of each other. D’Arcy evolved to the next level and Mickie got a fire lit within her that rivaled any of her past successes. Their series of matches is without a doubt the crowning achievement in the first era of R-Pro. It lasted almost 2 years before it ended.

I hate that.

I hate that Mickie had more exemplary matches than any other star in company history. Her unscheduled title defense against Angel Dust from September 2014 is a real sleeper that demands to be rewatched. Her bouts with Thunderkitty are thrilling, old-school wrasslin’.  Even her non-physical confrontations with D’Arcy are exciting, highly-quotable segments that popped the crowd.

She bled for us. She waved our flag. She helped put our Women’s Division on the map. She proved naysayers wrong, she sacrificed when others refused to, she helped when others were “above that”.

And now she’s retired.

I hate that.

I hate that she won’t get a chance to have a rematch for the Women’s Championship against Crazy Mary Dobson. I hate that the fans are going to miss out on where that feud could have gone. I hate that she’s leaving us to happily live her life by getting married and raising her wonderful children. I hate that she’s gone – possibly forever. I’ll hate that she won’t be in our locker room. I hate that I’m going to miss someone who became “family” to all of us. I hate that she never got the recognition from the “major league” that she deserves.  I hate that it’s all over…

…on her own terms.

Typical Mickie Knuckles.

No wonder so many people hate her – we can’t be her.

Thank you for everything, Mickie. RESISTANCE Pro is a better place because of you.

Gabriel Baron