The Mob Rules

July 25th, 2014

THANK YOU: to all the fans, friends, family, and new faces that came out on Friday July 25th to The Barn at Arabian Knights Farms to make THE MOB RULES the first SOLD OUT show in company history! The R-Pro train keeps chugging along and we’re thrilled and honored to have you all along for the ride with us. Let’s get to the results!

RESISTANCE Pro Co-Owner JACQUES BARON came to the ring before the show to address the live crowd. He apologized for having to deliver the news that the challengers for SUPEREGO’s Tag Team Championship, THE PAINKILLERS, decided to retire from professional wrestling and thus would no longer be involved in the Main Event. Not only that, but the co-holder of the Tag Team Championship, “The Ego” ROBERT ANTHONY, decided to take a belated honeymoon the week of the show and was not in the building. This brought out co-holder of the Tag titles JOCEPHUS (w/EVE) and JACQUES told him that because they had no challengers and no team, he was stripping them of the Tag Team Titles! After some intimidation, JOCEPHUS relented and laid the straps at BARON’s feet. As a gesture of good will, he did make the evening’s Main Event for the now vacant Tag Team Titles between JOCEPHUS and a partner of his choosing versus a team management would put together!

MATCH 1: Due to the shake up of the night’s card, “The Male Model” ASHTON VUITTON (w/ERIC ST. VAUGHN and “The Inspiration” BRADY PIERCE) came to the ring and were surprised when his new opponent was revealed to be “The Urban American Dream” WILLIE “Da Bomb” RICHARDSON! With C-RED at ringside and “Hot Chocolate” ACID JAZ on commentary, DA SOUL TOUCHAZ and BODY MAGIC were all over The Barn. VUITTON really had his work cut out for him with the much larger and more experienced RICHARDSON, but thanks to usual shenanigans from his stablemates PIERCE and ST. VAUGHN, he was able to overcome the odds and get the victory – barely.

MATCH 2: It has been over 2 years since throwback superstar THUNDERKITTY and the deliciously diabolical LUCY MENDEZ had a one-on-one match in an R-Pro ring, but they picked up right where they left off and delivered a very physical ladies bout. Despite having control for most of the match, MENDEZ eventually fell to the ever-popular KITTY much to the delight of her ever-growing fanbase.

MATCH 3: In the newest chapter of their on-going rivalry, “Simply Sexy” SHAWN BLAZE was back at it with the Purple Block’s REMI (w/CHRISTOPHER and WARDEN MYERS). BLAZE came in like a house of fire and tore in to REMI in retribution for the post match beatdown he was given last month. BLAZE got so intense, he grabbed WARDEN MYERS’ nightstick and delivered a crushing blow to CHRISTOPHER’s skull! Immediately after that happened, he turned around and stumbled right in to REMI who delivered a “Grape Vine” and finished him off for the win.

MATCH 4: In one of the most physical and exhilarating matches in RESISTANCE Pro history, Lance Storm Wrestling Academy graduate JAKE O’NEILL and “Mr. M-80” MARSHE ROCKETT took to land and air to deliver a Five Star Match that converted even the staunchest non-believers. 15 minutes of pure, unadulterated pro wrestling at it’s finest as two of the best in the biz laid it all out and fed off the cheers of the hottest crowd in company history! It’s was either man’s bout to win when – out of the blue – ROCKETT finally scored the pinfall. After the referee raised ROCKETT’s hand, O’NEILL came over and shook his other one as a sign of respect. A classy move and epic match from two rising stars in R-Pro! After intermission, Creative Director BILLY CORGAN came to the ring to present Special Olympian EMILY ANNE LUNDVALL with the first-ever RESISTANCE Pro Spirit Award. After giving a list of her many accomplishments, he then called in Badger Wrestling’s COACH JOE PHELAN who presented EMILY with both a trophy and a specially made Badger wrestling singlet for her to wear when she is competing. For her last surprise, EMILY’s two favorite R-Pro superstars, MR. 450 and THUNDERKITTY, came to ring and presented her with autographed memorabilia and posed for photos. A truly heartwarming night to celebrate the accomplishments of a young lady who embodies the spirit of RESISTANCE Pro!

MATCH 5: “Big C” CHRIS CASTRO came out to the ring and seemingly wanted to bury the hatchet between himself and former TWO STAR HEROES partner (and best friend) “Marvelous” MATT KNICKS. CASTRO was interrupted by COLONEL JESSE CORGAN (w/MISS PRIG) who introduced his newest charge “No Apology” MATT KNICKS! KNICKS came to the ring in a clearly different state of mind from past appearances but, when he got face to face with his old partner, seemed to put aside differences and have a sportsman-like match. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long thanks to COLONEL JESSE who distracted the referee and sent MISS PRIG in the ring to attack CASTRO. CASTRO subdued the COLONEL’s “therapist” and had her up for a piledriver when KNICKS superkicked CASTRO right in face with his foot going right between PRIG’s legs! Shortly thereafter, KNICKS secured the pinfall over his former friend/partner, declaring himself the “True” STAR HERO and bringing COLONEL JESSE one match closer to keeping his job in R-Pro.

MATCH 6: Charisma was overflowing when “Special Dark” SUGE D made his way to the ring to take on COBRA (w/JUSTIN KING). SUGE brought a whole new “taste of chocolate” to COBRA as only he can. Finesse, unfortunately, only gets you so far – especially when you’re outnumbered. When KING was finally able to ruffle SUGE’s feathers, his man capitalized on the situation and scored another victory for KING COBRA. MATCH 7: After her brief hiatus as “Captain Awesome” on national television, former Women’s Champion D’ARCY DIXON returned to face the ever tenacious ANGEL DUST in her biggest test yet since debuting in R-Pro just a few short months ago. Clearly letting her new found fame bring out a more arrogant side to her personality, DIXON cut off DUST any chance she got to get the upper hand. Having not one bit of “quit” in her, DUST took it to the former Champ and threw her for a loop on a few occasions, but DIXON’s strength made all the difference. After gorilla press-slamming the diminutive DUST, DIXON delivered “Air D’Arcy” (flying elbow drop) and scored the W. MATCH 8: In a match for the RESISTANCE Pro Tag Team Championship, JOCEPHUS (w/EVE) came to the ring to find out who his opponents were that were selected by management. The crowd went ballistic when “Lonesome” JAY BRADLEY and MR. 450 answered the call on behalf of R-Pro. When asked by the referee who his tag team partner was, JOCEPHUS tagged in EVE to the shock of the crowd! While there is no love lost between 450 and BRADLEY, the two men worked together and were gaining the upper hand until the match went outside and JOCEPHUS attacked both THE SLOBBERKNOCKERS and R-Pro Co-Owner JACQUES BARON, bloodying all 3 men. As Head Referee ROBERT KING and his brother and Co-Owner GABRIEL BARON helped JACQUES to the back, the battle went back inside the ring. JOCEPHUS was going tooth and nail with 450 when he managed to pull a foreign object out of his trunks and clock the Puerto Rican superstar with it. He then brawled with BRADLEY after tagging in EVE who captured the pinfall (and the Tag Titles) for “The Way”. After the match, ZACH THOMPSON tried to get comments from the new Champions, but all JOCEPHUS could do was angrily speak in tongues…