Spreading the Disease

Oct 11th, 2014

THANK YOU to the legion of undead maniacs who turned out to Mill City Nights in Minneapolis for SPREADING THE DISEASE at the 2014 Zombie Pub Crawl! The two-story venue was packed to the rafters with zombified fans that numbered damn near 1,000 for our Minnesota debut. Let’s get to the results!

1) After turning his back on both the fans and his tag team partner at last month’s PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH, SCOTTY “The Kid” YOUNG faced deathmatch legend MAD MAN PONDO in a no DQ bout to kick off the show. PONDO brought all of his usual implements of destruction with him to the ring as he tried to gain a measure of revenge against “The Way’s” newest disciple. Both men laid in to each other with everything they had to the delight of the 21 and over crowd in attendance and battled all around the ringside area. Despite his newfound “religion”, YOUNG came up short that evening as the wily veteran PONDO got the victory to the delight of the undead fans.

2) Brandishing their newly won Tag Team Titles, BODY MAGIC (“The Inspiration” BRADY PIERCE and ERIC ST. VAUGHN) made their first title defense against two previous title holders in the form of LOCK UP (REMI and CHRISTOPHER) and DA SOUL TOUCHAZ (“Mr. M-80” MARSHE ROCKETT and “Hot Chocolate” ACID JAZ) in a three way title defense. The action was fast and frenetic as all six men flew around the ring and proved to the crowd just how important the Tag Team Titles are in R-Pro. As the ginormous CHRISTOPHER had a winning pin within his sights, ESV put the “Magic Weight” to good use and clocked him with it behind the referee’s back to score the win. PIERCE and ESV then partied the night away with legions of undead ladies to celebrate their first successful title defense…

3) Despite getting an initial positive reaction from the new fans in the building, COBRA (w/JUSTIN KING) lost them quick once MILF magnet JAKE O’NEILL came to the ring. Two of R-Pro’s finest put on a stellar performance pulling out all the stops in their effort to one-up each other. COBRA was able to pull off a surprise victory, but he and KING weren’t finished yet. They grabbed the house mic from ring announcer MIKE BELLCASTER and then proceeded to run down wrestling legend DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE who was signing autographs nearby. The “King of Bada Bing” then confronted the suddenly remorseful duo and gave them both his signature Diamond Cutter maneuver for their offense to a deafening ovation from the packed house.

4) In a battle of Southern Discomfort, “The Southern Savior” JOHN SKYLER and “Special Dark” SUGE D faced off in one of the most exciting matches of the night. While SUGE tried to keep things fast and funny, SKYLER wanted nothing more than to kick the snot out of the “Chocolate Delight”. Lots of great “old school” ring psychology that showed off a different side of SUGE previously untapped. Even though he was on the receiving end of most of the damage, SUGE was able to hit the methodical SKYLER with “Death By Sexy” and get the 1-2-3.

5) Odd couples are nothing new in R-Pro and these ladies tag team pairings proved no different when D’ARCY DIXON partnered with the unstable CRAZY MARY DOBSON to face Women’s Champion MICKIE “Moose” KNUCKLES and PALOMA STARR. The male zombies in the crowd came back to life for this bout as DIXON – adhering to the stipulation that Creative Director BILLY CORGAN issued last month – stayed on the ring apron for most of the match making sure she did not come in to contact with KNUCKLES during her 60 day probation period. DOBSON fought off KNUCKLES and STARR as best she could and even got the upper hand at one point when DIXON blind tagged herself in and stole the pin from her partner. It must be nice to get a pinfall against two well regarded opponents considering you didn’t do any of the work, D’ARCY.

6) JUSTIN CREDIBLE is no stranger to the fans of RESISTANCE Pro having recently participated in a tag team tournament at SAVAGE AMUSEMENT back in May. This night, he was getting a Heavyweight Championship shot against JOCEPHUS (w/EVE) in front of a beyond capacity crowd of zombies in Minneapolis. The “Impact Player” brought that old Philly fighting spirit to the Champ as both men battled all over the arena from the get-go. CREDIBLE got busted open by the Champ and spilled blood that the zombies clamored for as they fought thru them. RESISTANCE Pro owners GABRIEL and JACQUES BARON had to act as impromptu security when things got out of hand when ‘CEPHUS Irish Whipped CREDIBLE into a guard rail and caused it (and several fans) to come crashing down. Eventually, the action wound up back in the ring where – despite one of the best efforts of his career – CREDIBLE eventually succumbed to the “Hand of God” chokeslam and fell to “The Way”.

RESISTANCE Pro returns to The Barn at Arabian Knights Farms in Willowbrook, IL on Saturday night October 25th with RUST IN PEACE! This is another ALL AGES SHOW and TV TAPING that will feature our annual Costume Contest with great prizes to be awarded! Kids and adults are encouraged to participate and some (maybe all) of the wrestlers will be in costume, too! Last year’s show was great fun and a legit sell-out. Don’t wait to get your tickets, get them NOW at RESISTANCEpro.com/tickets!