Savage Amusement

THANK YOU: to all the fans, friends, and family who turned out to The Barn at Arabian Knights in Willowbrook for SAVAGE AMUSEMENT on Friday night May 16th. It was an unusually cold Spring night full of surprises – let’s get to the results!

The evening started off with the third live concert performance from Heavyweight Champion JOCEPHUS (w/EVE and guitarist THE NECROMANCER) doing a new, more hypnotic version of his hit(?) song “Come With Me”. As the band performed, the Champion made his was around his “congregation” asking them to follow him as “The Truth, The Light, and The Way in RESISTANCE Pro”. Chilling stuff indeed.

After that disturbing sight, Creative Director BILLY CORGAN came to the ring to give the details about the evening’s since elimination tag team tournament to crown new number one contenders to DA SOUL TOUCHAZ’s Tag Team Titles. After bringing the current Champions out to the ring and celebrating their hugely successful title run, he broke down the specifics for the tourney. The eight entrants in the tournament would be paired by the “luck of the draw” and put in to the four team tournament. Surprisingly, he also announced that the winners of the tournament would go on to face DA SOUL TOUCHAZ immediately after winning the tournament – leaving no rest in-between for the victors!

MATCH 1: Newcomer “Hardcore” HEATHER OWENS took on the returning CRAZY MARY DOBSON (fresh back from a 3 month tour of Japan) and longtime favorite THUNDERKITTY in ladies 3 Way Dance action. Her time in Japan the last few months must have really lit a fire under the CRAZY one as she exerted more physical intensity than she ever has in her time in RESISTANCE Pro. After kicking out of a sleeper attempt by THUNDERKITTY and a high-flying attack by DOBSON, OWENS who was ultimately dispatched by the “American Kaiju” DOBSON.

MATCH 2: After battling long-time rival JAKE O’NEILL for the last several months, SCOTTY “The Kid” YOUNG finally got the chance to take on a different opponent in the newly LOCK’D UP REMI. WARDEN MYERS was in tow to keep the street thug in line – not that it did much good. After a merciless beating – and attempted interference from WARDEN MYERS – “The Kid” walked right in to “lights out” from the KOA Penitentiary inmate and chalked up another loss.

MATCH 3: In the first tournament match, odd couple JAKE O’ NEILL and MAD MAN PONDO (!) took on BODY MAGIC’s “The Inspiration” BRADY PIERCE (w/ERIC ST. VAUGHN) and the “Hardcore Icon” himself JUSTIN CREDIBLE. Despite some very impressive mat wrestling from PIERCE and O’NEILL, the new “Impact Players” left PONDO and O’NEILL saying “That’s Incredible” while PONDO’s shoulders were pinned to the mat. PIERCE/CREDIBLE advance to finals.

MATCH 4: Proving they still have a horseshoe up their rear-ends despite internal conflict, the TWO STAR HEROES (“Marvelous” MATT KNICKS and “The Big C” CHRIS CASTRO) were randomly picked to team up and face…Heavyweight Champion JOCEPHUS (w/EVE) and “The Ego” ROBERT ANTHONY. Their personal problems proved less of an issue than the beating they suffered from their opponents, the TWO STAR HEROES were quickly dispatched by the oddest team of the tourney. JOCEPHUS/EGO advance to finals.

MATCH 5: In a sure-fire MOTY candidate, a Fatal 4 Way between MR. 450, “Mr. M-80” MARSHE ROCKETT (w/C-RED), COBRA (w/JUSTIN KING) and the former SUGE D, SPECIAL DARK lit the crowd on fire! To try and describe the match in simple words would be a true disservice to the action that took place at The Barn. This is a match that must be seen to truly appreciate the hard work ethic by all four men. In a night where “some gave all and all gave some”, these men certainly fell in to the former category. After the dust had finally settled and the fans came frown from the ceiling, MR.450 ended up getting the pin on SPECIAL DARK and let the crowd know afterwards that he has set his sights on JOCEPHUS’ Heavyweight Championship!

COLONEL JESSE CORGAN and MISS PRIG came to the ring for a “Special Forces demonstration” that was head scratching to say the least. Part exotic dance, part mind game COL. JESSE’s antics finally got under the skin enough of his brother BILLY. The R-Pro Creative Director gave his brother an ultimatum – either your charges (which include CAMRON STAR, LYLAH LODGE, and “The Patriot” DANY ONLY) win their next three bouts or JESSE and his “therapist” will be gone from RESISTANCE Pro forever! While BILLY certainly appeared to hold the upper hand, remember the family motto “A Corgan works best with their back against the wall.”

MATCH 6: In her first title defense since defeating D’ARCY DIXON at DON’T TREAD last month, Women’s Champion MICKIE “Moose” KNUCKLES granted 2014 Samuel J. Thompson Memorial Tournament winner PALOMA STARR her chance to make her mark (again) in the best women’s division around. A seesaw battle from the get-go, both ladies laid in to each other like one owed the other money! Ultimately, KNUCKLES proved why she is the “alpha female” in RESISTANCE Pro and put down the Team Taz Dojo graduate for the win.

MATCH 7: In the tournament final, ECW Legend JUSTIN CREDIBLE and partner BRADY PIERCE faced Heavyweight Champion JOCEPHUS and reluctant partner “The Ego” ROBERT ANTHONY. EGO worked most of the match leaving his partner high and dry, seemingly not caring about the outcome. Forced to tag in his partner in order to survive, the match continued until the new “Impact Players” fell to the Champion and his reluctant partner. EGO/JOCEPHUS win tourney.

MATCH 8: After the dust settled from their shocking victory, current Champions DA SOUL TOUCHAZ (w/C-RED) hit the ring to defend their prized possessions to the delight of the crowd. Despite having wrestled twice previously that evening, the reluctant partners displayed the mettle that lead them both to the Heavyweight Championship. “Hot Chocolate” ACID JAZ and “The Urban American Dream” WILLIE “Da Bomb” RICHARDSON gave more than anyone has given them credit for and had the win in their sights when JOCEPHUS’ disciple EVE attacked C-RED leading to the distraction of DA TOUCHAZ. That proved the perfect opportunity for the reluctant partners to steal the win – and the RESISTANCE Pro Tag Team Championship! As in-ring interviewer ZACH THOMPSON tried to get a word from the new Champions, JOCEPHUS abruptly shoved him away and offered his hand to EGO who sat in the corner contemplating the situation. After deliberating, EGO got up and took his former rival’s hand an the path to “The Way”.