Rust In Peace

Oct 25th, 2014

THANK YOU to all the “boils and ghouls” who turned out to make RESISTANCE Pro’s 2nd Annual Halloween show, RUST IN PEACE, a night to (dis)member! The Barn at Arabian Knights Farm in Willowbrook was spookier than usual on Saturday night October 25th thanks to all of the crazy costumes and festive decor on display. But enough about the setting, let’s get to the results!

1) “The Greatest American Sensation” C-RED came to the ring with his man “Hot Chocolate Captain America” ACID JAZ to pump up the crowd at the start of the show. In typical fashion, they were cut off by JUSTIN KING and his man COBRA. JAZ had to hold back C-RED from going after KING and COBRA used the distraction to then gain the upper hand. Both men tore in to each other in this new chapter to the long running feud between the TOUCHAZ and KING COBRA which saw more aerial dynamics than ever before. After a breakneck pace the entire match, COBRA was able to steal away a victory from the former Tag Champion delivering the first in a night full of tricks, not treats.

2) In the first of the Women’s Division “pick your opponent’s challenger” matches, Champion MICKIE KNUCKLES selected “The Lovely French Maid” LYLAH LODGE to face the “Angry Kitty” D’ARCY DIXON. Arguably the first time in R-Pro where Miss DIXON had to face someone equally as strong as she is, LODGE took the fight to DIXON using all of the strength and power moves in her arsenal. The crowd was cheering as DIXON was thrown around like a rag doll for most of the match, but the wily veteran used her ring savvy and “cat like” reflexes to eke out one of the hardest fought victories she’s had in a while.

3) “Purple Block” Kingpin REMI was lead to the ring by WARDEN MYERS, but behemoth CHRISTOPHER was oddly missing. MYERS addressed the crowd and said that his other charge was at home with the flu – NOT ebola – and would be ready for action once he was given a clean bill of health. He asked to parlay their Tag Team Championship shot tip that time, but was told it was now or nothing, so HE would be REMI’s partner to face BODY MAGIC for the belts. BODY MAGIC then came to ring in the guise of “Hanz” ST. VAUGHN and “Franz” PIERCE who were there to pump (clap!) the crowd up! MYERS made sure that REMI did most of the work to help their cause, but it was no use. Despite a legitimately valiant effort by REMI who carried his team, the duo from the KOA couldn’t get the job done and were made to look like “girly men” by the Tag Team Champions who retained their titles yet again.

4) Declared to be a number one contender match to face the Heavyweight Champion at …AND JUSTICE FOR ALL on November 7th by Creative Director BILLY CORGAN, “Risky Business” SUGE D squared off against “The Southern Savior” JOHN SKYLER and “Mr. M-80” MARSHE ROCKETT. After SUGE “took those old records off the shelf” and got down to (risky) business, the three men went at each other with determination and ferocity that cast friendship and respect aside. SKYLER was the wild card in the bout and used that to his advantage taking the other men out of their comfort zones and making them desperate to outthink the other two. In the thick of things, COBRA made his way down to the ring to get involved feeling slighted at him not being included as a “top player”, but was thrown out of the ring by ROCKETT who then planchaed out of the ring on to both his opponents and the interloper as well! Shortly thereafter, ROCKETT was able to get the “three” on SUGE as SKYLAR lay dazed nearby. ROCKETT is now the NEW #1 Contender to the Heavyweight Championship and is on his way to the Anniversary Show on November 7th!

5) In a great technical bout, “The Ego” ROBERT ANTHONY took on crowd favorite JAKE O’NEILL for nearly 30 straight minutes! Chops were thrown, suplexes were leveed, and every manner of scientific hold was applied as both men gave the raucous crowd a wrestling lover’s treat. While O’NEILL took the former Champ further than he’s gone in a long time, experience won out over heart and EGO showed the crowd just how low he could go to earn a “W”.

6) D’ARCY DIXON came to the ring with her “charge” for the night, CRAZY MARY DEADPOOL, to face MICKIE “Mama Shango” KNUCKLES. DEADPOOL’s spirit was channeled by R-Pro’s resident madwoman as she and the Champ squared off in another brutal bout – their third this year and, arguably, their best. DIXON stayed at ringside and eventually grabbed KNCUKLES’s title belt from the announce table to taunt her with it. KNUCKLES lost her cool after that and pulled DIXON in the ring, proceeding to beat the holy hell out of her in the process – much to the delight of DOBSON and the crowd. The referee called for the bell declaring the bout a “no contest” and R-Rro co-owner JACQUES “The Body” BARON came to the ring asking both ladies if they wanted to end this conflict once and for all. Both parties agreed and he announced that at …AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, DIXON and KNUCKLES would square off for the Women’s Championshp inside a STEEL CAGE!

7) MAD MAN PUNISHER took to the ring for his Heavyweight Championship match against title holder JOCEPHUS (w/EVE), but grabbed the mic and cut a scathing promo ripping on the uselessness of the Champ’s “flock” and demanded them to be banned from ringside. The Champ agreed only if PONDO wasn’t allowed to use any of his weapons, either. PONDO agreed and it was ON! The svelter deathmatch legend and ‘CEPHUS slammed each other from pillar to post in an effort to cause as much damage as possible to each other. As important as the title was to both men, their bloodthirsty desire to hurt one another seemed to outweigh the prize that lay as reward to the victor. Seeing far more in-ring action than R-Pro fans are used to from PONDO, he took the crowd (and his opponent) by surprise and came within seconds of becoming the new “top gun” in R-Pro. Out of nowhere “CEPHUS and the “Hand of God” slammed PONDO to the mat by his throat getting him the victory (thanks to interference by a disguised JESSE CORGAN) and the future date with #1 Contender “Mr. M-80” MARSHE ROCKETT in less than two week’s time.