Practice What You Preach

Sept 26th, 2014

THANK YOU to all the fans and friends who turned put on a beautiful early Autumn evening at The Barn at Arabian Knights in Willowbrook to make PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH another memorable night of RESISTANCE Pro action. Let’s get to the results!

RESISTANCE Pro co-owner JACQUES BARON came to the ring to address the crowd about his actions at DRAW THE LINE and the current status of the Tag Team Titles. He apologized for getting physically involved and striking “The Ego” ROBERT ANTHONY. Due to his actions, and the subsequent dismissal of JAY BRADLEY from RESISTANCE Pro, co-owner GABRIEL BARON, Creative Director BILLY CORGAN, and he came to the conclusion that the Tag Team Championship would be held up. This angered interim Tag Champ MAD MAN PONDO who felt he was being punished for his former partner’s actions. Not learning his lesson from the last show, ROBERT ANTHONY chimed in that the Tag Titles should be returned to SUPEREGO since they were never lost according to this logic. BARON recanted that the Tag Titles would be decided that evening in a Fatal Four Way match featuring THE SLOBBERKNOCKERS vs. DA SOUL TOUCHAZ vs. BODY MAGIC vs. MAD MAN PONDO and a partner of his choosing. Once that edict was issued, this lead directly to…

1) “The Ego” ROBERT ANTHONY brutally attacking MAD MAN PONDO to kick off their Hardcore match. Both men battled all over the Barn – and beyond – hitting each other with anything wasn’t tied down (and some that was!). At one point when EGO was in control, he left PONDO prone on the ground and retreated to the back only to emerge wearing collegiate wrestling headgear! Only irritating tyne deathmatch legend further, this ignited a fury in PONDO which saw him then head to the locker room to grab his trusty weapons and STOP sign! After more carnage, EGO was finally able to score a pinfall even though BOTH men needed help to get to the back once the match was over!

2) Two of the most exciting female competitors in RESISTANCE Pro took to the skies as CRAZY MARY DOBSON and spitfire ANGEL DUST shook the pillars of Heaven in one of the most thrilling matches of the night. ANGEL seemed to really find her voice as the crowd firmly stood behind her during the body of the bout. MARY’s insanity was both frightening and entertaining, keeping ANGEL out of her comfort zone just as she was close to emerging victorious. Ultimately, MARY’s unpredictability was her biggest asset as she came from out of nowhere to get the win. Both ladies deserved a standing ovation for their performances and continue to raise the bar for athletes regardless of gender.

3) After months of antagonizing and bullying, “Simply Sexy” SHAWN BLAZE got fed up and found himself a partner in the form of “Special Dark” SUGE D to take on the bullies of KOA Penitentiary’s “Purple Block” REMI and CHRISTOPHER (w/WARDEN MYERS). If you were looking for scientific wrestling, you were in the WRONG place as these men wanted nothing more than to beat the snot out of each other – much to the delight of the crowd. BLAZE and SUGE may have been overpowered by their beefier opponents, but they certainly weren’t letting that effect their game plan of kicking ass and having fun. In all of the confusion that happened during the brawl, BLAZE was finally able to get his hands on WARDEN MYERS, which caused his wards to get distracted, thus allowing for their opponents to grab the pinfall. BLAZE and SUGE celebrated as the “Purple Block” headed back to the bus – and the Pen – to regroup and rest up.

4) In direct opposition to the previous bout, any technical wrestling fanatic would have been in seventh Heaven when “Mr. M-80” MARSHE ROCKETT took on the always impressive “The Southern Savior” JOHN SKYLER. A non-stop barrage of reversals, counters, mat wrestling, and Greco-Roman holds mixed with some of the best aerial wizardry this side of the stratosphere thrilled the crowd at The Barn and quickened the pulses of all that were watching. Like a perfect ballet of athleticism and brutality, both men tried to one-up the other any way they could. And just as soon as it began, it came to an end when ROCKETT was able to thin one step ahead of the crafty SKYLER and earn another “W”. Post match, Head Interviewer ZACH THOMPSON questioned ROCKETT about whether or not another title shot was on the horizon. ROCKETT played it off saying he was just going to be patient and be ready for when his number is called. Classy and modest – the true measure of any professional competitor in the business.

Creative Director BILLY CORGAN moderated the first-ever RESISTANCE Pro Press Conference regarding Women’s Champion MICKIE “Moose” KNUCKLES and loose canon challenger D’ARCY DIXON. With the division in turmoil thanks to the actions of both women, action had to be taken to restore order, thus bringing “law to the lawless”. Hearing the fans desire for a rematch between the two women, CORGAN came to the conclusion that there will be another bout between the competitors providing DIXON can keep herself in line. For 60 days, DIXON cannot touch KNUCKLES unless it is between bells in a sanctioned RESISTANCE Pro match. Failure to do so results in not only forfeiture of her Title shot, but further disciplinary action up to and including possible dismissal from the company. Both parties agreed to this leaving the fans hopeful that DIXON can hold up her end of the decision thus insuring the fans a fourth potential classic between the two rivals in the near future.

5) In his first opportunity to capture the RESISTANCE Pro Heavyweight Championship, JAKE O’NEILL was looking to be the youngest man to potentially hold the coveted title. Most 26 year old men are more worried about where they can party on a Friday night, here he is with the chance of a lifetime against “The Way” himself, JOCEPHUS (w/EVE). Seizing the opportunity with the maturity of a seasoned vet, O’NEILL took the fight to the Champ that threw him for a loop. Knowing there was no way to best his immense strength and brutality, O’NEILL used almost every trick mentor LANCE STORM taught him up in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) to keep ‘CEPHUS on edge and came within an eyelash of dethroning the mountain of a man. In the end, “The Way” was just too strong with the Champ on this night and he retained his Title year again. O’NEILL made a lot of new fans and – begrudgingly – the respect of even the R-Pro Champion.

6) Four of the best duos around fought for the RESISTANCE Pro Tag Championship when THE SLOBBERKNOCKERS (HARDCORE HARRY and BD SMOOTH) faced former Champs DA SOUL TOUCHAZ (“Hot Chocolate” ACID JAZ and “The Urban American Dream” WILLIE “Da Bomb” RICHARDSON), BODY MAGIC (“The Inspiration” BRADY PIERCE and ERIC ST. VAUGHN), and MAD MAN PONDO and his surprise choice for a partner SCOTTY “The Kid” YOUNG. Chaos was the order of the day as all 8 men (and even C-RED and ASHTON VUITTON) flew every which direction in their attempt to capture the vacant titles. In the ensuing madness, EGO came out to take out PONDO and ruin his chances at (re)gaining the titles. The men brawled, but PONDO was able to get YOUNG to fend him off. As PONDO had JAZ down for a pin attempt, YOUNG betrayed the deathmatch legend, turning on him and allowing ESV to grab the victory – and the titles – for himself and partner PIERCE. As PONDO sat in the ring not able to reconcile what just happened with his new partner, JOCEPHUS appeared and welcomed YOUNG to “The Way” adding another sheep to his flock before disappearing into the night.