Draw The Line

Sept 12th, 2014

THANK YOU to all of the fans, friends, and especially honored Military Veterans who made RESISTANCE Pro DRAW THE LINE on Friday night September 12th, 2014 at Plumbers’ Hall in Chicago a great success. Here’s how the show went down:

1) JAKE O’NEILL took on the returning “The Southern Savior” JOHN SKYLER to kick things off. SKYLER just came back from a tour of Europe where he has been impressing fans “across the pond” and brought with him even more muscle and technical skills. A very balanced match-up between both men saw some grappling as well as great brawling as they brought out the best in each other. The crowd was glued from the opening bell and gave a thunderous ovation to O’NEILL after he got the better of his opponent that night. A rematch from these two would certainly be welcome in the near future.

2) Two of the most lethal ladies in R-Pro – CAMRON STAR and LUCY MENDEZ – put aside their past differences and teamed up against “Thunder Buddies” CRAZY MARY DOBSON and THUNDERKITTY. While STAR and MENDEZ were brutal in some of their attacks on their “odd couple” opponents, they just weren’t prepared enough for the crazy that DOBSON showed in the ring – neither was KITTY! “Thunder Buddies” unpredictability proved their biggest asset as they were able to upend the more physically imposing duo and pull out another impressive victory for them in the fledgling R-Pro Women’s Tag Team Division.

3) Patriotism was in full force as SCOTTY “The Kid” YOUNG came to the ring wrapped in “Old Glory” and was greeted with cheers and salutes from the Veterans in attendance. Unfortunately for him, the “Purple Block” kingpin REMI (w/WARDEN MYERS) was his opponent and put a quick stop to that. “The Kid” put up a helluva fight against the vicious “lifer” but just couldn’t hang long enough to earn the “W”. WARDEN MYERS and REMI left the ring jeered by the partisan crowd despite coming out on top yet again.

4) Lightening the mood and showing great sportsmanship, fan faves THE SLOBBERKNOCKERS (HARDCORE HARRY and BD SMOOTH) faced the ever-popular DA SOUL TOUCHAZ (“Hot Chocolate” ACID JAZ and “The Urban American Dream” WILLIE “Da Bomb” RICHARDSON). C-RED joined his charges at ringside and the crowd joined in on the fun that both these teams bring to R-Pro. While light on the technical side of things, this bout had the fans slapping high-fives and cheering the entire time. Despite putting on a massively entertaining effort, THE SLOBBERKNOCKERS just couldn’t stop the men from “The Soul of America” and were pounced by WILLIE for the 1-2-3.

#1 Contender for the Women’s Championship D’ARCY DIXON made her way to the ring to face MICKIE “Moose” KNUCKLES for their scheduled bout when R-Pro Co-owner GABRIEL BARON came out with the title belt in hand. He addressed the birthday girl’s actions from last month when she brutally attacked KNUCKLES (in her still injured knee!) after her bout with CRAZY MARY DOBSON. As a result of those actions, he was stripping DIXON of her title shot that night and awarding it to a more deserving challenger in the form of ANGEL DUST. DIXON both pleaded with and mocked BARON’s decision, but he held firm. Realizing that her efforts were going nowhere, her frustration got the better of her and she attacked BARON – backing him in to a corner and requiring security guards to again escort her out of the building. Happy Birthday? No such thing for D’ARCY DIXON that night…

5) “Special Dark” SUGE D brought his unique brand of energy and panache to Plumbers’ Hall as he faced BODY MAGIC’s “The Inspiration” BRADY PIERCE (w/ERIC ST. VAUGHN in tow and ASHTON VUITTON being M.I.A.). “Inspiration” was not what he needed on that night as the MAGIC of PIERCE’s body was the deciding factor in the outcome which saw SUGE come up short against his protein loving opponent.

Creative Director BILLY CORGAN came to the ring with Military Veterans RAVEN and C-RED and gave a heartfelt speech about the importance of our honored guests in attendance. Both RED and RAVEN then addressed the crowd, relaying their personal experiences making this night truly special to everyone in attendance.

6) Thank God for high ceilings as a great 3 way bout between COBRA (w/JUSTIN KING), fan fave MARSHE ROCKETT, and “Simply Sexy” SHAWN BLAZE saw the men take to the air more often than not. KING (who apparently can’t keep his mouth shut) ran down the crowd, his man’s opponents, and even the fans before the opening bell. Once it rang, the action didn’t let up as the chemistry between them brought out their absolute best. Despite the phenomenal showing by COBRA and BLAZE, ROCKETT continued to soar and got another victory on his quest to become “the man” in R-Pro.

7) After a “card shuffle” due to D’ARCY DIXON being stripped of her title shot, ANGEL DUST brought all she had to Plumbers’ Hall in her surprise chance to become R-Pro Women’s Champion. Proving many naysayers wrong with her skill and perseverance, DUST surprised even “The Moose” with the fight she brought to the Champ. Focused and driven to the bitter end, DUST finally fell to KNUCKLES who retained her title once more. After the bout, D’ARCY DIXON ran through the crowd and attacked the Champion in a near repeat from THE REAL THING! DIXON glowed all the way back to the locker room where armed guards then escorted her from the building as KNUCKLES needed to be tended to. This rivalry could likely be the most fierce and personal in R-Pro history…

8) Crowd faves MAD MAN PONDO and “Lonesome” JAY BRADLEY faced Tag Team Champions JOCEPHUS and EVE (w/ “The Ego” ROBERT ANTHONY) in the main event of the evening with “The Way’s” titles up for grabs. As MIKE BELLCASTER was about to ring the bell, R-Pro Co-Owner JACQUES BARON made the announcement that this bout was now a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere match! BARON stayed at ringside as brutality was the order of the day and all four participants fought in and around the ring. JOCEPHUS seemed as focused on BARON as he was on his match and menaced him continually only to be cut off by EGO who then took over. As EGO and BARON got in each others faces, BARON lost his cool and decked EGO busting him open! EVE saw this and attacked BARON, slamming him to the ground using her impressive strength, taking him out of the equation. When EVE turned around, BRADLEY gave her the “Boomstick” lariat and got the pin, making him and MAD MAN PONDO new R-Pro Tag Team Champions. JOCEPHUS then brawled with BRADLEY around ringside which allowed EGO to brutalize PONDO using all of his weapons against him – even his STOP sign! After PONDO was left bloodied in the ring, “The Way” finally exited, seemingly happy at the outcome despite the loss.

UPDATE: Upon review of the events that transpired, the following day Creative Director BILLY CORGAN issued a statement on Twitter saying that a decision on the Tag Team Championship would be made shortly. After all of the carnage the previous night, one can only wonder what lies in store for those involved.