June 13th, 2014

THANK YOU: to all the fans, friends, family, and new faces that came out on Friday June 13th to The Barn at Arabian Knights Farms to make DELIVERANCE another amazing show! Let’s get to the results!

Creative Director BILLY CORGAN came to the ring and introduced “Corgan’s Court” – a new segment where R-Pro would address gripes and controversy going around in the company. His first two guests were Executive Producer C-RED and COBRA manager JUSTIN KING. After much heated back and forth verbal sparring, CORGAN offered his “guests” the chance to settle their differences via the evening’s match between COBRA and “Mr. M-80” MARSHE ROCKETT. Both men agreed that should their man win, they will take that as being proven “correct” in the matter and the issue settled.

MATCH 1: “Lonesome” JAY BRADLEY returned to a thunderous ovation as the hometown hero made his way back to RESISTANCE Pro after nearly a year. His first opponent ended up being “Marvelous” MATT KNICKS much to the crowd’s surprise and KNICKS’ chagrin. After some brief give-and-take, the “Boomstick” made it’s appearance and put KNICKS down for the three. ZACH THOMPSON then came to the ring to interview BRADLEY who said he was glad to be back in R-Pro and has only one thing on his mind – the RESISTANCE Pro Heavyweight Championship!

MATCH 2: WARDEN MYERS (w/CHRISTOPHER) lead REMI to the ring for his battle with “Simply Sexy” SHAWN BLAZE and both men tore in to each other right away. BLAZE’s agility was put to the test against the thug from the “Purple Block” although he was able to gain the upper hand eventually. When it appeared that his man was going to come up short, WARDEN MYERS clocked BLAZE with his nightstick which resulted in the referee calling for a DQ. The rattled BLAZE was then picked up by REMI and fed in to an F5 from the monstrous CHRISTOPHER making his victory bittersweet.

MATCH 3: With Women’s Champion MICKIE “Moose” KNUCKLES at ringside nursing her broken leg, LUCY MENDEZ and CRAZY MARY DOBSON faced off in a number one contender’s match. Lots of great fast-paced action brought the fans to their feet in this one as both ladies showed how much a title shot would mean to them. MENDEZ’s viciousness came out of her, but it was the high-flying attacks of DOBSON that ultimately earned her the victory and the opportunity to face the Champ. After the match, KNUCKLES put over DOBSON and said that she can’t wait to get her cast off in order to successfully put down another challenger to her title.

MATCH 4: Tag Team Champions SUPEREGO (Heavyweight Champion JOCEPHUS and “The Ego” ROBERT ANTHONY) were granted the privilege of choosing their opponents in their first title defense by Creative Director BILLY CORGAN. ANTHONY told the crowd that he was tired of seeing the abuse of power by CORGAN and the BARON BROTHERS in keeping people down in the company and that he and his partner have chosen to defend their titles against the two most deserving men around. Men who had been with R-Pro since the very first show and had been passed by at every turn. Men that work harder than anyone else in the company. He then introduced the team of “The Slobberknockers” – ring crew members HARDCORE HARRY and BD SMOOTH! As the two unlikely challengers entered the ring, the BARON BROTHERS came out and said that they had a couple of presents for the Champs since EGO was getting married in just a few weeks. First, they announced special guest referee MAD MAN PONDO to make sure that order was being kept. Secondly, they brought 3000 guests to the ring…in the form of thumbtacks (!) and declared the match to be fought under hardcore rules! Not wanting to scar up his handsome visage, EGO tagged in JOCEPHUS who manhandled both opponents and, once they were safely beaten down, came back in to the ring and proceeded to attempt in making the rookie SMOOTH a human pin-cushion! The massacre finally ended when JOCEPHUS delivered the “Hand of God” chokeslam and the referee counted three.

MATCH 5: After taking last month off to frolic in Cannes, “The Male Model” ASHTON VUITTON (w/ERIC ST. VAUGHN) faced SCOTTY “The Kid” YOUNG in one of YOUNG’s biggest matches to date. While the ladies in the audience swooned over both men, a fierceness came out of VUITTON that ultimately carried him to a resounding victory over his ever-popular opponent. A great athletic showing by both men marred only by VUITTON’s arrogance and candor.

MATCH 6: After a brief absence, JESSE’S GIRLS (“Lovely” LYLAH LODGE and CAMRON STAR) returned to action against the “pocket firecrackers” ANGEL DUST and SAMANTHA HEIGHTS. While COLONEL CORGAN was attended to at ringside by MISS PRIG after suffering the return of his on-again/off-again “blindness”, he may have missed his tandem’s trouncing at the hand of their smaller opponents leading to several near falls. Thankfully, his affliction disappeared in time to watch them ultimately earn a victory making him now only two matches away from keeping his job in RESISTANCE Pro thanks to his brother’s ultimatum handed down at SAVAGE AMUSEMENT the month before.

MATCH 7: Accompanied by C-RED and “The Urban American Dream” WILLIE “Da Bomb” RICHARDSON, “Hot Chocolate” ACID JAZ faced Calgary’s own JAKE O’NEILL. It started on the mat and went to the air as both men pulled out everything in their arsenals to gain the advantage in this grueling contest. The crowd couldn’t help but be impressed as two of R-Pro’s best pure athletes took each other to their limits. After a stunning showcase, JAZ was able to overcome the superbly conditioned O’NEILL to the delight of the crowd and his manager C-RED.

MATCH 8: The Barn is going to need the best roofer in town after the battle that took place between COBRA (w/JUSTIN KING) and “Mr. M-80” MARSHE ROCKETT. The fans came unglued from the opening as two of R-Pro’s fiercest young lions fought for the honor of their respective managers. Maneuvers were used that are both unfathomable and unnameable as even long time wrestling fans in the crowd sat with their mouths hanging wide open. A match that must be seen by anyone who doubts the athleticism in this business, it ended with COBRA emerging victorious after distraction to ROCKETT caused by a melee between the managers outside the ring. While Creative Director BILLY CORGAN had intended for this match to finally settle the differences between the two groups, this feud seems FAR from finished…

MATCH 9: In the main event, Puerto Rican star MR. 450 finally got his shot at JOCEPHUS’ Heavyweight Championship. With momentum on his side, 450’s confidence was riding high and he showed not the slightest sign of self doubt of any lack of confidence. Although he sent her to the back at the start of the bout, JOCEPHUS’ wife EVE came back out during the match and was bumped by 450 as she tried to intervene on her man’s behalf. This commotion allowed JOCEPHUS to finally gain the upper hand and get the victory in one of his hardest fought defenses yet as Champion. After the match he performed,a cappella, a haunting rendition of “The Way” as the crowd made their way to the exits.

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