...And Justice For All

Nov 7th, 2014

THANK YOU to the flock of fans that came out to celebrate RESISTANCE Pro’s 3rd Anniversary …AND JUSTICE FOR ALL on Friday night November 7th, 2014 at Taft School in Lockport, IL! This show was especially important to all of R-Pro not just being a milestone for the company, but for the funds we were able to raise for such a great school in our community. It was a night filled with heartbreak, spectacle, and several surprises – let’s get to the results!

1) REMI came to the ring with WARDEN MYERS in tow looking for a fight. He told the crowd that this fundraiser meant nothing to him or that he was looking to take on the toughest guy in Lockport. He made his way through the crowd and after being challenged by several kids – and even some parents – stumbled upon a guy in the grandstands that he tried to bully. The stranger accepted REMI’s challenge and made his way to the ring when REMI attacked him viciously. Although the fan was getting beatdown, he was able to finally get to his feet and fend off the leader of the Purple Block. Both men laid in to each other with vicious blows with REMI always getting the upper hand. Out of nowhere, the newcomer got behind REMI and choked him out with an MMA style submission maneuver shocking everyone – especially WARDEN MYERS. The winner was asked his name by ring announcer MIKE BELLCASTER and he said “Russ. RUSS JONES”. R-Pro owners GABRIEL and JACQUES BARON immediately made their way over to talk to JONES with huge smiles on their faces…

2) After facing each other previously in tag matches, fan-fave CRAZY MARY DOBSON finally got to go one-on-one with “Lovely” LYLAH LODGE. Both ladies have faced each other in Japan last year, but this was the first time R-Pro fans got to see them in a contest and it was well worth the wait. LODGE dished out brutal punishment to DOBSON, throwing her around like a ragdoll. The “crazy” came out of MARY who smiled and laughed during all of it, unsettling both the crowd and her opponent. As the punishment got more intense, DOBSON kicked in to overdrive and pulled off a stunning array of maneuvers highlighted by an insane dive off the top turnbuckle. The barrage of blows proved too much for the “Powerhouse Princess” and she fell victim to the madness that is CRAZY MARY.

3) “Every Mother’s Favorite Wrestler” JAKE O’ NEILL has been on a bit of a tear lately in R-Pro, but he had his work more than cut out for him with facing “The Southern Savior” JOHN SKYLER. Both men are masters at technical wrestling and have ring psychology second to none. While the crowd was firmly behind the “Chicago born, Calgary bred” O’NEILL for the duration of the bout, SKYLER’s veteran wiles overcame his valiant effort and he fell victim to the man from Waco, TX.

4) Although a lot of new fans at Taft School were unfamiliar with COBRA before the show began, manager JUSTIN KING made sure that they never forgot him. Antagonizing senior citizens, families, and even infants (!), KING made sure that everyone knew just who they were before the match even started. The same thing can be said for his opponent, the always entertaining “Special Dark” SUGE D. After spreading “chocolatey goodness” to fans in the bleachers, he made his way to the ring and it was on from the opening bell. SUGE’s finesse was carrying him well throughout the bout until COBRA (with KING’s help, naturally) was able to slither his way to victory. While he may have come up on the short end of the bout, SUGE’s infectious good nature made him an instant crowd favorite.

5) WWE/WCW Legend “The Hurricane” SHANE HELMS was lead to the ring by Taft Student BENJAMIN RYAN for his match with “The Ego” ROBERT ANTHONY. EGO ripped the microphone from MIKE BELLCASTER’s hand and ran down the crowd before turning his attention to “wrestling’s original superhero”. EGO said that he wanted HURRICANE’s “Legacy” title belt and would be willing to put his R-Pro career on the line. HURRICANE agreed and both men went on the attack. While “The Barn” may be “Ego’s”, Taft School was undoubtedly HURRICANE territory. Kids of all ages rooted for the masked superstar as he fended off the former Champion and eventually was able to pin the evildoer right in the middle of the ring. After nearly 3 years in RESISTANCE Pro, EGO is no more due to his namesake getting the best of him. The rabid fans sang “Hey, Hey, Hey Goodbye” as the embittered ANTHONY exited the gym and made his way to the locker room. RESISTANCE Pro wishes “The Ego” ROBERT ANTHONY the best of luck in all future endeavors.

6) Former Tag Team Champions DA SOUL TOUCHAZ (“Hot Chocolate” ACID JAZ and “The Urban American Dream” WILLIE “Da Bomb” RICHARDSON) received a rapturous ovation as they made their way to the ring to face current Champs BODY MAGIC (“The Inspiration” BRADY PIERCE and ERIC ST. VAUGHN). ESV let his partner PIERCE do all of the “heavy lifting” for the bout which included him testing his strength against big WILLIE. Although the crowd was clearly on TOUCHAZ side, luck was not and BODY MAGIC was able to eke out another win.

7) C-RED was nearly drained after the previous bout, but caught his second wind as his man “Mr. M-80” MARSHE ROCKETT challenged Heavyweight Champion JOCPEHUS (w/EVE and SCOTTY YOUNG). After a nearly year-long reign of terror, “The Way” found itself coming face-to-face with the very best of “The Soul of America”. Like all great conflicts in history, this wasn’t about politics or bravado, it was about good versus evil, right from wrong. And with MAD MAN PONDO as the special guest referee to keep things fair, there was no doubt that chicanery was going to be kept in check. JOCEPHUS used his brutal strength to try and overpower the lithe ROCKETT, but “Mr. M-80’s” style of physicality and athleticism balanced the scales. Sensing their leader was in danger, EVE and the rest of “The Way” tried to get involved which lead to WILLIE and JAZ battling YOUNG and the rest of the group all the way back to the locker room. Keeping the action in the ring focused thanks to PONDO, ROCKETT shocked everyone – especially his opponent – when he hit the M-80 on ‘CEPHUS and pinned him for the win. Streamers and confetti erupted from ringside as “The Way” had been thwarted and a new Heavyweight Champion crowned in the form of “Mr. M-80” MARSHE ROCKETT!

8) After a brief intermission while the steel cage was erected, it was time for the Main Event as the RESISTANCE Pro Women’s Championship was on the line between Champion MICKIE “Moose” KNUCKLES and long-time rival D’ARCY DIXON. The two attacked each other before they even got inside the ring, proving just how much the title means to them. Once inside the structure, both women were thrown into the unforgiving steel resulting in the Champion being busted open on her forehead. DIXON used her conditioning to her advantage and stayed on KNUCKLES like a Pit Bull, barely giving her a chance to breathe. KNUCKLES may have looked worse for the wear, but her legendary toughness shined bright as she hit a barrage of blows on her rival that evened the score. After some truly brutal assaults on one another, KNUCKLES veteran instincts won out and she was able to escape the cage and retain her Women’s Championship to the delight of the crowd.