tommy_else_and_emilyLast Summer Emily Anne Lundvall went to the Special Olympics in Champaign Urbana to compete at the State Level. As SEASPAR’S first female powerlifter , she competed in both bench press and deadlift events. She set two personal bests that day with a 70lbs bench press, and a 115lbs deadlift winning her two GOLD medals, and one SILVER!

A long time fan and supporter of RPro, she was awarded the first ever “RESISTANCE Pro SPIRIT AWARD” in honor of her achievement! I remember that night very well. Emily stood in the middle of the ring with her plaque over her head as the entire crowd chanted her name. Many including myself had tears in their eyes. I was very proud of my friend.

While the last several years I have been known as “The Personal Trainer To The Stars” in RESISTANCE Pro, I am actually a personal trainer in my everyday life.

Emily wanted to compete at State again this year, and was ready to kick up her training routine. She and I spent the better part of the last year working out once a week together in addition to her training with her powerlifting coach.

Every workout she wore the wrestling singlet she was given the night of her award by Coach Joe of the Badgers Wrestling Team. She loves it. Each session starts with a warm up routine, during which she asks about every single member of the RPro roster and staff that she has ever met.

“How’s Zach?! How’s Thunderkitty?! How’s Sugar D?!” Every single workout without fail, and never forgets a single person 🙂 But then we got down to business. We worked on increasing her overall strength and cardio. We lifted weights, worked core, and her personal favorite “Cardio Boxing”. She was getting stronger, faster, and we always had a fun time.

Emily was successful at the State Qualifiers, and once again would be going down to compete at State. Her determination was paying off.

On June 13th, the day had finally arrived. After a year of hard training with her powerlifting coach, and our workouts together, it was time.

On the bench press Emily lifted 75lbs beating her personal best from the year before! There were concerns about how Emily’s deadlift might go however. While she had lifted 115lbs the previous year, she had not been able to lift that weight in the year since.

Drawing upon her undying spirit and determination, not only did she deadlift 115lbs, she deadlifted 120lbs setting a NEW PERSONAL BEST yet again!

I couldn’t be more proud of my friend. She worked very hard, and her hard work paid off. After her incredible victory last year, she came back and topped herself. Her love and spirit inspires me to no end. I forever cherish our friendship, and the times we spend together.


Tommy Else