As we move closer to the debut of The Resistance on Saturday February 17th at the SPARK Recreation Center in Summit, we will be posting regular communications with you, the fans. For this one, we have received an overwhelming number of questions from social media, private messages, talent, fans, message boards and the like since our announcement on December 7th. We thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you the answers to the most popular questions.

1) Why end RESISTANCE Pro and start a company called The Resistance?

Because we hold certain trademarks and licenses on certain words in regards to “Resistance” and wrestling and also because it’s cost prohibitive at this time. We would rather spend that money on the in-ring product and other things that will make a bigger difference with the fans.

2) How does the fan interaction work?

Fan interaction will not be “canned” a la “Taboo Tuesday”, it will be 100% legitimate and immediate in action. Fans will vote live, via social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), polls on our website (, and in other surprising ways before, during, and after live events. Talent will be responsible for rallying their fans all over their social media and live in order to secure their future in The Resistance. Translation – any talent that ignores the fans and sits back doing nothing will not be back. Attention to the fans is arguably more important than win/loss records.

3) Why is your logo so simple?

It’s black and white to represent total truth with the fans and ourselves. The circle represents the wrestling ring. The four lines represent the four partners in The Resistance – the fans, the talent, the community, and company management. It was designed by CP Artz Graphics (, an amazingly talented young graphic artist. Like his page on Facebook and please keep him in mind for your future projects.

4) What about the title holders in RESISTANCE Pro? What happened to them?

There aren’t any RESISTANCE Pro Champions anymore. Their reigns were dissolved at midnight November 19, 2017. The talent who held those titles are now Champions of The Resistance. How long will they remain that is 100% up to the fans.

5) Where can I get The Resistance merchandise?

In January 2018 at

6) Why is the RESISTANCE Pro video library up for sale?

Because the past is done and there’s no reason to hang on to it anymore. We’d rather focus on building a better, brighter future than look over our shoulders in regret.

7) If I’m interested in becoming a part of The Resistance, who should I contact and how? Do you have a wrestling school?

In an effort to make sure The Resistance roster is full of some of the best, most exciting unsung talent around, we strictly only desire fully trained, experienced wrestlers to be a part of it. If this is you, please contact Talent Director Jacques Baron directly at Be aware that not all talent that contacts him will be awarded a shot and those that are must be aggressive in fan interaction on all fronts – NO EXCEPTIONS. We DO NOT offer a professional wrestling school, have no local recommendations for such and absolutely DO NOT offer mentorship/internship programs for those looking to get in to the business. We’re focused on putting out an exciting experience from the get go, not training the next generation of superstars.

This is going to be a “growing process” and we’re looking forward to having you along with us. The status quo in professional wrestling is in dire need of change and the fans are the ones who dictate what that change is. Those who don’t listen to the fans are doomed to failure. We are listening – your voice is ours. We are one. We are The Resistance.

Spread the word.

Please like The Resistance on Facebook at @LiveDieResist and follow on Twitter @LiveDieResist.

More to come.
Please stand by…

On Saturday November 18th, 2017 RESISTANCE Pro held it’s final show after much hype and controversy, highs and lows in the six years since it’s inception. Over fifty live events spanning four states, thousands of attendees, television coverage (both national and local), media attention and more than afforded to other local wrestling promotions. There was also mudslinging, name calling, alleged scandals, internal strife, political maneuvering and more drama than you can see on television any given night of the week. Attendance fell, finances dwindled, spirits sank all around. “Good enough” became just that – even though it wasn’t. RESISTANCE Pro never became what it should have been and was irreparably destroyed.

The end was nigh.

So much damage – both direct and collateral – with the most costly being our relationship with our audience. No one person or event brought us any modicum of success. The only true culprit for our ultimate failure was failing to give the fans what they wanted or deserved. That’s our fault and the guilt weighs heavier on us than any other failure in the company’s history. Some critics (and fans) cried out for us to “die already”, but the truth was it was stillborn. A few weeks ago, the death certificate was signed, sealed and delivered making it official.

We feel with RESISTANCE Pro now officially dead and buried, we can finally put the past where it belongs – out of sight and mind. Like any failed relationship, lessons were learned, humility was gleaned, and epiphanies had – all good things. What’s done is done.

We’re moving on from the past, and so should you. A completely new and unique company is coming and will debut February 17th, 2018. A few faces and tangibles may look familiar, but they are not remnants of past failures. A small scale, mature attitude, fan-driven and ultimately controlled promotion that will change and mutate based on YOUR wants and needs. Our ears and eyes are yours. Wrestling fans deserve integrity and transparency – now more than ever. This is the beginning. This is 100% truth. This is The Resistance.

More information coming shortly… please stand by…